Minutes Of The Council 3rd November 2020

(Meeting Held Under Current Government Covid-19 Guidance
& Social Distancing Regulations Following Completion of Risk Assessment)
Cllr James Peacock (Chair) Cllr Thomas Tennant
Cllr Darren Percival Cllr Brian Brown
Cllr Derek Kettlewell Cllr Yvonne Peacock (RDC & NYCC Cllr) Karen Prudden (Clerk) Neil McNair (Resident)
Di Dinsdale (Resident) Rita Cloughton (Resident)
1. The Chairman explained that whilst it is permissible to record the meeting, the Parish Council would not be doing so. No-one else present intended on recording the meeting.
2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
None were recorded.
3. Declarations of Interest
None were registered.
4. Minutes of the Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2020 had been circulated to Councillors. Cllr Kettlewell proposed that they be adopted as an accurate record of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr Tennant. The Minutes were signed by the Chair.
5. Ongoing Matters
5.1 Meeting with Rishi Sunak MP – The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Mr Sunak’s office, as requested, at the end of October but was told that due to the current situation, it was not possible to make an appointment yet. She is to call again at the end of the year with a view to making an appointment in January/February 2021, depending upon the circumstances prevailing at the time. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Sunak’s office at end of December to make an appointment for a meeting and surgery in January/February 2021.
5.2 Stake Road at Marsett – The Clerk read a recent email received from Matt Neale, YDNPA Ranger concerning the problems with the aggregate used on the Stake Road. Cllr Kettlewell reported that he had received two complaints from residents and there had been two properties flooded following recent heavy rainfall. Cllr Kettlewell also reported that work had been undertaken only two to three weeks ago, but all the aggregate had now been washed out. He had photographs showing the problem which he passed to the Clerk. Cllr Kettlewell requested that the Clerk arrange a meeting with Matt Neale and Highways NY which he would attend along with the local residents who had expressed concern. RESOLVED: CLERK to arrange a meeting with Matt Neale and Highways NY at the Stake Road.
5.3 Flooding Behind the Rose & Crown, Bainbridge – The Clerk had circulated a response from the YDNPA office (Richard Burnett) explaining that there had been no flooding at the YDNPA offices since it had been built and the only work that had been undertaken there had been to sewerage drains. The YDNPA do not believe that their offices or any work they have undertaken there have affected the flooding issue behind the Rose & Crown. Cllr Brown pointed out that there had been no mention of the surface water coming from the roof of their offices, or other parts of their premises. Cllr Y Peacock explained that although a meeting had been held with a representative of Nth Yorkshire County Council and the Environment Agency, they did not see there was any action to be taken. It is accepted that the problem lies with water draining from the fields above the YDNPA office and Sycamore Hall which gathers momentum as it flows through the village. Cllr Y Peacock explained that it would be the responsibility of each individual landowner to ensure that their drains and culverts were clear to allow the free flow of water and although NYCC had a budget to address flooding issues, they would not be able to utilise this to address issues on privately owned land. The Council still have concerns about potential flooding following development of the land behind the pub and the fact that additional hard landscaping in that area could cause an increased risk of flooding to properties in Holmbrae Crescent.
5.4 Improvement of the Stocks Area – The Clerk reported that she was still working with YDNPA to develop an information panel for this area and would be seeking funding via the Sustainability Fund. RESOLVED: CLERK to continue to liaise with YDNPA and submit a grant application.
5.5 Rats in Bainbridge – following complaints from a resident about the number of rats seen in Back Syke, the Clerk had contacted Yorkshire Water and asked them to visit to address the situation. They had failed to make an appointment but, upon arrival, did meet with the Clerk’s husband who took the contractor to site and explained the situation. The Clerk had subsequently received an email response from Yorkshire Water explaining that the contractor had inspected the drains in the area and placed rat poison down. He had subsequently reported to his supervisor who did not deem that there was anything else that could be done. Councillors discussed the situation and agreed that it was commonplace to see rodents, particularly in rural areas, and that the Parish Council had done their best to refer the situation on but could not take responsibility for attempting to reduce the rat population in the parish. Cllr Y Peacock asked what she should tell residents who expressed concern and it was agreed that she would refer them to the Chair.
