Draft Minutes of The Annual Meeting 12th May 2022

Bainbridge Parish Council
Draft Minutes Of The Annual Meeting 
Held At Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge On Thursday 12th May 2022


Cllr James Peacock (Chair)                                 Cllr Thomas Tennant

Cllr Darren Percival                                             Cllr Miriam Cloughton

Cllr Brian Brown                                                   Mrs Karen Prudden (Clerk)

No members of the public were present.

  1. Cllr Peacock confirmed that no-one present was recording the meeting.
  2. Election of Parish Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Local elections had taken place across the country on 5th May, however, all Bainbridge Parish Councillors were re-elected unopposed, meaning there was no need to hold an election in the Parish. This also meant that Mrs Miriam Cloughton was now formally elected to the Parish Council.

The Clerk sought nominations for the role of Chairman of the Parish Council. Cllr Cloughton nominated Cllr James Peacock and this was seconded by Cllr Tennant. Everyone was in agreement and Cllr Peacock accepted the position for a further period. The Clerk then sought nominations for the role of Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council. Cllr Peacock nominated Cllr Darren Percival and this was seconded by Cllr Brown. Everyone was in agreement and Cllr

Percival accepted the position for a further period. Thanks were expressed to both
Councillors for undertaking these roles for the past year and congratulations expressed on their re-election.

Cllr Peacock thanked all councillors for their support of the Parish Council and congratulated them all on their recent re-election.

  1. Acceptance of Office

The Clerk had received Acceptance of Office forms for all Councillors following the recent local elections. These were issued and completed by Councillors and returned to the Clerk for processing.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for Absence were recorded for Cllr Yvonne Peacock who was attending another meeting.

  1. Declarations of Interest

No Councillor declared an interest in any matter on the Agenda for this meeting.

The Clerk issued councillors with Notification of Pecuniary and Other Interests forms provided to her by the District Council following the local elections. These were completed by councillors and will be returned to the Clerk following completion by spouses/partners.

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting of the Parish Council, held on 8th March 2022, had been circulated to all Councillors. Cllr Cloughton proposed that they be adopted as an accurate record of proceedings. This was seconded by Cllr Tennant and agreed by all. The Minutes were duly signed by Cllr Peacock.

  1. Ongoing Matters

7.1 New Pathway Beside Riverdale – Cllr Peacock confirmed that he had spoken to Mr  Metcalfe and it is hoped that the new path will be started on 21st May. Due to difficulties with the plans, it has been agreed to make this a footpath rather than steps but it will hopefully be an improvement on the existing path.

7.2 Maintenance of Trees in Bainbridge – Following the last meeting, Cllr Percival had taken the forms received from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority for completion in order to seek permission to undertake the work needed to the trees in Bainbridge. However, it subsequently came to light that the YDNPA do not need to grant permission to undertake necessary pruning and therefore the forms were not submitted. This information will be passed to Roger Lambert so that the work can be arranged as soon as possible as the contractor has indicated that the best time to do this work will be as the trees come into leaf. Cllr Percival confirmed that the work will be commissioned by the Lords Trustees and Cllr Percival will seek confirmation that they will be paying. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to contact Roger Lambert to seek a start date and confirmation of payment.

  1. Planning Applications

8.1 The Clerk confirmed that there had been no new applications advised to her or
available on the YDNPA portal. However, she had today received notification of a withdrawal of the application relating to Thorns Farm. RESOLVED: CLERK to circulate information to councillors.

  1. Planning Decisions

9.1             The Clerk confirmed that no decision notices had been received or advised on the portal.

  1. Highways Matters

10.1 Incorrect Road Markings in Stalling Busk – The Clerk advised that Ian Beighton had confirmed the road markings had now been re-located at the junction with Blean Lane. RESOLVED: CLLR CLOUGHTON to check and advise the Clerk if this is not the case.

10.2 North Yorkshire Police Action on Motorcycles – The Clerk advised that NYP had recently informed her that they would be holding a road safety roadshow at short notice on a Sunday in April. However, this was subsequently cancelled due to a clash of dates. Unfortunately, the contact at NYP keeps changing but the Clerk is in regular communication to ensure that speed checks and the roadshow take place, ideally on a sunny Sunday in the summer. RESOLVED: CLERK to continue to liaise with North Yorkshire Police.

10.3 Replacement of Roadside Posts and Repairs to Retaining Wall by Play Area – Cllr Peacock confirmed that Cllr Yvonne Peacock continues to liaise with North Yorkshire Highways in respect of this matter. It is hoped that a site meeting will take place and an order placed to undertake the repairs shortly. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to provide further information at the next meeting.

10.4 Drainage Issues at Countersett and Busk Lane  – The Clerk had contacted Ian Beighton for an update on this matter. He had confirmed that the local drainage officer had met with Mr Kettlewell to look at the sites where drainage issues had been raised. Following that meeting a number of works orders had been raised for remedial works to be undertaken by NYCC contractors and it is believed that these works have now been completed.

10.5 Highways Potholes and Drainage Issues – There has been no feedback on these matters. Cllr Percival advised that he had been present when Highways contractors arrived to clear drains in the area on the A684 near Borwins. He had spoken to the contractors who had started work at the lay-by and worked towards Hawes. However, they had explained to him that they had discovered the drains were completely blocked opposite Field Gate and they were unable to clear the blockage. They were very helpful and told Cllr Percival that they would need to report the matter back to their office for further investigation and work.

10.6 Parking Problems at Riverdale, Bainbridge – Ian Beighton had confirmed that the would visit to see the problems for himself and would attempt to speak to the residents concerned. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Beighton for an update prior to the next meeting.

10.7 Cllr Brown reported that a resident had contacted him with regard to access to the footpath beside Ivy Cottage. It seems that this has not been made clear and the new owner of the property appears unaware of the access arrangements. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact the YDNPA to request improved signage and to check maps showing ownership of the land by the leat. 

  1. Financial Matters

11.1 The following expenditure was approved for payment:-

+           Mrs K Prudden – £65.00 – Cemetery Admin Fees for Burial and Reservation (paid)

+           Mrs K Prudden – £481.20 – Purchase of Pens for Jubilee Presentation (paid)

+           Mrs K Prudden – £257.06 – Clerk’s Salary for March (paid)

+           HMRC – £6.40 – PAYE for Quarter 4 (paid)

+           Mrs K Prudden – £224.93 – Clerk’s Salary for April (paid)

+           RDC – £230.26 – Play Park Inspection Costs 1/4/21-1/4/22

+           YLCA – £213.00 – Membership of YLCA 1/4/22-31/3/23

+           Yorkshire Dales Accountancy – £158.00 – Payroll Processing 2021/22

+           Mrs K Prudden – £64.00 – Cemetery Admin Fees for Burial & Reservation

+         John Ogbourne – £39.00 – Website registration & Domain for 2 years from


+           A J Gallagher Insurance – £652.28 – Renewal of Insurance Policy

11.2 The following income was acknowledged:-

+           11/03/22 – £7,768.44 – RDC Grant for Play Equipment

+           16/03/22 – £55.00 – Pickard & Sons re Cemetery Memorial

+           31/03/22£8.71 – Bank Interest on Deposit Accounts

+           07/04/22 – £55.00 – Ms Parratt – Cemetery Grave Reservation

+           28/04/22 – £6,510.00 – RDC – Precept 2022/23

+           12/5/22 – £410.00 – Richard Sanderson – Burial and Reservation

11.3 The Clerk presented details of the current bank account balances, as at 30th April:-

Current Account – £13,831.77

No 2 Account – £5,163.21

No 3 Account – £10,894.14 (ring-fenced funds for Cemetery extension)

Bank statements were passed to the Chairman for checking and signing.

  1. Correspondence

12.1 Bainbridge Flood Report – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had sent letters to the YDNPA and Graeme Newton at Randall Orchard regarding the passing of planning permission for the development behind the Rose & Crown pub in Bainbridge. Both parties had responded to say that they had not had sight of the Flood Report which the Clerk subsequently forwarded. A letter was received from the YDNPA which had been circulated to councillors. It stated that ‘the Authority took the risk of flooding – and the advice provided by the County Council (as the Lead Local Flood Authority) – very seriously in its consideration of the planning application’. Mr Newton requested time to study the report before providing a response to the Parish Council. Councillors were disappointed, but not surprised by the response, and queried who was responsible for overseeing the work of the Planning Authority. 12.2 Planning Enforcement – The Clerk had received a telephone call from Mr Munday, Member Champion for the YDNPA, following a letter issued expressing the Parish Council’s concerns over the ineffective planning enforcement currently being undertaken. Mr Munday had explained that the department is currently seeing an increase of 20% in applications, which represents 100 more than usual. In addition, they were experiencing ‘staffing issues’ and the service was ‘very stretched’. However, Mr Munday wished to reassure the Parish Council that they would always be consulted in respect of enforcement issues.

12.3 Repairs at Stalling Busk Old Church – Cllr Cloughton reported that a boundary wall to the churchyard of the disused church at Stalling Busk has collapsed, allowing sheep to enter the churchyard. In a temporary measure to prevent this, a local farmer had placed a gate across the fallen wall but this had left one of their own buildings accessible to passers-by who had been using the building as a toilet! The Clerk explained that the usual procedure for a disused churchyard would be to seek an official closure order from the Diocese and upon receipt of this, responsibility passes to the local District Council. It appears from research at the Benefice Office that there is no such closure in place. Enquiries have been made of the District Council who have no record of an official closure and therefore will not take responsibility for the churchyard, suggesting it would be the responsibility of the Parish Council. Councillors understood the difficult position but were reluctant to take responsibility due to the costs involved for maintenance, insurance etc. It was suggested that Cllr Cloughton asks the Benefice Office to make further enquiries and arrangements to formally close the churchyard. In the meantime, councillors would be happy to try and source a temporary gate for the area of fallen wall. RESOLVED: CLLR CLOUGHTON to discuss the matter with the Benefice Office and CLLR Y PEACOCK to investigate further with the District Council.

12.4 Upper Dales Health Watch – The Clerk had recently been sent Minutes of the UDHW meeting held in January, together with a Synopsis of their April meeting and had been asked to circulate these to councillors. It was of great concern to learn that the only full-time GP was leaving at the end of September and that there would be no return to the open access surgeries. Councillors were extremely worried at the level of healthcare available to the local community and proposed that other local Parish Councils be contacted to look into the matter

jointly. Councillors had their own experiences of issues involving appointments and
medication and concern was also expressed at the poor service currently provided by the Ambulance Service within the local area. RESOLVED: CLERK to write to Rishi Sunak MP, enclosing a copy of the Minutes and Synopsis and expressing the concerns of the Parish Council. CLERK to write to Clerks of the other Parish Councils in the Upper Dales to suggest working together on presenting their concerns.

12.5 Latest Crime Report – The Clerk presented the latest report sent from North Yorkshire Police which recorded 31 crimes in the area during April (7 of violence; 4 of criminal damage; 6 of fraud; 3 of burglary; 9 of theft and 2 others). In March there had been 9 road traffic collisions, three of which had resulted in injury. Specific crimes mentioned involved the theft of heating oil, farm equipment and vehicles and theft of a dog, all from properties across the Dale. Cllr Cloughton reported that there is an extremely useful WhatsApp group for local farmers, giving them warning of potential criminals in the area.

  1. Children’s Play Area & Village Green

13.1 Repairs to the Zip Wire – Cllr Peacock reported that a local resident had very kindly offered to provide a new cable and all the fittings to repair the zip wire. This will come with a certificate to demonstrate its safety. Consequently, there will be no need to proceed with the quote from the original company who installed the equipment. RESOLVED: CLERK to inform company that the work will no longer be required. CLERK to write to the resident upon completion of the work to thank them for their generosity.

