MONDAY 6th JANUARY 2020 – 7.00 PM



Cllr Brian Brown & Cllr Darren Percival

Cllr James Peacock & Gill Harrison – Clerk

Karen Prudden – Minute Taker  & Cllr Yvonne Peacock – Upper Dales Cllr NYCC

1 Consideration of Apologies of Absence

There were none presented.

2 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th November 2019 had been circulated to all councillors.  Cllr Brown proposed they be accepted as a true record and this was seconded by Cllr Percival. 

3 Declarations of Interest


4 Clerk’s Report of Matters Arising from the Last Meeting

Replacement of Posts on the Village GreenCllr James Peacock had been successful in his application for a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund.  This is a match-funded grant and it is proposed that contributions be sought from the Parish Council, the Lords Trustees of the Manor and the Millennium Fund.  The work is estimated to cost £1,370 and the grant awarded is £685.  The new posts will be sourced from Gayle Mill.  The Clerk pointed out that the Parish Council accounts are in a healthy position due to the fact that the Precept had been higher to cover the cost of a caretaker, which is a service no longer utilised.  There is also an amount of £5,154 in the deposit account which was a donation made to the Parish Council for the benefit of the village.  Consequently, there are funds available to contribute to this project if the Parish Council agreed to do so.  Under the funding scheme it will be necessary to complete the work before claiming the grant.  Everyone was happy to proceed and Cllr James Peacock will speak to Matty Metcalfe to ask him to start work when practical.  The Clerk will contact the Lords Trustees for a contribution.

New Path at School Bank – The Clerk confirmed that the application to the Area Partnership Fund for a grant to assist with the creation of a new path down school bank has been successful and the Parish Council has been awarded £931.  An estimate for the work has been received totalling £1,623.37.  The Lords Trustees have already agreed to contribute to this project.  Cllr Brown will speak to Dinsdale Builders to ask them to undertake the work. 

Visit by Rishi Sunak MP – A letter had been sent to Rishi inviting him to meet with Councillors to discuss the next visit of the travellers and also to hold his surgery in Bainbridge.  Karen subsequently received a call from one of Rishi’s staff to confirm that this visit would take place on 31st January.  However, it was subsequently cancelled and an alternative date of 28th February has been proposed.  Karen will contact the office again to obtain confirmation of this date and make arrangements for the surgery and meeting to be held at Sycamore Hall.   Cllr Yvonne Peacock mentioned that previously a joint meeting with other affected villages had been suggested by Ian Threlfall but this has not come to fruition due to personal circumstances.  However, a joint policy would be helpful.

VAT – The Clerk reported that she had submitted a VAT claim of £340 relating to 2019.

5 To Consider Items Relating to Highways

Back Syke/Village Hall Area – The Clerk confirmed that she had submitted the proposed amendments to the layout plan sent by Ian Beyton following his visit last year.  Ian has agreed to look at the proposal when he is next in the area.

Blocked Drain – Cllr Percival reported that he is awaiting the clearance of a drain which is blocked near his land below Cupplesfield.  This issue has been ongoing for two years.

Streetlight near Rose & Crown – There is a street light on the roadside opposite the Rose & Crown junction which has not been working for many months.  Karen said that she had attempted to report this some time ago, but it does not show on the maps.  It appears to have been disconnected but its failure to work makes the roadway beside the Quaker cottages extremely dark.  Cllr Yvonne Peacock suggested that this light may be the responsibility of Highways and not RDC.  The matter will be looked into.

6 Financial Matters
6.1 Payments/Purchases/Income

The following payments were authorised:-

1.       Coatie Barn Admin Services – £31.11 – Minute Taking at last Meeting

2.       Richmondshire District Council – £75.00 – Uncontested Election Fee

Everyone was in agreement to the above payments and cheques were signed at the meeting.

It was noted that the donation boxes on the village green had been emptied by Tim Prudden before Christmas and the Clerk had received £508.84 as a result.  Due to the problems of paying cash into the bank account, this money is still held by the Clerk.

The Parish Council had recently received a donation of £231.11 from the funeral of the late Margaret Iveson.  She requested that this be used to benefit the play area in Bainbridge.  The Clerk will write to her daughter, Gillian Wilkinson, at 6 Holmbrae to thank her for the donation.  The donation has yet to be banked.

Payment of £365 relating to the funeral for Joyce Broom has been received but not yet banked.

6.2 Current Financial Balances (as at 1st December 2019)

The latest bank statements are still awaited and therefore could not be reviewed.    Current balances were reported as follows:-

Bainbridge Parish Council Current Account – £4,638.26 *

Bainbridge Parish Council Deposit Account 2 – £5,154.56

Bainbridge Parish Council Current Account – £9,871.78 **

*- The current account includes reserved funds for the purchase of a computer and also the hosting of the website.

