Draft Minutes Of A Meeting Of The Council 2nd November 2021





Cllr James Peacock (Chair)
Cllr Thomas Tennant
Cllr Darren Percival
Cllr Derek Kettlewell
Karen Prudden (Clerk)
Mrs Miriam Cloughton

  1. The Chairman reminded everyone of the rights to record the meeting, although it was not being recorded by the Parish Council. No-one indicated a wish to record this meeting.
  2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence

Apologies were offered from Cllr Brian Brown and Cllr Yvonne Peacock who were on holiday, and from Mr David Ballinger. These were accepted.

  1. Declarations of Interest

Cllr Tennant declared an interest in item 6.1 and 6.2 and Cllr Kettlewell declared an interest in item 5.5.

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 7th September had been circulated to all Councillors. Cllr Kettlewell proposed that they be adopted as an accurate record of proceedings and this was seconded by Cllr Tennant. The Minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

  1. Ongoing Matters

5.1 Concerns over GP ServiceAt the last meeting, Cllr Y Peacock had agreed to take concerns over the recent service provided by the GP practice to the meeting of the Upper Dales Healthwatch and report back to the Council. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to report back to the Council at the next meeting.

5.2 Appleby Horse Fair 2022 – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had submitted concerns to the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner and also to Rishi Sunak MP regarding the fact that travellers are likely to be in the locality during the time of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year. The PFCC has now resigned and Mr Sunak had passed the concerns to North Yorkshire Police. A response had been received from Acting Inspector Dave Anderson which the Clerk had circulated to councillors. It was agreed that this was a very generalised response and not very helpful. Cllr Peacock said that he was concerned the Parish Council was taking up this issue when they were not owners of the village green and therefore had no rights to remove travellers. He suggested that this matter rested firmly with the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge as landowners. The Clerk reported that she had not had a response from Mr Lambert to the invitation to discuss the matter with the Parish Council. It was noted that the landlord of the village pub had been pleased to receive a letter of thanks from the Parish Council. RESOLVED: CLLRS TENNANT AND PERCIVAL to raise the matter at a forthcoming meeting of the Lords Trustees to request they pursue this further with NYP.

CLERK to include this matter on the Agenda for the January meeting to follow-up on discussions.

5.3 Creation of New Footpath Beside Riverdale, Bainbridge  – Cllr Peacock has discussed this project with Mr Metcalfe who has the materials ready to undertake the work. It was noted that there is guidance relating to the gradient etc of steps which should be followed. A grant of £1,000 has been awarded from Cllr Y Peacock’s Locality Fund and the Clerk has received paperwork in that respect which was signed at the meeting. RESOLVED: CLERK to investigate gradients and pass information to Cllr Peacock. CLERK to complete and submit the grant paperwork.

5.4 New Information Board for Bainbridge Village GreenThe new noticeboard was installed by YDNPA rangers on 14th October along with the altered donation box. Comments have been made about the position of the new board which now appears in photographs of anyone in the stocks. However, the siting had been agreed with the Rangers based on ease of mowing, safety etc.

5.5 Registration of Common Land and Village GreenThe Clerk reported that she had not yet had the opportunity to look into this, but would aim to do so before the next meeting. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact RDC to enquire about use of their legal service, and costs and also NYCC. CLERK to check how much land requires registering.

5.6 Maintenance of Trees in Bainbridge – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had contacted the YDNPA on several occasions and had finally received a response today regarding undertaking work to the tree near the Cornmill Tearoom. A map has been provided showing that most of the village is in a conservation area and as such, to undertake any work to the trees it would be necessary to advise the YDNPA. However, if the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order then consent would need to be sought. Having looked at the map provided, it is believed the tree in question has a TPO on it and therefore consent will be needed before work can be undertaken. There is a form to complete in that respect. However, discussion again returned to the ownership of the land and it was felt that once again this was the responsibility of the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge to pursue. It was, however, agreed that Cllr Percival will seek an assessment of the problems with the tree from Dave Allen (arboriculturist). RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to contact Dave Allen seeking an inspection and report on the condition of the tree. CLLRS PERCIVAL and TENNANT to raise the matter at the forthcoming meeting of the Lords Trustees.

