Cllr James Peacock (Chair) Cllr Thomas Tennant
Cllr Darren Percival Cllr Brian Brown
Cllr Derek Kettlewell Cllr Yvonne Peacock (RDC & NYCC Cllr)
Karen Prudden (Clerk)
Mr D Ballinger (Resident) Mrs R Cloughton (Resident)
Mrs Miriam Cloughton (Resident) Pat & John Bumby (Residents)
David & Marilyn Beveridge (Residents) Howard Maltby & Christine Wallace (Residents)
1. The Chairman reminded everyone of the rights to record the meeting, although it was not
being recorded by the Parish Council. Mr Ballinger confirmed that he would be recording the
2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
Apologies were offered from Michael & Jane de Swiet and Maureen Orme.
3. Declarations of Interest
None were registered.
4. Minutes of the Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 18th May had been circulated to all Councillors. Cllr
Kettlewell said that when he had ‘expressed dismay’ at the sign being in the wrong place he
was not referring to the one at the end of the Stake Road, and asked that this be noted.
Subject to this, Cllr Percival proposed the Minutes be adopted as an accurate record of
proceedings and this was seconded by Cllr Kettlewell. The Minutes were signed by the
5. Ongoing Matters
5.1 Meeting with Rishi Sunak MP – All Councillors (with the exception of Cllr Percival) had
met with Rishi Sunak MP on 18th June and had a very constructive discussion. Matters
raised were the management of the travellers visit to Bainbridge, concerns over the
service being provided by the Central Dales Practice, the Yorkshire Dales National Park
Authority Planning Department and Council Tax in Richmondshire. The Clerk had
prepared notes from this meeting which had been circulated to Councillors. The
Councillors were grateful for the opportunity to raise these matters with Mr Sunak and
would await his responses in due course. RESOLVED: CLERK to liaise with Mr Sunak’s
office, providing further information as requested and to circulate responses when received.
5.2 Travellers Visit for the Appleby Horse Fair 2021 – The Horse Fair has now been re-arranged
to 12th August and it is expected that there will be travellers stopping in Bainbridge en
route. Councillors had invited Cllr Threlfall from Scorton Parish Council to the meeting
1with Rishi Sunak and had subsequently received an invitation to a recent meeting of
Scorton Parish Council to discuss the situation further. Unfortunately, no councillor was
available to attend but all were keen that a consistent plan for management of the visit
be made which would be supported by the Police. Mr Ballinger noted that under recently
approved legislation, trespass will be a criminal offence, enforceable by the Police. Cllr
Y Peacock suggested that the Lords Trustees should erect signs stating that the village
green was ‘Private Land’. Mr M Scarr has recently sent a letter to the Chief Constable
and Rishi Sunak MP on behalf of the Lords Trustees expressing their concern over the
travellers visit. RESOLVED: CLERK to await response from Rishi Sunak’s office on the way
forward and circulate details to Councillors.
5.3 Creation of New Footpath Beside Riverdale, Bainbridge – Cllr J Peacock explained that
Cllr Y Peacock will seek funding of £1,00 towards this project from her Locality Fund.
It is likely, however, that a new contractor will be required to undertake the project.
RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK will enquire if the original contractor can still undertake
the work and, if not, will seek a new contractor for the project.
5.4 New Information Board for Bainbridge Village Green – The Clerk has now received a draft
of the new information board which will be located at the stocks on the village green.
This has been circulated to Councillors for their approval. YDNPA would like to try and
date the photograph on the board and, following inspection, it was suggested that this
was probably taken some time in the 1950’s. The Clerk has asked YDNPA to advise her
when the new board is to be sited and she will then arrange for removal of the old
board. RESOLVED: CLERK to liaise with YDNPA to date photograph and arrange
removal of old sign.
6. Planning Applications
None received.
7. Planning Decisions
None received.
R/52/238 – Land to the Rear of the Rose & Crown, Bainbridge – Mrs Cloughton asked if
Councillors had read the Flood Report attached to this application on the YDNPA Planning
Portal. She expressed concern and asked if the Parish Council could request that someone
from the YDNPA attend a Parish Council meeting to explain their decision to approve this
application. It was explained that a request had been made previously, but had been declined
by the Chief Executive. The matter has now been passed to Rishi Sunak MP to investigate,
alongside other planning concerns.