**- This account holds reserved funds for the proposed extension to the Cemetery.

It was proposed that an application be made to the Sustainable Development Fund and the Area Partnership for funds to create a new information board and donation box at the stocks on the village green.  These are a popular visiting point for tourists and it was felt that the area needed some improvement, perhaps involving creating a fenced off area to make mowing easier. 

It was noted that there had been some objection by the Lords Trustees to the proposal to site an information board, funded and prepared by the Dairy Days Project, in the village.  This was extremely disappointing and Councillors agreed that the project should go ahead, with a suitable site found once the board has been prepared.  The Clerk will write to the YDNPA (Karen Griffiths) to confirm that we wish to proceed with the information board.

There were still ongoing issues with HSBC and the amendments to the bank mandate, resulting in limited signatories on the account.  The Clerk had contacted the Yorkshire Local Council Authority for advice but they responded to say that they could not recommend any particular bank.  However, they did suggest that both the Unity Trust Bank and Barclays Bank had accounts specific to local councils.  This was discussed and Councillors agreed to try to remedy the situation with HSBC first, but if this failed, to make further enquiries of Barclays or Unity Trust.  Paperwork has been received from HSBC requiring completion in order to meet new fraud regulations.  Cllrs Brown and Y Peacock are working on this.

Precept 2020

The Clerk issued budget information to councillors allowing them to discuss setting the Precept for 2020.  It was noted that there are no longer caretaking services which has reduced costs, but nevertheless, there are numerous repair projects within the Parish which will require attention.  There are also ongoing costs in respect of grass cutting.   Whilst there is currently a healthy balance in the bank accounts various projects could require investment.  The Clerk explained that councillors could move money between the accounts (for example, as they have done to set aside funds for the extension of the Cemetery) but that if these projects do not come to fruition and the money is no longer needed, it can be returned to the main account, provided any movements are discussed at a meeting and the decision is minuted.

Following discussion, Cllr James Peacock proposed to leave the Precept at its current level of £6,510 for 2020.  This was seconded by Cllr Percival and agreed unanimously.

In addition, Cllr Percival proposed moving £1,000 from the main current account to the second current account containing the reserved funds for the Cemetery extension project.  This was seconded by Cllr James Peacock and agreed unanimously. 

Cllr Y Peacock noted that Mr Dinsdale wished to undertake repairs along the track across the green which accesses his property and Low Mill.  It has come to light that this is not owned by Richmondshire District Council and therefore it is presumed that Mr Dinsdale and Mr McNair may need to contribute to the cost of the work.

Cllr James Peacock recorded that Anne Tweddle has contacted him to say that she wishes to provide a new bench in memory of Peggy and Sedge.  It was suggested that there are currently several benches in very poor condition, one of which is at the top of the green, and therefore this could be replaced with the new bench.  Cllr Peacock will discuss this with Anne.

7 Planning Applications

There were none requiring consideration. 

8 Cemetery

Karen reported that the grave dug for Joyce Broom in September has sunk significantly and is now unsightly and dangerous.  She proposed that she contact Richard Sanderson and ask for his grave digger to return to put this situation right.  Councillors were in agreement to this course of action.

In addition, there is now a significant amount of soil and rock that has been deposited to the side of the Cemetery which looks unsightly.  Cllr Percival said that this had been noted and it was not appropriate.  Councillors agreed that this would need to be cleared and Cllr Y Peacock recommended that Metcalfe Bros be approached for a price to undertake the necessary work.  Cllr Percival will speak to Paul Metcalfe.

The railings around the Cemetery are also in need of maintenance, which has been an ongoing issue for some time.  Cllr Y Peacock suggested submitting an application to the Area Partnership Fund for a grant towards the cost of the work which would be significant.

9 Children’s Play Area & Donation Boxes

The play area is currently in good condition with all necessary repairs completed.  Donation boxes were repaired/replaced by Brian Clarkson last year, although the one at the stocks is in need of replacement. 

10 Grant from Sustainable Development Fund

As reported earlier, this application has been successful. It is hoped that work on replacing the white posts will start when the weather improves.  It was, however, noted that this project only involves the posts owned by the village and not those owned by the Highways, alongside the road. 

11 Clerk

The Clerk reported that she is finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of her role  and has been grateful for the assistance of Karen Prudden during the year.  The Clerk proposed that Karen step up to work alongside Gill until the end of the financial year in order to learn more about the role before Gill steps down.  This would involve two clerk payments but would enable a useful handover.


Cllr Percival said that whilst he had no objections to this proposal, he wondered whether the Council was obliged to advertise a vacancy.  Cllr Y Peacock suggested that as Karen had been working for the Council for several months, she would merely be stepping up to take on the role.  However, to ensure that there could be no complaints, she suggested placing a notice on the village noticeboard for a couple of weeks to see if any applicants came forward.  If not, then it would be appropriate to allow Karen to take on the role.

16 Items for Next Agenda

None were recorded.

17 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge.

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm.