Draft Minutes of the Meeting 18th Jan 2022


Cllr James Peacock (Chair) Cllr Thomas Tennant
Cllr Darren Percival Cllr Derek Kettlewell
Karen Prudden (Clerk) Cllr Brian Brown
Mr D Ballinger (Resident) Mr K Robinson (Resident)

1. The Chairman reminded everyone of the rights to record the meeting, although it was not being recorded by the Parish Council. No-one indicated a wish to record this meeting.

2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
Apologies were offered from Cllr Yvonne Peacock who was recovery from surgery. These were accepted.

3. Declarations of Interest
None were recorded.

4. Minutes of the Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November had been circulated to all Councillors. Cllr Percival proposed that they be adopted as an accurate record of proceedings and this was seconded by Cllr Kettlewell. The Minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

5. Ongoing Matters
5.1 Concerns over GP Service – Cllr Y Peacock had advised that there was no update to report.
5.2 Appleby Horse Fair 2022 – Cllr Percival advised that the Lords Trustees had nothing to report on this matter. The village green is registered as common land in the ownership of the Lords Trustees. Mr Ballinger suggested that a responsible person representing the landowner would need to request travellers to move on from the village green. The Parish Council have done all they can. RESOLVED: CLERK to invite the Chair of the Lords Trustees and another representative along with their Clerk to attend a meeting with the Parish Council prior to their next meeting (6.30 pm Tuesday 8th March) to discuss the matter further. CLERK to request a meeting with NYP to discuss their support.
5.3 Creation of New Footpath Beside Riverdale, Bainbridge – Cllr Peacock reported that there has been no progress on this project. Plans have been provided. RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK to contact Mr Metcalfe to ensure the project is completed by the summer.
5.4 Registration of Common Land and Village Green – The Clerk is still to investigate. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact RDC and NYCC to enquire about the use of their legal service and the costs. CLERK to check how much land requires registering.
5.5 Tree Maintenance in Bainbridge – Cllr Percival advised that Mr Allen had inspected the tree near the Tea Room and reported that it has die-back and requires trimming to make it safe. It is to be hoped that the Lords Trustees will pay for this work to be undertaken. RESOLVED: CLERK to complete application to YDNPA to undertake necessary work. CLLR PERCIVAL to obtain quotes for completing the necessary work.

6. Planning Applications
6.1 R/52/242 – Full Planning Permission for conversion of outbuilding to dwelling at Worton Hall, Worton. Cllr Tennant reported that this application had been withdrawn by the YDNPA because an historical survey was missing. It has now been re-submitted.
6.2 R/52/242A – Listed Building Consent for conversion of outbuilding to dwelling at Worton Hall, Worton – as above.
6.3 R/52/243 – Hybrid planning application consisting of: Full planning permission for redevelopment of two farm buildings (A&B) to form gallery/studio space; construction of workshop/storage building R(C) with staff accommodation above; construction of building (D) to provide 2 no. two-bedroom cottages for visitor accommodation; provision of parking area and: Outline planning permission for conversion of field barn 1 to artist studio accommodation; redevelopment of the Boat House to visitor accommodation; construction of dwelling on site of Thorns Farm (E); renovation/re-roofing of field barn 3 and provision of services to field barn 2 for agricultural use at Thorns Farm, Countersett. Cllr Kettlewell had looked at the plans and raised questions in respect of the location of the car parking which appears to be away from the main development area. He also questioned whether the conversion of the Boat House and Thorns Farm met the criteria for change of use. Councillors discussed this application. RESOLVED: CLERK to submit comments to the YDNPA regarding the issues raised by Cllr Kettlewell.
Discussion then took place on an apparent extension which has been noted at the Silk Mill. Councillors were not aware that there had been a planning application submitted for this. RESOLVED: CLERK to search for an application and to enquire of the YDNPA whether this is required.
6.4 R/52/21A/LB – Listed Building Consent for re-roofing works and the installation of new lead flashings to abutments and chimneys and the-provision of new cast iron gutter and downpipes and replacement of six single glazed timber casement windows with matching double glazed timber units, painted white to match at The Boar East, Countersett. No comments were made.

7. Planning Decisions
The Clerk reported the following permission from the YDNPA Planning Portal.

7.1 R/52/18K – Householder Planning Permission for the installation of air source heat pumps to the exterior of plots 1 and 3, Scott Hill, Bainbridge – Approved Conditionally.

8. Highways Matters
8.1 Incorrect Road Markings at Stalling Busk – Cllr Kettlewell reported the road markings have still not been re-located. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Highways to chase re-location of road markings.
8.2 Motorcycle Issues – The Clerk had tried to contact Richard Fletcher for an update and had found that he has left and been replaced by Sarah Dorrell as Traffic Bureau Team Leader. She has indicated that the Police need to be careful to avoid being perceived as targeting motorcyclists. However, she has suggested undertaking a joint operation between the Safety Camera Team and the Road Safety Team and also holding a roadshow with the Road Safety Team. Councillors were happy with the proposals. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Sarah to agree to a roadshow etc in April or May.
8.3 White Posts Along Roadside Above Play Area – Cllr J Peacock had discussed this with Cllr Y Peacock. She will contact NYCC to seek replacement of the worn white posts. The safety of the actual bank was also in question and should be investigated. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to contact North Yorkshire Highways Department to progress this work.
8.4 Drainage Issues at Countersett and Busk Lane – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had referred this matter to NYCC. They had forwarded a map on which they require the damaged or blocked drains to be marked before they will arrange a site meeting. Cllr Kettlewell completed the map and passed it to the Clerk at the meeting. RESOLVED: CLERK to forward map to the Highways Department and seek a site meeting to discuss the issues.

9. Financial Matters
9.1 The following invoices were approved for payment:-

➢ Mrs K Prudden – £221.86 – Clerk’s Salary for November (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – Clerk’s Salary for December (paid)
➢ Mr C H Fawcett – £150.00 – Christmas Tree (paid)
➢ Playdale Playgrounds Ltd – £4,517.08 – Balance on new Play Equipment (paid)

Due to the meeting being re-arranged from its previous date at the start of January (due to Covid), these payments had been agreed and paid in advance of the meeting.

9.2 The following income was acknowledged:-

➢ £685.00 – YDNPA Sustainable Development Grant (post and chain project).

The Clerk confirmed that she would arrange to empty the donation boxes shortly.

9.3 Bank Balances
The bank balances as at 31st December were noted as follows:-

Unity Current Account £5,621.18
Instant Access Account £10,888.23 (ring fenced)
Instant Access Account £5,160.41

The bank statements were passed to the Chairman for checking and signing.

10. Correspondence
10.1 Consent to Receive Information from the YLCA – The Clerk explained that she had been sent forms for councillors to complete in order that they may receive email information direct from the YLCA. All councillors agreed that they preferred the existing arrangement whereby the Clerk receives the information and filters it before sending to councillors. No councillor wished to complete the forms.
10.2 ’20’s Plenty’ Campaign – Cllr Percival expressed concern that there had been recent press reports seemingly criticising Parish Councils who had not supported this campaign. All councillors had discussed this at the last meeting and were unanimous in agreeing not to support the campaign. Their decision has not changed. Whilst they support a 20mph speed limit in certain locations (ie, town centres and outside schools), they do not deem it appropriate as a blanket policy and expressed concern at how this could affect access to the area by making journeys slower.
10.3 Bainbridge Christmas Lights – Cllr Kettlewell wished to congratulate the organisers for the wonderful display of Christmas lights in Bainbridge over the festive period. The Clerk advised that these were organised by the ‘Bainbridge Christmas Lights Committee’ who fundraise in order to purchase the lights. It was noted that the display had received favourable comments from many areas of the Dales, and the tree beside the Manor House had been particularly effective. It was suggested that the lights should not remain permanently on the trees in order to avoid damage. Councillors also noted their gratitude to the new owner of The Old School House for kindly allowing the lights on the village Christmas Tree to be plugged into his socket. RESOLVED : CLERK to write to the Bainbridge Lights Committee to thank them for their efforts and congratulate them on the excellent display. CLERK also to write to the owner of The Old School House to thank him for his support.

11. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes
11.1 Replacement of the Posts & Chains – The project is now complete and the grant funding has been received. RESOLVED: CLLR PEACOCK to arrange for publicity of the project.
11.2 Play Equipment Grant – Playdale had undertaken the work to instal the new team swing and replace the other swings in December. It was noted that, despite some poor weather, the work had gone well and little damage had been done to the ground. There had been some delays but the project had been completed prior to Christmas. The invoices had been paid and the equipment has been well-used, despite the poor weather. The Clerk will now arrange to purchase the new goalposts and then the grant funding can be claimed. RESOLVED: CLERK to order new goalposts and seek payment of the grant funding from RDC.
11.3 Inspection Report – The Clerk advised that she had recently received the latest inspection report on the play equipment from RDC. However, this reported exactly the same faults as the previous reports, although it had been acknowledged that some new equipment had been installed. The Clerk has therefore contacted RDC to query the accuracy of the report, particularly in respect to the fault highlighted with the swings (all of which were replaced as part of the recent project). No response has yet been forthcoming. It was noted that the other faults do need attending to. Cllr Percival advised that he had a box of parts which he would look at to see if any were appropriate for these repairs. He will also speak to Mr Metcalfe to ask him to add a new piece of wood onto the platform to reinforce it. The zip wire is also in need of repair with a new wire required. It is believed it was supplied by GB Sports. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to contact Mr Metcalfe and to check parts for repairs. CLERK to contact GB Sports to seek repair of the zip wire.
11.4 Grass Cutting on Bainbridge Village Green – Cllr Brown confirmed that he has the necessary insurance in place and is happy to continue to cut the green for the time being. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Brown for his commitment to this work. Cllr Percival advised that John Banks had been interested in undertaking the work but had reservations about the insurance situation.
11.5 Recycling Facilities in Bainbridge – The Clerk reported that, following complaints, the newly installed recycling bins had been removed by RDC. After the last meeting, the Clerk had contacted both RDC and the BAWB schools with respect to the recycling facility located at Bainbridge School. This is shown as a community facility on the RDC website and now that the school is secure with fencing between it and the car park, there should be no reason why this could not be promoted as such. The Clerk reported that someone from RDC had visited the school on 14th January and the school informed the Clerk that new signage is to be erected shortly.

12. Review of Standing Orders
The Clerk had been reviewing the Standing Orders from 2012 but had unfortunately run out of time to present amendments to this meeting. RESOLVED: This will be added to the Agenda for a future meeting.

13. Cemetery
13.1 Cllr Percival advised that work to the boundary wall was ongoing.
13.2 The Clerk informed councillors of proposals made by DEFRA which had recently been the subject of a consultation. The proposals ‘prohibit burials within 10m of a field drain or dry ditch, or within 30m of a spring or watercourse, or within 50m of certain protected nature sites, or within 250m of any well, spring or borehole used for domestic consumption or food production purposes.’ In addition, there is a proposal ‘to increase the size of a burial plot to 5 square metres (6’x9’)’, representing an increase of 2/3rds on current sizing. In addition, the proposals ‘appear to preclude the use of ‘bricked’ graves where it is not possible to achieve a minimum depth of soil of at least one metre above any part of the coffin’. This would clearly have implications for the current cemetery and indeed potentially restrict options for the site of a new cemetery. The Clerk reported that she did not submit a response to the consultation on the basis that ‘the proposals include an exemption from the permitting scheme for small cemeteries, ie, those with fewer than 100 burials per year’. However, it is still likely that the minimum size of a grave plot will be no smaller than 5 square metres if these proposals get the go-ahead. RESOLVED: CLERK to write to Rishi Sunak MP expressing concern at these proposals. CLERK to keep councillors advised of developments.

14. HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
14.1 2022 marks the Platinum Jubilee for HM Queen Elizabeth II. The Clerk outlined the national celebrations planned for the period 2nd to 5th June, when there will be additional Bank Holidays. Celebrations will include the lighting of beacons and a ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’ on Sunday 5th June. Mr Ballinger pointed out that the Appleby Horse Fair has been moved to avoid these events, with a start date of Thursday 9th June. However, that could mean that travellers will be in Bainbridge over the previous weekend. Discussions took place on ways to mark this important milestone and a ‘bring and share’ lunch was suggested for Sunday 5th June. Councillors agreed that a memento should be purchased to be presented to every child in the parish aged 11 or under. Having undertaken some research, the Clerk recommended commemorative pens which range in price from £2.67 to £5.64. A celebration cake will need to be sourced, to be cut at the event by a ‘special guest’. There will also be a toast to HM the Queen. It was suggested that a beacon could be lit on Brough Hill, and councillors were happy to help with this if the landowner was agreeable. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact BAWB Schools for a list of all qualifying children and then to purchase sufficient pens. CLERK to speak to Mr Scarr regarding the beacon. CLLR PEACOCK to arrange a meeting for volunteers to help in planning the celebrations.

15. Street Lighting
Following the last meeting, the Clerk had reported several faulty street lights, both in Bainbridge and Worton. Unfortunately, it seems that none of these have been addressed. RESOLVED: CLERK to chase RDC for repair/replacement of these faulty lights.

16. Turner Seat
The Clerk reported that a new lease will be required for the Turner Seat shortly. It was noted that Mr Metcalfe and Ms Masterman had agreed to take on the maintenance of the seat and the area surrounding it. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Ms Masterman seeking a new lease.

17. Broadband Coverage
Mr Robinson expressed concern at the inability of some residents of Countersett to access reliable broadband. This matter was discussed and it was noted that there is a community system operating in Raydale, although it was also noted that BT had installed superfast broadband along the western side of the dale. Mr Robinson was advised to contact Gareth Edwards to seek advice on how best to secure his connection.

17. Agenda Items
✦ Appleby Horse Fair
✦ Jubilee Celebrations
✦ Review of Standing Orders

18. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 8th March 2022 at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge, starting at 7.00 pm. There will be a meeting at 6.30 pm with members of the Lords Trustees.

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