8. Highways Matters
8.1 Road Markings Near Bainbridge Village Hall – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had
contacted Ian Beighton to ask him to check the new road markings which did not appear
to be in line with the draft plan sent to Councillors. Mr Beighton had subsequently
visited the site and responded to the Clerk that the plan had been a very rough drawing
but that on site, it had become clear that there was room for an additional car parking
space to the right of the Village Hall door. This had therefore been created as part of the
work. Discussion took place on whether the road markings had alleviated the issue of
2parking in the area and it was generally agreed that there was little improvement.
Councillors asked the Clerk to contact Mr Beighton to request that the hatched areas be
re-painted in yellow, which is enforceable by law (unlike the white hatchings).
RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Beighton to request yellow hatchings instead of
8.2 Incorrect Road Markings at Stalling Busk – Cllr Kettlewell confirmed that the road
markings had not yet been re-located but as the road is due to be re-surfaced this week,
it is expected that the markings will be placed in the correct location on completion of
this work. RESOLVED: CLLR KETTLEWELL to monitor the situation.
8.3 Meeting with North Yorkshire Police – Cllrs J Peacock, Brown and Y Peacock, along with
the Clerk, had met with Richard Fletcher, Acting Traffic Bureau Manager at North
Yorkshire Police, on 27th May to discuss the problems of motorcycles in the area. The
meeting had been very useful and Councillors had explained the problems of speeding
motorcycles through Bainbridge as well as the noise from fast accelerating bikes leaving
the village. It was suggested that Richard re-assesses the sites for the speed camera
vehicles on the A684 on both sides of the village, but particularly on the Hawes side
where it was suggested the camera needs to be sited nearer the village to prevent the
fast acceleration. Discussions also took place on a possible Police roadshow in the
village on a Sunday morning when motorcyclists could be stopped and their vehicles
checked to ensure they were road legal, particularly in respect of noise. Councillors
stressed that it would be important that this took place on a Sunday as that is generally
the worst day for the problems. Councillors suggested speed bumps on the road may
alleviate some of the problems, but it was not felt this was an appropriate response. It
was noted that for the duration of the meeting, motorcycles passing through the village
were doing so with consideration to the speed limit. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to
contact Richard Fletcher for an update on the situation.
8.4 Signage at Stalling Busk – The issue of vehicles entering and then trying to leave Stalling
Busk had caused considerable concern recently, with the Clerk being contacted by
residents over their worries. Cllr Kettlewell confirmed that he had been in touch with
North Yorkshire Highways Department in respect of the signage following the last
meeting. The Clerk had been in regular contact with Mr Beighton about the signs and
initially, Highways had erected a ‘No Through Road’ sign at the end of the Stake Road,
prior to entering the village, to allow vehicles to turn. However, it was then discovered
that the legal status of Marsett Lane is such that this new sign was illegal and could have
resulted in a legal challenge to Highways. Consequently, they removed the sign and
offered alternative solutions to the problem. Cllr Kettlewell confirmed that he had now
seen the design for the new sign which will read ‘Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles 1/4 Mile
Ahead’. This will be mounted on the post at the end of the stake road, and is expected
to be fitted in the next two-three weeks. Discussion took place with examples of the
problems experienced by residents offered. Other signage was discussed but it was
pointed out by the Chairman that the Highways Department are responsible for the
roads and signage and they have to act within the law, only erecting signs that are
legally correct. The Parish Council is unable to take any action in this respect. The
Chairman asked those residents present if they were happy with the current proposals
and all replied that they were. It was acknowledged that there was an issue with large
3motorhomes entering the village and finding that they had to turn around in very
confined spaces, but it was agreed to wait and see what effect the new signage has on
this. If the problem continues, it will be looked at again, although it was believed that a
lot of these vehicles would be using satnav for direction, which clearly is not helpful.
RESOLVED: CLLR KETTLEWELL to monitor the situation following erection of the new
8.5 White Lines Opposite Riverdale, Bainbridge – Cllr Y Peacock confirmed that she had
reported this problem to Highways Department. It is expected that the lines will be
reinstated upon completion of re-surfacing of the road. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK
to monitor the situation.
