Cllr James Peacock (Chair)                                            Cllr Thomas Tennant

Cllr Brian Brown                                                             Cllr Derek Kettlewell

Cllr Yvonne Peacock (NYCC & RDC)                            Karen Prudden (Clerk)

David Ballinger


Prior to this meeting, a risk assessment had been undertaken to assess the viability and safety of holding a physical meeting rather than a ‘virtual’ one.  A copy of that risk assessment accompanies this meeting.  Councillors were all happy to go ahead with a socially distanced, Covid-Secure meeting.

  1. The Chairman explained that whilst it is permissible to record the meeting, the Parish Council would not be doing so. No-one else present intended on recording the meeting.
  2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence

Cllr Darren Percival had offered his apologies to the Chairman as he was on holiday.  These were accepted.

  1. Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest were expressed relative to this meeting.  The Clerk requested that any councillor who had not yet returned the Declaration of Interest forms issued at the last meeting to do so as soon as possible.

ACTION BY CLLRS J PEACOCK, B BROWN & D KETTLEWELL to return Declaration of Interest forms to Clerk.  ACTION BY CLLR D KETTLEWELL to return Acceptance of Office form to Clerk.

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

           The Chairman pointed out that there had been an omission in the draft Minutes of the meeting held on 7th July in respect of the proposal and vote to exclude members of the public from the meeting in order to discuss the Clerk’s contract of employment.  As soon as this omission had been noticed, the Clerk had been instructed to amend the Minutes and these were presented to this meeting for approval.  Cllr Kettlewell proposed that the amended Minutes be agreed as a correct record and this was seconded by Cllr Brown.  The Chairman signed the Minutes.

  1. Ongoing Matters

5.1      Meeting with Rishi Sunak MP – The Clerk has contacted Rishi Sunak’s office to re-arrange the local Surgery and meeting with Councillors to discuss the 2021 visit of the travellers.  She will speak again to his office at the end of October to confirm a date, hopefully for February 2021.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to contact Rishi Sunak’s office at end of October to arrange a new date.

5.2      Meeting Regarding Flooding in BainbridgeCllr Brown attended the meeting on 7th August with Emily Mellalieu of NYCC and Mark Lillie of the Environment Agency to discuss the issue of flooding behind the Rose & Crown.  Cllr Brown said he did not believe the meeting had been very helpful.  Mr Lillie was only interested if a river was nearby and Ms Mellalieu did not appear to see the problem.  However, she has agreed to go away and investigate the situation, including the issue of drainage in the village.  Cllr Y Peacock explained that there is a budget to address issues of flooding but there are many other areas looking to make use of that money, particularly Bellerby and Swaledale, who both saw significant flooding in 2019.  The budget is limited and it unlikely to be sufficient to cover all the work needed.  However, it is hoped that there will be a plan in place by the end of the year.  Councillors agreed that it had been worthwhile to hold the meeting and hoped that something may come from it, although it was noted that the flooding does not originate behind the Rose & Crown but that is where it ends up.  The issue is not believed to be caused by the building of new houses, but it is obviously a concern if more houses are to be built in the area that is flooding.

           RESOLVED: CLERK to write to YDNPA to enquire what work they undertook to the surface water drain when their offices at Yoredale were flooded.

5.3      Alterations to Road Markings at Bainbridge Village Hall JunctionThe Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Ian Beighton at Highways to advise him that the Parish Council had approved the proposed amendments to the parking and road markings at Bainbridge Village Hall.  Mr Beighton had subsequently advised that he would need to seek agreement from the YDNPA but the Clerk queried this and was informed that because the work was so close to their office they would need to have an input. Despite trying to find out the current situation, there is no update on when this work is likely to be undertaken.

           RESOLVED:  CLLR Y PEACOCK to contact Mr Beighton to discuss the issue further.

5.4      YDNPA Membership – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had written to David Butterworth at the YDNPA questioning his previous response to concerns about the membership of the YDNPA.  A further response had been received from Mr Butterworth which had been circulated to Councillors in which he admitted the error in his previous letter.  Councillors felt the tone of his letter had not been very helpful but he had at least acknowledged his error.

5.5      Works to Busk Lane – The Clerk asked that Cllr Kettlewell provide her with information in order that she can contact the YDNPA with the Council’s concerns over the work recently undertaken.  Cllr Kettlewell explained that during the work, a gulley had been put alongside the lane but when there is a lot of rain, the gravel washes off the road and into the gulley and away. 

           RESOLVED: CLERK to write to YDNPA with concerns about the inadequacy of the work undertaken. 