5.7 Feedback from YDNPA Planning SeminarCllr Peacock participated in this meeting on 23rd September and reported that he was already aware of a lot of the content. However, he noted that it is important that when submitting comments on a planning application the Council must have related these to the Local Plan and be able to qualify their comments accordingly.

5.8 Feedback from Parish Forum – 13th OctoberCllr Y Peacock was unable to attend the Forum and there was no representation from the Parish Council.

  1. Planning Applications

6.1      R/52/242 – Full Planning Permission for conversion of outbuilding to dwelling at Worton Hall, Worton.

6.2      R/52/242A – Listed Building Consent for conversion of outbuilding to dwelling at Worton Hall, Worton

Councillors had been informed of these applications prior to the meeting in order to have a chance to study the plans etc. The application is for the conversion of an outbuilding on the roadside, near Worton Hall, to allow Cllr Tennant and his wife to downsize when required and to meet potential future medical needs.

Councillors had no objection to the application. They believed it would enhance the village and hoped that the development went well.

The Clerk informed councillors that whilst checking the YDNPA planning portal she had become aware of some applications that had not been sent to her direct. These included conditions to the application relating to new properties behind the Rose & Crown in Bainbridge (R/52/238) and an application for Binjy Cottage, Worton (R52/14E), householder planning permission for conversion of an integral garage to snug and external alterations to existing porch entrance.

The Clerk issued details of these applications for councillors to examine. There were no objections or comments to submit.

Cllr Kettlewell reported that he had contacted the YDNPA Planning Department in respect of developments taking place at Wood End, Raydaleside. They confirmed there is an application currently under consideration. RESOLVED: CLERK to look into this and circulate details of the application to Councillors.

  1. Planning Decisions

The Clerk reported that she had not been sent any decisions on planning applications and is now resorting to checking the portal to obtain these.

7.1 R/52/238 – Response from YDNPA to Attend MeetingAfter the last meeting, a second letter had been sent to David Butterworth asking him, or a member of the Planning staff, to attend the Parish Council meeting to explain the justification for passing the application to develop five new homes to the rear of the Rose & Crown in Bainbridge. A response had been received, once again declining the invitation, and this had been circulated to councillors. It was noted that this was extremely disappointing.

  1. Highways Matters

8.1 Incorrect Road Markings at Stalling BuskCllr Kettlewell reported that the road markings had not been re-located to their correct position. However, he did report that the re­surfacing had been completed but was a really poor job. A highways inspector had been out to look at the work and had agreed it was very poor, but there has been no further news on whether it is to be rectified. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Highways to investigate and to chase re-location of road markings.

Cllr Kettlewell also advised that there would be a six month closure of Marsett Lane from 1st November in order to repair an 80m stretch of the track by laying concrete blocks. The work is being undertaken by Peter Iveson. Cllr Kettlewell suggested this information should be added to the Parish Council website. RESOLVED: CLERK to request this information be included on the website.

Cllr Kettlewell raised another issue with roadside drains which need clearing or repairing. There are three highlighted – one near Busk Lane (where there is a collapsed culvert); one near Semerdale and another at the top of Duck Hill, just below the bench. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Highways to request a site visit which CLLR KETTLEWELL will accompany.

8.2 Motorcycle IssuesThe Clerk has asked for an update from Richard Fletcher following his meeting with councillors earlier in the year but, to date, nothing has been forthcoming. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Fletcher again for an update.

8.3 White Posts Along Roadside Above Play AreaAs Cllr Y Peacock was not at the meeting, there was no update on the situation. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to contact Steve Barker to arrange a site meeting to discuss options and feedback to the Parish Council.

  1. Financial Matters

9.1     The following invoices were approved for payment:-

  • Mrs K Prudden – £221.86 – Clerk’s Salary for September (paid)
  • John Ogbourne – £220.00 – Website hosting 1.8.21 – 31.7.22
  • Mrs K Prudden – £88.00 – Work relating to two interments
  • Mrs K Prudden – £221.86 – Clerk’s salary for October
  • John Banks – £200.00 – Grass cutting and trimming at Cemetery in September and October
  • Mrs K Prudden – £7.92 – Purchase of stamps for postage
  • M J Metcalfe – £810.00 – Fitting of new posts on village green
  • H Metcalfe & Son – £76.30 – Repairs & fuel for village mower & alteration to donation box
  • Playdale Playgrounds Ltd – £4,517.08 – Deposit on new play equipment
  • Dave Alderson – £200.00 – Repainting of posts and chains
  • Royal British Legion – £25 – Donation for Remembrance Wreath

9.2     The following income was acknowledged:-

  • £365.00 – Richard Sanderson – Interment fees for J Parrington
  • £110.00 – Alderson Family – Interment fees for L Alderson

The Clerk confirmed that she would arrange to empty the donation boxes before the end of the year.