9. Financial Matters
9.1 The following invoices were approved for payment:-
➢ J Parfitt Plumbing & Heating Ltd – £38.40 – Report to leaking tap in Cemetery
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £221.86 – Clerk’s Salary for June
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £20.00 – Work relating to the reservation of a grave space for Mr B
➢ Mr J Banks – £300.00 – Grass Cutting in the Cemetery – May & June
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £44.00 – Work relating to the burial of Mr J Parrington
➢ H Metcalfe & Son – £353.00 – Mower Repairs & Fuel
➢ Came & Company – £332.31 – Amendment to Insurance Policy
9.2 The following income was acknowledged:-
➢ Mr P Chambers – £645.00 – Fees for Burial of Mrs A Chambers
➢ Mr B Brown – £55.00 – Grave Reservation Fee
9.3 Bank Balances
The bank balances as at 6th July were noted as follows:-
Unity Current Account £11,884.31
Instant Access Account £10,887.56 (ring fenced)
Instant Access Account £5,160.09
Bank statements for April, May and June 2021, together with the current balances of
the newly opened savings accounts, were signed by the Chairman.
9.4 New Unity Trust Bank Accounts
The Clerk confirmed that she had just received confirmation from Unity Trust Bank that
the process to add new signatories to the recently opened account had been completed.
This means that all Councillors are now signatories on the accounts. Likewise, the
process to open two deposit accounts has been completed and the relevant funds
transferred into them, as they were at HSBC. The only outstanding matter is that the
new card to allow cash to be paid in through the Post Office has not been received,
apparently due to Covid. RESOLVED: CLERK to chase Unity Trust for the Post Office
410. Correspondence
10.1 Northern Power Grid Work in Worton – The Clerk had circulated a letter from Northern
Power Grid to Councillors advising that work would be undertaken to ‘refurbish the
existing low voltage overhead power lines at Worton, including the replacement of the
existing aged poles and removal of some assets within the village’. Councillors declined
the opportunity of a site meeting. Cllr Tennant confirmed that no work had yet been
10.2 Letter from Residents of Stalling Busk – The Clerk had received a letter from Mr Maltby &
Ms Wallace of Busk House expressing their concern over vehicles entering and turning
in the village and those attempting to access Marsett and Semerwater via Marsett Lane.
This had been circulated to Councillors and a response issued advising that this was in
the hands of NY Highways Department.
10.3 Email from Resident of Stalling Busk – The Clerk had received a telephone call from Ms
Carey, a resident of Stalling Busk, expressing concern over the amount of vehicles
entering the village, the speed of some and the fact that many turned around trying to
get out. The Clerk advised that this matter was already under investigation through
North Yorkshire Highways Department. Ms Carey also expressed concern at the lack of
signage for the ford on Marsett Lane, but it was not deemed necessary to have a sign
warning of this.
10.4 Common Land & Village Green Registration – Following the last meeting, Mr Ballinger
had kindly undertaken work to ascertain the extent of common land and village green
within the Parish. He had obtained an extensive range of maps detailing this which
had been passed to the Clerk for safe-keeping, who was grateful for Mr Ballinger’s
efforts in this regard.
Cllr Kettlewell said that he apologised if anyone thought he had been spreading
rumours around the community and Mr Ballinger accepted his apology. Cllr Kettlewell
had been attempting to find the resident who had raised the initial concern but had
been unsuccessful. He asked that in future anyone with any issues contact him directly
in his role as Councillor for the village. He went on to acknowledge all the work that
Mr Ballinger had done to establish the nature of the land in the Parish.
Cllr Kettlewell stated that in the meeting held on 7th September 2016, Mr Ballinger
had mentioned that there were two properties up for sale and recommended that the
Clerk seek maps to clarify the ownership of land adjacent to these properties prior to
sale. On 2nd November 2016, Jane Applegarth from the County Records Office had
confirmed that there was no village green in Countersett, Stalling Busk or Marsett, but
that there was common land registered. The Parish Council had subsequently
discussed the issue of registering the land but had decided that the cost was
Cllr Kettlewell has now presented maps to all the residents and none have raised any
objections to ownership. However, he had noticed that Strutt & Parker were currently
marketing Hill Top Farm and their particulars state an ‘area of gravel terrace to the side
of the property with space for parking of multiple vehicles’ which is actually shown as
common land on the maps. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Strutt & Parker to request
they remove reference to this piece of land which is not owned by the property owners.
5Cllr Percival said it was not unusual for such things to happen but that it was important
that any land known to be common land remains that way. Mr Ballinger pointed out
that the Parish Council had a duty to protect this land. He also explained that it takes
twelve years to establish ‘adverse possession’ through unauthorised encroachment on
common land and that the Parish Council should do all they can to avoid this and to
protect the land for future generations. Mrs Cloughton said that now all residents had
a copy of the map, this would be useful in the future and any issues could be raised
immediately with the Parish Council.