5.6      Use of the Stake Road & Roman Road – The Clerk had written to the YDNPA expressing the Council’s concern at the increased use of the Roman Road and the Stake Road from Marsett by off-road motorcyclists and 4×4 vehicles.  A detailed response had been received from the YDNPA acknowledging that there had been an increase in recreational activity since lockdown was eased in mid-May.  285 trail bikes had been recorded on the Roman Road during June and 254 during July (although this was still low compared with previous summer months).  The YDNPA work with North Yorkshire Police monitoring the use of green lanes as part of ‘Operation Byway’ and a copy of their report was provided to councillors.  Both the Roman Road and the Stake Road can legally be used by recreational motor vehicles.  Both routes are maintained and this year planned works totalling £8,000 are due to be undertaken. 

5.7      Improvements to the Stocks area on Bainbridge Village Green – The Clerk has been in contact with Karen Griffiths at YDNPA who has offered to assist with the production of an information board.  This should have more pictures than words and relate specifically to the stocks as well as the village green and special interest of the village.  It has been estimated that the cost of the board will be £1,200.  The Clerk has also contacted the YDNPA in respect of a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund towards this work and been informed that this will be possible, with grants up to £5,000 being decided upon under delegation.  Councillors wish to proceed with this project and with two members of the Lords Trustees on the Parish Council believe that they will be happy for this work to be undertaken.  Additional funding for the project could be sought from the Lords Trustees and Cllr Y Peacock suggested an application to the Area Partnership Fund as well as the Sustainable Development Fund.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to continue to liaise with Karen Griffiths on the detail of the information board.  Applications to be submitted to the SDF and the Area Partnership Fund.

  1. Planning Applications

6.1      R/52/65E – East Hill Top, Countersett – Full planning permission is sought for change of use of barn to holiday let or local occupancy dwelling.  The Clerk had forwarded information to Councillors seeking their feedback before the deadline of 26th August.  No comments had been provided.  However, councillors discussed the application and requested the Clerk to respond.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to reply to YDNPA on behalf of the Council explaining that this development is outside the village boundary of Countersett and that they would only wish to see a conversion into residential use for local occupancy.

6.2      R/52/178E – Yoredale, Bainbridge – Full planning permission for the installation of 37 solar panels to the south side of the roof at the YDNPA offices.  Councillors discussed the application and were disappointed that this will be considered by officers of the YDNPA.  Councillors requested the Clerk to respond.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to reply to YDNPA by 7th September advising that the Council believes that these panels will be an eyesore to anyone using the footpaths and roadways around the property and thus the amenity of visibility will be adversely affected.

  1. Planning Decisions

           None have been received.

  1. Highways Matters

8.1      The Clerk read an email received from Deborah Flowers, Highway Customer Communication Officer at Area 1 in which she apologised for not having been in touch with local councils as much as she would have liked, due primarily to the pandemic.  However, she proposed holding ‘virtual’ meetings where highway issues can be discussed in an informal arena.  Cllr Y Peacock recommended that these could be useful.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to respond to Deborah to inform her that the Council would be interested in taking part in these meetings.

8.2      Mr Ballinger enquired what had happened about the surface dressing of the road from Blean Lane to Countersett top.  It seems this has not been completed.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to write to Area 1 Highways to enquire the current situation.  Copy Cllr Y Peacock into correspondence.

8.3      Cllr Kettlewell expressed concern at work recently undertaken in Stalling Busk.  A bold ‘STOP’ like has been placed at the bottom of the hill coming into Stalling Busk.  He believes this should in fact have been located at the junction of the road towards Semerwater. 

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to write to Area 1 Highways to express concern that these road markings are in the wrong place.  Copy Cllr Y Peacock into correspondence.

  1. Financial Matters

9.1      Payments

           The following payments were agreed by councillors and cheques signed at the meeting:-

  • Mrs K Prudden – £658.32 – Salary for May, June, July and August
  • John Banks – £200.00 – Grass Cutting in Cemetery during July
  • Bainbridge Village Hall – £10 – Hire of Hall for Meeting 1.9.20
  • John Ogbourne – £295.00 – Website Hosting & Secure Server Provision for 1 year

           In addition, cheques were signed for payments agreed at the last meeting when no cheque book was available:-

  • Yorkshire Local Councils Association – £48.00 – New Clerk’s Training 9.6.20
  • Bainbridge Village Hall – £10 – Hire of Hall for Meeting – 7.7.20

9.2      Income

           Income was noted as follows:-

  • £606.90 from Bainbridge Village Green donation boxes (paid in 22.7.20)
  • £243.08 from Bainbridge Village Green donation boxes (not yet paid in)

9.3      Bank Balances

           Bank balances as at 1st August 2020 were noted as follows:-

           Community Account (c/a)                                             £9,233.94

           Business Money Manager Account                           £10,886.71 (ring fenced)

           Business Money Manager Account                             £5,159.68

           The bank statements were checked and signed by the Chairman.