9.3     Bank Balances

The bank balances as at 2nd November were noted as follows:-

Unity Current Account £10,432.20
Instant Access Account £10,887.56 (ring fenced)
Instant Access Account £5,160.09


9.4 Parish Precept 2021-2022The Clerk had received notification that the Council needed

to decide upon the Parish Precept for the next financial year. This has been set at £6,510 for the past two years and councillors discussed whether it was appropriate to increase it at this time. Given that the last increase had been significant to reflect the situation of maintenance in the Parish and the potential need to extend the Cemetery, combined with the difficult economic situation, Cllr Kettlewell proposed that the Precept remain at £6,510 for the next financial year. This was seconded by Cllr Percival and agreed by all. RESOLVED: CLERK to complete the paperwork and confirm this decision to Richmondshire District Council by 7th January 2022.

  1. Correspondence

10.1 Mid-North Yorkshire CABA letter had been received indicating that over the past year the CAB had assisted 13 people in the parish, mainly with enquiries about benefits and tax credits. They were seeking support for the services. Councillors discussed this but did not feel in a position to assist this year.

10.2 Removal of Trees in BainbridgeThe Clerk had been notified by the YDNPA of the intention to remove one holly and crown raise one elm, one sycamore and one birch tree at Stocks House, Bainbridge. The YDNPA had no objection to this work taking place within the next two years. Councillors also had no objection.

10.3 ’20’s Plenty’ CampaignThe Clerk informed the Council of this campaign , aiming to replace 30mph speed limits with 20 mph speed limits on all urban and village roads where people live, work, shop, play and learn across North Yorkshire. Councillors discussed the proposal but did not believe there was a major problem of speeding in the parish (with the exception of motorcycles) and questioned how this would be policed should it be implemented. Councillors would be happy to support a 20mph limit outside the primary school, but given its location, it was quite difficult to go much faster anyway. RESOLVED not to support this campaign.

10.4 ‘Craft Connect’The Clerk had received an email from Rural Arts North Yorkshire detailing this project which is offering the Parish Council the opportunity buy Craft Connect packs for £16.95. These are craft workshops in a pack, delivered to the door to assist those suffering with loneliness, particularly at this time of year. Councillors decided not to get involved in this project, feeling there were other local organisations better placed to take this on.

10.5 Election for New Police, Fire & Crime CommissionerThe Clerk advised councillors that the election for this position is to take place on Thursday 25th November. There are five candidates.

  1. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes

11.1 Replacement of the Posts & ChainsThis project has now been completed and is a marked improvement. Grant funding has been allocated from the YDNPA Sustainable Development Fund and the Clerk will now process the paperwork to claim this but requires evidence of funding being received from other sources. £300 has already been donated by the Millennium Committee. Once the project is complete and the grant funding has been received, Cllr Peacock will arrange for press coverage. RESOLVED: CLERK to complete SDF grant application paperwork to claim the grant monies. CLLRS PERCIVAL and TENNANT to seek funding from the Lords Trustees (together with a letter to evidence this).

11.2 Play Equipment GrantThe Clerk had confirmed the order to Playdale for the new equipment and advised councillors that she had just received all the paperwork regarding the installation, planned for week commencing 6th December. It now transpires that there are conditions and costs associated with this which were previously unknown. These include providing a ground survey to demonstrate there are no underground pipeworts likely to cause problems to the fixing of the equipment. The Clerk had followed guidance to obtain this report but had found it extremely difficult and not very helpful. Councillors checked the response and believed that it suggested there was nothing underground to cause a problem for the installation. Additional costs of £338 will be made to bring a skip to site; £218 will be charged to provide a welfare unit and £422 for a container to store equipment in during the installation. Councillors were shocked to find all this out at this stage and disappointed at the additional costs. They agreed to try and find alternatives to a skip and believed that with public toilets on site there was no need for a welfare unit. It is, however, likely that there would need to be secure overnight storage for the equipment. RESOLVED: CLERK to complete paperwork and respond to Playdale as required. CLLR PEACOCK to speak to Mr Metcalfe regarding a trailer for waste. CLERK to make payment of the deposit of £4,517.08 to Playdale.