Mr Ballinger explained that unless the land is formally registered to the Parish Council,
it is not definitively theirs. However, once they are the registered title holder with the
Land Registry then that is absolute and cannot be disputed. He believed it cost around
£250 to undertake this registration. RESOLVED: CLERK to make enquiries in respect of
the cost of registration.
10.5 The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – 2022 will see the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen’s
accession to the throne. There is to be a national weekend of celebrations from
Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June with a ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’ taking place on Sunday
5th and beacons being lit on Thursday 2nd June. The Clerk suggested that the Parish
Council may wish to start thinking about how to mark this special event. Cllr Y
Peacock reported that during the meeting with Rishi Sunak, he was asked to mention
this to Inspector Gee because it is likely to coincide with the visit of the travellers on
their way to Appleby. It is to be hoped that a celebration could be held for the entire
Parish but in order to do so, it would be necessary to ensure that the travellers are not
visiting at the time. RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK to plan a separate meeting to
discuss plans in the autumn.
10.6 Amendments to the Parish Council Insurance Policy – During recent communications with
Came & Co regarding the Parish Council Insurance Policy, it came to light that there has
been no previous cover for the zip wire and play area. The Clerk immediately referred
this matter to the Chairman and it was agreed that this must be rectified immediately.
Consequently, the policy has been amended to include Public Liability for these items
(but not replacement cover). Unfortunately, this has had an impact on the cost of the
policy, although the insurance company have not levied a penalty fee for non-disclosure
of this previously. The additional cost is £332.31. Councillors agreed that there was no
choice in this matter as it was essential to have such insurance on a high risk area.
RESOLVED: CLERK to forward additional payment to Came & Company.
10.7 Safer Roads Flood Warning System – The Clerk had circulated information received
advising that work was starting at the end of June on the new flood warning system for
the A684. Cllr Y Peacock explained that green tanks would be located at the worst
flood points with signage placed at strategic locations along the road. When the tanks
filled with water, they would trigger the signs to flash as vehicles approached them.
Any vehicle then pursuing into the flood water would invalidate their insurance cover,
should their vehicle be damaged. The signs will be approximately 12’ high and solar
powered but they would only flash as vehicles approached. This would alleviate the
problems currently experienced with signage not put out in time and also not removed
6once the flood water has receded. Cllr Tennant reported that the tanks that have
already been placed in Worton ‘bottoms’ are not in the right place as they will never see
any flood water! Cllr Y Peacock advised Councillors that they had been issued with
maps indicating the sites of the tanks and signs and that no-one had objected.
10.8 RDC Local Plan 2018-2039 – Cllr Y Peacock confirmed that no action was necessary by
the parish Council.
11. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes
11.1 Replacement of the Posts & Chains – Cllr Percival confirmed that some of the new posts
had been installed. However, Cllr J Peacock was concerned that this was taking a long
time and asked Cllr Percival to ensure that the work was completed as soon as possible,
especially as complaints had been received about the untidy state of the village. In
respect of the roadside white posts, Cllr Y Peacock confirmed that the price Deborah
Flowers had previously quoted for their replacement was incorrect. However, as they
are wooden posts, they would clearly not act as a retainer in the event of a car veering
off the roadside and would not be replaced in the same format. She agreed to contact
NY Highways for options in respect of their replacement now that they show signs of
being at the end of their life. Cllr Percival reported that the whole area of retaining wall
running alongside the road above the play area was moving and could potentially be at
risk of collapse in due course. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to contact NY Highways
Department to discuss replacement options for the roadside posts and to seek advice on the
retaining wall.
11.2 Play Equipment Grant – The Clerk reported that, following a visit to the play area, Cllr J
Peacock and herself had put together a proposal to apply for some of the grant funding
available from RDC for play equipment. The grant will not fund repair work and
therefore it had been agreed to apply for four new swing seats, two new goalposts and
a new ‘team swing’ which can be used by children with disabilities. The Clerk
confirmed that she had completed and submitted the grant application but had received
a response requesting three quotes for the equipment, which was proving extremely
difficult, particularly as we are looking to add to an existing scheme. RESOLVED:
CLERK to obtain two additional quotes for these items and submit to RDC. Cllr Y Peacock
to mention this to RDC as an obstacle in seeking the funding.
