Draft Minutes Of Meeting Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Cllr James Peacock (Chair) Cllr Thomas Tennant
Cllr Darren Percival Cllr Brian Brown
Cllr Yvonne Peacock (RDC & NYCC Cllr) Karen Prudden (Clerk)
Mr D Ballinger (Resident) Mrs R Cloughton (Resident)
1. The Chairman reminded everyone of the rights to record the meeting, although it was not
being recorded by the Parish Council.
2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
Cllr D Kettlewell offered his apologies as he was unable to access ‘Zoom’.
3. Declarations of Interest
None were registered.
4. Minutes of the Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd November 2020 had been circulated to Councillors. Cllr
Tennant proposed that they be adopted as an accurate record of the meeting and this was
seconded by Cllr Brown. The Minutes will be signed by the Chairman after the meeting. It
was noted that the meeting arranged for 5th January 2021 had been cancelled at the last
minute due to the national lockdown coming into force.
5. Ongoing Matters
5.1 Meeting with Rishi Sunak MP – The Clerk advised that the re-arranged date of 22nd
January for this meeting had obviously been cancelled due to the third national
lockdown. As a consequence the Clerk is due to contact Mr Sunak’s office during March
to re-arrange again. However, it was agreed that this meeting should not be re-arranged
until we know if the Appleby Horse Fair will take place this year as this is clearly the
main purpose for the meeting. RESOLVED: CLERK to monitor the situation regarding
the Horse Fair and, if necessary, liaise with Mr Sunak’s office for a new date for the meeting
and a constituency surgery in Bainbridge.
5.2 Improvement to the Stocks Area on Bainbridge Village Green – Following an application to
the Area Partnership Fund, a grant of £900 had been awarded towards the cost of the
project. The Clerk has been liaising with Karen Griffiths at YDNPA in respect of the
design of the new information board and she has now indicated that she will be able to
cover the entire cost of this from her own fund (£1,200). The design and wording for
this board is still awaited. A quote has been received from M & G Hire of £95 for the
removal of the old information board and safe placement of the new one. All councillors
were in agreement to accept this quote and instruct M & G to undertake the work when
the new board was ready. As a consequence, the Clerk suggested it was inappropriate to
accept the £900 grant from the Area Partnership and councillors agreed. RESOLVED:
CLERK to contact RDC to decline the grant of £900, explaining why and to liaise with
Karen Griffiths at YDNPA re design/wording of the new board and timescale for delivery.
RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK to speak to M & G Hire to agree to their quote.
5.3 Creation of New Footpath Beside Riverdale, Bainbridge – Cllr J Peacock explained that
events had conspired against this project. Funding of £931 from the Area Partnership
Fund had been awarded in 2019 but due to Covid, numerous lockdowns, poor weather
and workload of the appointed contractor it had not been possible to complete the
project before the deadline of 31st March 2021. Consequently, it will not be possible to
claim this funding. Cllr Y Peacock stressed the importance of this pathway to allow safe
access to the school and she suggested that the Parish Council seek funding from her
Locality Fund when the next scheme launches after April. If this is successful, it should
allow the opportunity to undertake the work during the summer months when the
weather is better. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact RDC to decline the grant and explain
why. CLERK to provide a copy of the contractor’s quote for the work to the Chairman.
5.4 Proposed Re-Surfacing of the Track to the Toilets – In November the Chairman had met
with a representative from A E Duffield & Sons to discuss the re-surfacing of this track
which crosses the village green and provides access to two residential properties.