11.3 Grass Cutting on Bainbridge Village GreenCllr Peacock advised that Cllr Brown had established that his home insurance provides cover for him to use the village mower as a volunteer, and he is happy to continue to do so for the time being. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to speak with John Banks to enquire if he would be interested in quoting for the work in the future.

11.4 Insurance of the Village MowerGiven the information from Cllr Brown, Councillors were happy to leave the situation as it is. RESOLVED: Not to pursue insurance for the. Mower at this point in time.

11.5 Dog Waste BinsThe Clerk advised that she has been unable to obtain a response from anyone at the YDNPA in respect of the placement of a new bin in the car park at Yoredale. Discussion took place on alternative sites for a new bin, but it was decided to leave this for the time being. RESOLVED: To monitor the position and consider again if needed.

11.6 New Recycling Bin in BainbridgeIn the past few weeks a new, large recycling and waste bin has appeared at the play area. The Clerk has been in contact with RDC regarding this and has been informed that it has been placed in the village following a grant they received. Unfortunately, no discussion took place with the Parish Council prior to the arrival of the new bin and it subsequently transpired that one of the old-style waste bins was removed in exchange for the new bin. Discussions have been ongoing between the Clerk and RDC regarding the position of the bin which has caused concern for many reasons. Complaints have been received from residents about the bin (it’s size, location and the need for it). Over the first weekend following its placement, a significant amount of broken glass was found to be lying by the bin in the play area, following which the Clerk requested it be re-located to a site near the old School House. However, RDC undertook a site visit and deemed this location inappropriate due to the sloping nature of the ground. Councillors discussed the new bin and the fact that, amongst the other complaints, it does not indicate that it accepts dog waste, unlike the bin that it replaced. Given that this is the primary issue in the village, the new bin was therefore deemed inappropriate. Concerns were also raised at the possibility of the bin being used by holiday cottage visitors to recycle their waste, resulting in bags of additional waste left beside the bin. Mrs Cloughton said that with no other recycling facilities in the village, perhaps the bin should be retained but in a more appropriate location. The Clerk pointed out that there were recycling facilities in the village, located at the village school. However, it was noted that the signage had been removed recently and this was therefore possibly not well-known amongst visitors and new residents. Now that the school grounds are fenced off, it was not deemed to be an issue if these bins were used during school hours as they are sited at the roadside edge of the car park. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact RDC to request the removal of the new bin and the reinstatement of the old bin beside the public toilets. CLERK to contact the school to request clear signage be placed on the bins indicating that they are a community recycling facility.

11.7 Christmas TreeIt was agreed that, once again, a Christmas tree would be ordered from Mr Fawcett to be placed at its usual location on Bainbridge Village Green. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Fawcett to order a tree.

  1. Cemetery

12.1 Maintenance IssuesCllr Percival confirmed that the work to repair the boundary wall was ongoing. No other maintenance issues were reported. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to continue with repairs to the boundary wall.

12.2 RemembranceThe Clerk confirmed that she had ordered a wreath from the Royal British Legion for the Cemetery. RESOLVED: CLLR PEACOCK will place the wreath at the new War Memorial in the Cemetery on 11th November. CLERK will send a donation of £25 to the Royal British Legion for the wreath.

  1. Vote to Exclude the Public to Allow Discussion in Private Session

Cllr Peacock proposed that members of the public be excluded from the remainder of the meeting to allow discussion on the proposed extension to Bainbridge Cemetery. This was seconded by Cllr Percival. The member of the public present, left the meeting.

  1. Proposed Extension to Bainbridge Cemetery

Discussions on this matter are recorded as a Confidential Minute.

  1. Vote to Move out of Private Session

Cllr Kettlewell proposed that the meeting return to public session. This was seconded by Cllr Percival.

  1. Agenda Items

Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th January 2022 at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge.

Signed as a True Record: ………………………………………….  Date: …………………..