9.4      Laptop for the Clerk – Mr Ballinger had provided recommendations for a suitable laptop and software to the Clerk.  Unfortunately, they were all out of stock.  Mr Ballinger offered to search for alternatives and inform the Clerk. 

           RESOLVED:  COUNCILLORS authorised payment of up to £400 for the purchase of a suitable laptop for use by the Clerk.  The CLERK is authorised to purchase this and will be immediately reimbursed by the Council.

9.5      Turner Seat Lease – The Clerk had spoken to Jackie Masterman and requested a new lease in exchange for payment of the £1 annual fee.  Ms Masterman had confirmed that a new lease had been prepared but she had not yet received it.  She would chase for this and the Clerk is due to see her on 12th September to make payment and receive the new lease.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to see Ms Masterman to obtain the new lease and make the annual payment of £1.

9.6      Change of Bank

           The Clerk reported that, following the last meeting, she had spent a considerable amount of time queuing at Barclays Bank in Leyburn to open a new account, only to be told that this can only be done online.  Unfortunately, this proved to be impossible given the nature of the type of account required.  The Clerk therefore requested that councillors re-consider their earlier decision to move to Barclays Bank and instead consider one of the two banks suggested by the Yorkshire Local Councils Association – Unity Trust Bank or Yorkshire Bank.  Councillors considered the proposal and agreed that the Clerk should seek to open an account with whichever bank offered the most appropriate and easily available services.  This was proposed by Cllr Kettlewell and seconded by Cllr Tennant.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to make enquiries of Yorkshire Bank on arrangements for paying in cheques and cash.  If these are satisfactory, arrange to open an account and transfer funds from HSBC.

9.7      Payroll Services

           The Clerk had been informed by O’Reilly’s Accountants that they would be withdrawing their payroll services from October for clients who did not use their full accountancy service.  This would result in the Parish Council needing to seek an alternative firm to process the payroll.  The Chairman had made enquiries and had been informed that Martin Fleming should be contacted to make arrangements.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to contact Martin Fleming to discuss payroll services.

  1. Correspondence

10.1    Police Report – The Clerk read the Police Report for August to the meeting.  There had been an incident of sheep worrying by a loose dog at Tan Hill on 11th July.  On 29th July a suspicious vehicle had been spotted in East Witton which subsequently was found to have been involved in the theft of a quad bike from West Scrafton.  On 7th August, car batteries were stolen from the Leyburn Recycling Centre.  Email and telephone scams continue to be prolific and the public should be alert and not share any personal information unless they know who they are contacting.  Covid-19 safety arrangements continue to be relevant (ie, handwashing, wearing of face masks and social distancing).

10.2    Remote Parish Meetings – The Clerk had received information confirming that it was not permitted to hold Parish Meetings remotely.  Councillors discussed this and agreed that, provided common sense was used and all necessary safety precautions were in place they were happy that meetings could continue to be held physically at local venues where social distancing was possible.

10.3    BT Consultation on the Removal of Payphones – Information had been received that another consultation was being undertaken by BT with the intention of removing payphones.  The Clerk confirmed that the payphone under threat in the parish was located in Worton.  Councillors discussed this and agreed that there was still a need for payphones, given the poor reception of mobile phones in the area.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to respond to the consultation informing that the Council were opposed to the removal of this payphone due to the poor mobile phone reception in the area.

10.4    YDNPA Local Plan 2023-2040 Consultation – Cllr Y Peacock advised that a meeting had been held in Bainbridge on 27th August at which all local councils were represented, except Coverdale.  The proposed new Local Plan was discussed and suggestions put forward for inclusion were agreed.  Once these suggestions have been agreed by all local councils they will be brought back to each Parish Council for them to discuss and comment upon before feedback is submitted to the consultation.  Cllr Y Peacock explained that there was strong agreement in respect of the planning for conversion of barns to not only support income for farmers who wish to diversify into holiday accommodation as a way of supporting their farm, but also for increased permission to convert roadside barns for local occupancy housing.