5.6 Christmas Tree in Bainbridge – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had written to Mr Fawcett explaining that the Parish Council felt they had not received a particularly good tree last year. Mr Fawcett had subsequently telephoned the Clerk to express his dismay at this news and suggested that the Parish Council obtain a tree from an alternative source, although this would be considerably more expensive than any tree Mr Fawcett could supply. In addition, Mr Fawcett had expressed concern that his invoice for providing a tree for December 2019 had not been paid until several months hence. The matter was discussed by Councillors who agreed that they wished to continue to order a tree from Mr Fawcett. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Fawcett to request a tree for this Christmas, but also to ask for an invoice to be provided upon delivery which would be settled as soon as practical, but no later than the Council meeting in January 2021.
5.7 Incorrect Road Markings at Stalling Busk – Cllr Kettlewell reported that the road markings were still in the wrong place. Following the last meeting, the Clerk had contacted Highways to ask them to address the issue but had not received a response.
RESOLVED: CLERK to chase NYCC Highways requesting that the markings are removed from their current position and re-sited one mile out of the village.
6. Planning Applications
6.1 R/52/238 Land to the Rear of the Rose & Crown, Bainbridge – Full planning permission is sought for the erection of two two-bedroom and three three-bedroom dwellings with associated parking and access road to be built on the land behind the Rose & Crown pub. The Clerk had alerted Councillors to this application and a response had been submitted to the YDNPA Planning Department by the deadline date stating that the Council objected to the development on the basis of shared-ownership properties. They also had concerns regarding the flooding of the area to be developed. The Clerk confirmed that the response had been acknowledged by YDNPA. RESOLVED: To await the outcome of the application when it is discussed at the Planning Meeting.
7. Planning Decisions
7.1 R/52/178E – Yoredale, Bainbridge – Full planning permission had been sought by the YDNPA for installation of 37 solar panels to the south side of the roof of their offices. Notification had been received that this had been approved conditionally, despite the Council’s submission expressing concern regarding the visual impact of the panels.
8. Highways Matters
8.1 Road Markings Near Bainbridge Village Hall – The Clerk reported that she had chased Ian Beighton at NYCC Highways for a start date for this work. He had responded to say that the work was ‘in the system’ but that now the bad weather was here, it was likely to be delayed. He would, however, chase for news.
9. Financial Matters
9.1 The Council were informed of the NALC national pay award for Council Clerks which has been agreed. This will increase the Clerk’s pay from £11.00 per hour to £11.30 per hour and will be back-dated to 1st April 2020 (£63.24). Councillors agreed to this increase with the payment being made this month.
9.2 The following invoices were approved for payment:-
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £314.03 – Clerk’s Pay for September (paid)
➢ John Banks – £200.00 – Grass Cutting in Cemetery August & September
➢ Bainbridge Village Hall – £10 – Hire of Hall for Meeting 3.11.20
➢ H Metcalfe & Son – £79.20 – Repairs to Play Equipment
➢ H Metcalfe & Son – £188.50 – Fuel for Mower & Fuel Filter
➢ O’Reilly’s Accountants – £78.00 – PAYE for 2020/21
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £187.03 – Clerk’s Pay for October plus annual award £63.24 and underpayment for March of £3.36 (total £253.63)
➢ Royal British Legion – £25.00 – Donation for Remembrance Wreath
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £44.00 – Admin work for Funeral of Mr R Preston
9.3 Bank Balances
The bank balances as at 1st October were noted as follows:-

Community Account (c/a) £8,409.91
Business Money Manager Account £10,886.98 (ring fenced)
Business Money Manager Account £5,159.68
The bank statements were checked and signed by the Chairman.
9.4 Laptop for the Clerk
The Clerk reported that she has yet to progress with the purchase of a laptop and was awaiting recommendations from Mr Ballinger. RESOLVED: CLERK to purchase an appropriate laptop to a maximum cost of £400.
9.5 Turner Seat
The Clerk reported that she had just received an email copy of the new lease for the Turner Seat and will arrange to make payment of £1 to Jackie Masterman as soon as possible. Jackie had reported that she had strimmed and tidied the area but that the steps were extremely slippery. Cllr Kettlewell reminded the meeting that Mr Metcalfe and Ms Masterman had agreed to maintain the area and their work was noted. RESOLVED: CLERK to make payment of £1 for the new lease.
