Meeting of the Bainbridge Parish Council 3rd March 2020

Bainbridge Parish Council

To members of the Parish Council you are hereby summonsed to attend the Meeting of the Bainbridge Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020, at 7.00 pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge for the purposes of transacting the business on the following Agenda.


 [The Council reserves the right to hold over to the next meeting any item that appears on the Agenda if time is limiting and a response/decision is not required before the next meeting]

1 Consideration of Apologies for Absence
2 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on

To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 6th January 2019. (Copy sent out via e-mail)

3 Declaration of interest.  (declarations need to be re-stated for the minutes even if an interest has been declared in the register)
4 Clerk’s report on ongoing /new Village issues and matters arising from January meeting

Police report for Jan 2020

Road layout – Highways

5. Financial Matters
5.1. Bank accounts

(Details available at meeting)

Letter to HSBC to be signed by the Chairman and one other signatory moving money from the current account to the savings account to be ring fenced as instructed at the January meeting for the cemetery. – the sum of £1000.



The Clerk

The annual appraisal for the clerk and the approval of progress to the next point on the pay scale – to SCP11 (new code) – £10.79 per hour which includes the NALC national salary award to start 1st April 2020.

New SO Mandate £187.03 per month

The new clerk and cross over for March and April

Official appointment of a new clerk and agreement of a two-month cross over to offer the new clerk training and smooth handover.



 Payments/Purchases/Income –

Action: to authorize the following payments:

1.       Gillian Harrison – Office expenses Jan 19 to March 20 – £130

2.       Annual Refuse invoice for the Cemetery – £38.25 – RDC

3.       T Fawcett – £120. for the annual village Christmas Tree

4.       K Prudden – £31.11 – Minute taking at the last meeting

6. Planning
7.1 New Planning applications to consider

11/07/2017 R/52/94Z

Land to the rear of The Rose & Crown Hotel, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for erection of 2 No. two bedroom and 3 No. three bedroom affordable dwellings

Amended site layout and affordable housing tenure.

8. Cemetery

Standing Item

9. Review and Approve the Asset Register

The value must be approved ready for the year end accounts

10. The Reduction of YDNPA members from 25 – 16

Cllr Peacock will discuss the implications for the area with the new reduction of representation proposals

11. Appleby Fair Travellers

To agree a plan for the managed site in Bainbridge

12. Children’s Play Area – Standing Item
13. Correspondence Received

YDNPA forum meetings

Dark Skies

14. Items for next meeting agenda


Village meeting

15. Date of next meeting. (AGM and Village meeting)

Tuesday May 5th, 2020, 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge   

Signed Parish Clerk: Gillian Harrison …………………………………………. Date:25/02/19………