11.3 Football Pitch – The Clerk reported that she had recently received several
communications from local residents concerned that the children’s football pitch was to
be moved from its current location on the village green. It appears these concerns came
about after complaints made by nearby residents of mis-use of the area and noise late at
night. Cllr Y Peacock explained that the Village Green Act states that village green land
is ‘for the enjoyment of the public’ and there are regular mentions of football being
played on such land in the Act. All councillors confirmed that there was no intention to
remove or re-locate the football pitch as it was a part of the life of an active village. It is
ideally situated on the flat part of the village green and is near to the play area,
allowing parents to have children playing at both whilst still in sight. It was deemed
very unsafe to have one play area on a different part of the village green, with children
having to cross the busy road to access one area. Mrs Cloughton said that if teenagers
had been seen making use of the pitch, that must be good as there are few
opportunities for teenagers to occupy themselves outside the home. All councillors
7expressed their delight at seeing children out playing rather than sitting in front of
computer screens.
11.4 Repairs to Benches – It has come to light that, unfortunately, the Parish Council had been
misinformed in respect of the person repairing benches in Bainbridge. Consequently,
Councillors wished to express their apologies as well as their gratitude to Mr Neil
McNair and Mrs Roxy Cloughton who have undertaken this work. Their efforts have
been much appreciated. RESOLVED: CLERK to write to Mr McNair and Mrs Cloughton
to thank them for their work and apologise for the misunderstanding.
11.5 Insuring the Village Mower – The Clerk reported that she was no further forward on this
matter until a decision had been made in respect of the mowing of the village green.
RESOLVED: CLERK to follow-up insurance of the mower once a decision has been taken
on grass cutting of the village green.
11.6 Future of Grass Cutting on Bainbridge Village Green – The Clerk reported that she had
struggled to find any local contractors to approach in respect of quoting for cutting the
village green. She had contacted other local councils and received some names but was
aware of the distance that some may travel which would add to the cost. RESOLVED:
CLERK to follow-up contacts to seek quotes for the cutting of the village green.
11.7 Litter in the Play Area – The Clerk had received an email from Mr and Mrs McNair to say
they were concerned at the amount of litter around the play area which appeared to be
coming from local children using the facility. It had previously been reported that
damage had recently occurred to the goalposts and to a picnic bench, again by local
children. There had also been concern over damage to cars parked on the track. Cllr Y
Peacock pointed out that the track was actually part of the village green and, as such,
no-one should be parking there without the permission of the Lords Trustees. It was
acknowledged that all this behaviour was very disappointing and suggested that the
local schools be advised in order to encourage children to respect their locality.
RESOLVED: CLERK to contact the local primary schools to seek assistance in enforcing the
message to respect the local community.
11.8 Dog Waste Bin – The Clerk had just received notification from RDC that the crew
emptying the dog waste bins this week had noticed that the bin at the play area was
now no longer fit for purpose and needed replacing. The cost of replacement (£130
plus £47 for installation) would fall to the Parish Council. There was confusion over
which bin was referred to and it was suggested that the recently installed waste bins
were now also able to take dog waste. RESOLVED: CLERK to check all the bins and if
the waste bins state ‘dog waste’, advise RDC that no replacement dog bin is required.
Instead, the Parish Council would prefer a new bin to be sited at the YDNPA car park (Cllr
Y Peacock has re-applied for a new bin, dependent on the emptying route.)
12. Cemetery
12.1 Maintenance Issues – Thanks were expressed to Cllr Brown who had recently fitted a
lock to the Sexton’s hut. Repairs to the boundary walls are ongoing with Cllr Percival,
when time permits. Dave Alderson has started re-painting the railings. RESOLVED:
CLLR PERCIVAL to continue with repairs to the boundary wall.
12.2 Public Meeting to Discuss an Extension to the Cemetery – It will not be possible to hold a
meeting until such time as Covid restrictions permit. This item will remain on the
Agenda until that point. RESOLVED: CLERK to include this item on the Agenda for
future meetings to ensure that a Public Meeting is arranged as soon as practical.
813. Agenda Items
Feedback from Rishi Sunak MP on Issues Raised by Councillors
Public Meeting to Discuss an Extension to the Cemetery
Feedback on Travellers’ Visit
Update on Highways Issues
Cutting of the Village Green
14. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th September 2021, hopefully at Sycamore
Hall, Bainbridge.
Signed as a True Record: ……………………………….. Date: …………………………………
Name: ……………………………………………………………