9.6 Change of Bank
The Clerk reported that, following the decision to move bank accounts to the Yorkshire Bank, it had come to light that they had closed their Bedale branch, making Northallerton the nearest. Consequently, the Clerk had discussed the matter with the Chair and enquiries had been made of Unity Bank (suggested by YLCA). The Clerk advised that Unity Bank will process a request to switch from HSBC to themselves provided that the instruction is received using the current signing authority with HSBC (ie, those on HSBC’s current mandate must sign the request). Once the switch has been completed it will then be possible to change the signing mandate to include all current Councillors. The Clerk had been advised that savings accounts are not included in the switch process, but Unity Bank had recommended transferring the balances of any savings accounts already held, into the HSBC current account, prior to the switch request being submitted. Once the switch is completed, new savings accounts can be opened with Unity Bank and the balances transferred into those. Unfortunately, there is a cost involved in banking with Unity Bank of a £12 set-up fee and an admin charge of £6 per month, paid quarterly. However, it will be possible to pay cash in through a Post Office Cash Account Card and to post cheques direct to Unity Bank. The transfer to Unity bank was proposed by Cllr Tennant and seconded by Cllr Brown. All Councillors were in agreement. RESOLVED: CLERK: To initiate the switch process (letter to HSBC to move balances from savings accounts into current account; completion and submission of Unity Bank switch agreement and identity forms).
10. Correspondence
10.1 Proposals for Local Government Reform – Information regarding the proposal for Local Government Reform has been received. Cllr Y Peacock explained that Richmondshire District Council had put forward a proposal and North Yorkshire County Council were
expected to do likewise. The Government will decide by February 2021 which proposal to take up and then the matter will be put out to consultation.
10.2 Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Local Plan 2023-2040 Consultation – Cllr Y Peacock explained that the local Parish Councils had met to discuss the proposed new Local Plan and had collectively submitted their comments to the consultation. The Parish Councils of Swaledale are keen to do the same.
10.3 Local Government Code of Conduct Consultation
The Clerk had circulated information on this consultation. Councillors agreed they did not wish to make comment.
10.4 Transfer of PAYE Services
Following confirmation by O’Reilly’s that they would no longer offer PAYE services to clients who did not use their full accountancy service, the Council had agreed to move their PAYE requirements to Yorkshire Dales Accountancy. This process has now been completed. An engagement letter had been received from YDA which had been checked by both the Clerk and the Chairman and the Clerk was instructed to sign and return one copy on behalf of the Council. RESOLVED: CLERK to sign the engagement letter and return one copy to Yorkshire Dales Accountancy.
11. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes
11.1 Replacement of the Posts & Chains – The Chair informed the meeting that the posts were now ready to be collected from William Lambert and would need priming and painting. Unfortunately, Mattie Metcalfe (who had agreed to do this work) will not now be moving into his new workshop until March 2021. Discussion took place on what to do with the posts until they can be treated and whether we would need to claim the grant for the work before it could actually be done. RESOLVED: CHAIR to email Andrea Burden at YDNPA regarding the funding to find out if there is a deadline to claiming the grant. CHAIR: The posts to be collected and stored in Cllr Percival’s garage until the work can be done in the spring. The Chair will advise Mr Metcalfe that he will need to pay for the posts and invoice the Parish Council to meet the terms of the grant funding. The Clerk reported that NYCC Highways had not responded to her request for the roadside posts and chains to be replaced. RESOLVED: CLERK to ask Deborah Flowers to price for the repairs/replacement of these posts and chains. CLLR Y PEACOCK will then apply to the Locality Fund for a grant of around £300 to undertake the work. Cllr Percival reported that he had spoken to Roger Lambert who had agreed that the Lords Trustees would make a contribution towards this project.
11.2 Repairs to the Track Beside the Play Area – The Chair explained the situation regarding the track for the benefit of those present. Cllr Y Peacock secured a grant of £700 from the Locality Fund, which has already been received, although it was noted that this would not go very far, given the work needed. Mr McNair informed the meeting that both he and his neighbour, Mr Dinsdale (who have a right of way over the track to their properties), have regularly filled potholes in the track. The Chair explained that the Parish Council wished to improve the track and asked whether either resident would be interested in making a contribution towards the work to enhance access to their property. The track had been scraped back to the base around two years ago, but there is a constant need to fill potholes. A basic repair would involve purchasing gravel/hardcore to put along the track, whilst if more money was available it may be possible to put down tarmac. It was noted that the entrance to the track on the roadside already had tarmac, but the rest did not. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact
Duffields of Ripon for a quote to lay tarmac on the track. CLERK to complete and submit an application to the Area Partnership Fund requesting a grant of £1,000 in order to complete the project. CLLR PERCIVAL to speak with the Lords Trustees to ask for a donation from them as the track is actually part of the Village Green. Residents also expressed frustration at those parking on the track who make it very difficult for them to access their properties. The Chair pointed out that it was not possible to erect ‘No Parking’ signs but acknowledged that a lot of people using the play area do park on the track and possibly do not consider that they may be blocking access to properties.