13.2 Play Area Inspection Report – The latest inspection report details the issues raised in previous reports. None of the highlighted areas require immediate attention. However, the items will be dealt with as soon as practical.

13.3 Repair & Maintenance Issues – Cllr Peacock reported that it was not possible to replace the worn bushes on the swings and therefore the Clerk was instructed to request these be replaced by the original installers. The new goal posts were being well-used but will be stored away during the anticipated visit of the travellers. There is one of the old goalposts still usable which will be placed in the play area for younger children to use. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Playdale to replace bushes on swings. CLLR PERCIVAL to speak to Mr M Metcalfe to request repairs to the castle slide. CLLR PEACOCK to locate the single goal to the play area.

  1. Cemetery

14.1 Annual Report – The Clerk (and Cemetery Superintendent) presented her Annual Report, which forms part of these Minutes. She thanked councillors for their support of her work.

14.2 Maintenance Issues – Cllr Percival will attend to the repair to the front boundary wall as soon as he is able. In respect of the larger area of fallen wall to the rear boundary, this will require considerable work. Prior to that taking place, councillors have agreed to prune the trees and shrubs around the boundary walls. Mr P Metcalfe has been asked to undertake this work which he has agreed to do. Subsequently, it was agreed that there should be regular pruning and maintenance of the trees and shrubs around the boundary to prevent damage to the boundary walls.

  1. HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

15.1 Celebrations – The committee planning celebrations for the Jubilee have now produced invitations to be delivered to every property in the Parish. There will be an unofficial beacon lit on Brough Hill on Thursday 2nd June, with the permission of Mr Mason Scarr. Cllrs Peacock and Percival, together with Tim Prudden, have volunteered to set this up, ready to light as darkness falls. There will be a ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’ on the village green on Sunday 5th June which is being organised by the committee. Guests will be invited to bring along food and drink, but hot drinks will be provided. Mr Hugh Gregson has agreed to present commemorative gifts to the children of the Parish and Cllr Yvonne Peacock will present a toast to the Queen and a celebration cake will be cut. There will be a dancing display by Janet

Seymour Dancers and Harvey Boddy will perform later in the afternoon.                                                                         A painting
competition is being held with the local school and the children, staff and parents are invited to attend a prize-giving assembly on Friday 27th May in the marquee. All of this is weather dependent and there are concerns over whether there will be travellers in the village at the time. Consequently, North Yorkshire Police are issuing details to the travelling community and suggesting they avoid stopping in the village. A meeting of the Jubilee Committee is taking place on 18th May to finalise arrangements. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact BAWB Schools to confirm arrangements for the collection of paintings and the assembly. CLLR PERCIVAL to speak to Mr Mason Scarr to make arrangements for the beacon.

  1. Review of Asset Register

The annual review of the Asset Register is due but the Clerk asked for this to be delayed to allow time for the items listed to be checked. RESOLVED: CLERK to return this to a future meeting.

  1. Review of Standing Orders

The Clerk has been in the process of updating the Council’s Standing Orders. However, this has not yet been completed. RESOLVED: CLERK to return this to a future meeting.

  1. Agenda Items

+                      AGAR – The Clerk explained that she has been processing the annual AGAR (end of year accounts) but has not yet been able to get these audited. They are required to be submitted by 1st July and therefore the Clerk requested an additional short meeting be arranged for June to present and discuss these prior to them being submitted. RESOLVED: CLERK to liaise with the auditor for the AGAR to be checked and then arrange a meeting for their presentation and approval prior to submission.

+                      Emergency Plan – It was mentioned that there used to be an Emergency Plan in
place for any emergency situations that arose in the Parish. No-one was aware of a current version and it was therefore agreed to investigate further. RESOLVED: CLERK to investigate and, if necessary, draft a new plan.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on TUESDAY 5th JULY, starting at 7.00 pm at SYCAMORE HALL, BAINBRIDGE.