10.5    Rats in Bainbridge – The Chairman had received a letter from a resident concerned about the number of rats in Back Syke.  It was acknowledged that there is generally a problem with rats in most communities, and they had also been seen at Holmbrae and the play area over recent weeks.  Councillors discussed the problem and agreed that action needs to be taken.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to write to Yorkshire Water requesting that they address the problem by putting some strong poison in the drains.  In addition, the Council wish to know when they intend to undertake this work in order that they can monitor the situation which they believe to be serious and causing concern to residents.  Cllr Y Peacock to be copied into correspondence.

  1. Cemetery

11.1    Maintenance – The Chairman confirmed that the railings had been inspected and their re-painting would be a significant project which Cllr Brown was unable to take on.  Dave Alderson had agreed to take a look and submit a price for the work.  The Chairman will await his response and then look to seek alternative quotes, if deemed necessary.   Cllr Brown will look at the broken lock on the Sexton’s hut and repair/replace it.  Cllr Percival was going to look at the condition of the boundary wall to the front of the Cemetery and will report back at the next meeting.

11.2    Remembrance – The Clerk advised that the Royal British Legion will not be holding a Poppy Appeal this year, due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.  However, they will still be providing wreaths.  Councillors agreed to the purchase of a RBL wreath for a donation of £25 which will be laid on Armistice Day at the War Memorial in the Cemetery.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to order a wreath from the Royal British Legion for a £25 donation.

11.3    The Chairman put forward a resolution to exclude members of the public from the next part of the meeting in order that Councillors could discuss the proposed purchase of a piece of land for an extension to Bainbridge Cemetery.  Cllr Kettlewell proposed this be accepted and Cllr Tennant seconded it.  Consequently, members of the public left the meeting.

11.4    Proposed Extension to Bainbridge Cemetery – The subject of a confidential Minute.


  1. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes

12.1    Posts & Chains – The Chairman confirmed that these were currently being prepared by Gayle Mill and would then need painting.  It is hoped that the work will soon be completed.  The Clerk had contacted Highways to request that they replace the roadside posts and chains that fall under their responsibility, but had not yet received a response.

           RESOLVED:  CLLR Y PEACOCK to contact Area 1 Highways for a response.

12.2    Repairs to Track Beside Play Area – Councillors discussed the work required to this track to improve it.  Cllr Y Peacock had submitted an application for a grant towards this work and £700 was awarded.  This will be insufficient to complete the work and councillors agreed to seek contributions, possibly from the Lords Trustees but also agreed to contact the owners of the two properties at the end of the track to enquire if they would be able to contribute to the improvement of the access to their properties.  In due course, quotes will be required for the proposed work.

           RESOLVED:   CLERK to write to the two owners of the properties to enquire if they would be willing to contribute to the work.

12.3    Playground Inspection Reports – The report of a recent inspection of the play equipment had been sent to the Clerk and forwarded to the Chairman for his information.  The Chairman and Cllr Percival had met to discuss the report and inspect the equipment.  They have requested Paul Metcalfe to repair/replace the worn rivets and sleeve of the chain on the zip wire and the hanger bushes on the swings.  Matty Metcalfe will repair the timber platform on the castle slide.  It was agreed that the condition of the clatter bridge was currently okay and not in need or urgent attention.

12.4    Re-location of the Donation Box at the Play Area – Cllr Percival had offered to look at re-locating this to the trackside and will be asked to follow this up.

           RESOLVED:  CLLR PERCIVAL to re-locate the donation box.

12.5    Christmas Tree – Councillors agreed to the purchase of a Christmas tree for the Village Green from Fawcetts at Askrigg.  However, they commented on the poor nature of the tree over the past two years and hoped that this year’s would be better.

           RESOLVED:  CLERK to write to Mr Fawcett to request a tree be provided this year and to forward an invoice to the Clerk.

12.6    Benches – The Chairman reported that the owner of Wharton House wished to donate a bench to the village, to be placed on the slope in front of Manor House.  Councillors were very grateful for this generous offer and agreed to the siting of the new bench.  However, if base flags were required, it may be necessary to seek the permission of the Lords Trustees.  The Clerk reported that there had recently been significant damage to the benches at the quoits area, which appeared to be deliberate vandalism.  They were probably beyond repair.  The Chairman agreed to arrange their removal.

           RESOLVED:  CLLR J PEACOCK to remove damaged benches.

12.7    Litter Pick – The Clerk advised that September is the month for a Litter Pick arranged by the District Council.  She had made contact to enquire about equipment and was told this would be made available for collection and return.  Councillors did not believe there was a need in the parish to join the Litter Pick.

  1. Agenda Items


  1. Date of Next Meeting

           The next meeting will take place on TUESDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2020 at 7.00 pm.   The venue will be decided nearer the time.


Signed as a True Record: …………………………………………………………………..   Date: ……………………………………