11.3 Play Equipment – The Clerk had recently received an Inspection Report for the play equipment which had been sent to Cllr J Peacock and Cllr D Percival. It was noted that there were no serious issues to attend to now that some repairs had already been undertaken, and that the report was a duplication of the previous one. A resident pointed out that the restraining straps on the baby swings were perished and in need of replacement. This had not been mentioned in the inspection report. Cllr Percival reported that he had asked Mattie Metcalfe to replace the worn wooden platform at the top of the slide but the materials required only came in 8’ x 4’ sheets. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to discuss this with Mattie Metcalfe and request replacement.
11.4 Re-location of Donation Box – The donation box at the play area is due to be re-located nearer to the track in order to encourage visitors to leave a donation. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL will arrange for the box to be re-located when the new posts and chains are erected, hopefully in spring 2021.
11.5 Lawnmower – Councillors were extremely grateful to Mr N Temple-Heald who has gifted the lawnmower to the village to maintain the village green. The Clerk confirmed that she had now received the V5 for the vehicle. RESOLVED: CLERK to write to thank Mr Temple-Heald and to contact the Council’s insurers to add the mower to the policy for third party cover, including use on the highway.
11.6 Benches – The Chair reported that the owners of Wharton House are donating a new bench to the village which they wish to place on the green outside The Manor House, where the current bench is currently in disrepair. However, they wish to securely mount the bench onto flagstones. Cllrs Tennant and Percival, in their roles as members of the Lords Trustees, agreed that this should be acceptable. RESOLVED: CHAIR to contact the donors to agree to their request.
11.7 New Footpath Near Riverdale – An application to the Area Partnership to fund the replacement of this pathway had been successful and a grant of £931 has been agreed. However, this needs to be claimed by 7th December with receipts totalling £1,623.37. Mr N Dinsdale had agreed to undertake the work, contracting it to Mr P Metcalfe, however, to date no progress has been made. RESOLVED: CHAIR to speak to Mr Dinsdale/Mr Metcalfe to request an invoice prior to 7th December in order that the grant can be claimed.
11.8 Motorhome Waste Emptying – Cllr Y Peacock informed the Council that she had received a letter from a resident concerning the number of motorhomes who were visiting the village to empty their waste. RESOLVED: CLERK to place this on the Agenda for the next meeting in order that a full discussion can take place.
12. Cemetery
12.1 Maintenance Issues – Work is needed to repair the boundary wall. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL will inspect the wall to report on the level of repair needed. A new lock is needed on the Sexton’s Shed. RESOLVED: CLLR BROWN will undertake this work
and purchase a combination padlock. The front railings need re-painting and the Chair confirmed he had received a quote for this work from Mr D Alderson. RESOLVED: CLERK to place this on the Agenda for the next meeting for full discussion.
12.2 Plastic-Free – The Clerk advised that she had been approached by several residents asking if the Cemetery would become a ‘plastic free’ area, in line with the recent decision taken at Askrigg Cemetery. Councillors discussed this but felt it was not necessary. It was noted, however, that there is a problem with glass containers being used for flowers in the Cemetery and dead flowers etc not being removed. Tim Prudden is currently undertaking work to keep the Cemetery tidy and free from glass fragments, as far as possible.
12.2a Memorial Stone – The Clerk had informed Councillors of an issue she was currently dealing with regarding the placing of a plaque on the Memorial Stone. This matter was discussed by Councillors and agreement was reached to retain the current policy for the purchase and placement of plaques. RESOLVED: CLERK to respond to the enquirer to reinforce the Parish Council’s policy for all plaques to be purchased and mounted through Pickards of Aysgarth in order to ensure uniformity and to protect the Memorial Stone from damage.
12.3 Resolve to Exclude Members of the Public – In order to effect a confidential discussion on the proposed purchase of a piece of land for an extension to the Cemetery, Cllr Kettlewell proposed that members of the public and press be excluded from the remaining part of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr Percival and all Councillors were in agreement. All members of the public left the building.
12.4 Proposal to Purchase Land for an Extension to Bainbridge Cemetery – This is the subject of a Confidential Minute.
13. Agenda Items
Motorhome Waste
Repairs to the Cemetery Railings
14. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 5th January 2021. Venue to be agreed, depending upon Covid restrictions at the time.
Signed as a True Record: James Peacock Date: 3rd March 2021
Name: Cllr James Peacock – Chair of Bainbridge Parish Council