Following the meeting, a quote had been received from Duffields totalling £8,935.10 to
include the excavation of the track, install edgings to the two properties’ access and lay
a 60mm thickness of dense binder and a 30mm thickness of close graded surface. This
quote was valid for one month. Discussion took place on the proposal to undertake this
work and it was agreed that the cost was currently prohibitive. It is believed that the
track is the responsibility of the Lords Trustees with the owners of the two residential
properties having a right of access over it. Grant funding of £700 has been received
towards this project but clearly this leaves a considerable shortfall. Following the last
meeting, when the two residents attended, one of them has undertaken some remedial
work on the track outside the entrance to their property. Cllr Brown expressed concern
that if the track were to be laid with tarmac it would be a never-ending problem to
maintain this. Following discussion, councillors agreed that short term repairs would
be undertaken to lay some hardcore to fill the potholes and future work would depend
upon the funds available to the Council. RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK to contact Mr P
Metcalfe to discuss the proposal to lay hardcore to the potholes and establish the cost of
this work.
5.5 Flooding Meeting – A meeting had taken place on 24th February via ‘Zoom’ involving
Parish Councillors, representatives from NYCC Flood Risk Management Department and
a representative from WSP (instructed to undertake a research project into flood risk in
both Swaledale and Wensleydale). This project is being paid for from funding resulting
from the extreme flooding in Swaledale in 2019. The meeting had been very
informative and Councillors were shown slides highlighting the areas in Bainbridge
considered to be at risk, or extreme risk, of flooding in the future. In the main, the work
is focussing on two particular areas, The Crescent and Sycamore Hall, both of which are
considered to be at risk due to surface water flooding. It was noted that the information
provided confirmed the view of Councillors that the flood risk in the main comes from
surface water flow from fields above and behind Sycamore Hall and the YDNPA offices.
Culverts are being investigated and proposals to address the issue could include the rerouting and/or widening of culverts. Other solutions being considered are natural flood
management which involves the planting of trees to slow the surface water flow as well
as property level resilience measures which involve flood-proofing of doors, installing air
brick covers and water-proofing walls of properties at threat. Other options could
involve the creation of ponds, flood walls and attenuation basins in fields. All of these
proposals, together with details of the areas studied for the project will be included in a
report to be produced once all the investigative work has been completed. At this stage,
no land owners have been contacted and no practical issues in respect of the
deliverability of any of the possible options have been considered or costed. Councillors
had found the meeting extremely helpful and likewise the NYCC representatives had
appreciated the local history that they received during the meeting. They will continue
to liaise with the Parish Council and the report will be issued in due course. It was noted
that the fields behind the Rose & Crown pub were highlighted as being at high risk of
flooding and yet the YDNPA have recently passed a planning application to build five
new houses on the field. This decision was questioned.

6. Planning Applications
6.1 R/52/234 & R/52/235 – Semergarth, Worton – Full planning permission for conversion
and extension of barn to form one dwelling for local occupancy or holiday let and full
planning permission for sub-division of existing dwelling to create two dwellings (one
for local occupancy or holiday let). Councillors had not wished to submit any
comments in respect of these applications and the outcome was currently awaited.
6.2 R/52/239 – Raydale Cottage, Stalling Busk – Householder planning permission for
erection of lean-to domestic workshop. The Clerk had discussed this application with
Cllr Kettlewell who had expressed no concerns. No comments were submitted. The
outcome is awaited.
7. Planning Decisions
7.1 R/52/238 – Land to the Rear of the Rose & Crown, Bainbridge – Full planning permission
for the erection of two 2-bedroom and three 3-bedroom dwellings with associated
parking and access road. This application has been approved. Councillors were
extremely disappointed that once again their comments had been ignored, along with
those of a considerable number of local residents who had also objected. There is no
acknowledged need for shared-ownership properties in the village. Cllr Y Peacock
expressed disappointment and concern that properties which had previously been
declined at a price around £80,000 lower than these proposed properties because they
were deemed unaffordable were now deemed to be affordable at a significantly
increased cost. The question was asked as to what the point was of the YDNPA
consulting Parish Councils when they chose to completely ignore the comments
submitted to them. RESOLVED: CLERK to write to YDNPA requesting that a member of
their planning staff attends the next meeting to explain their decision to approve this
application and their rationale behind the increased price now being considered affordable.
8. Highways Matters
8.1 Road Markings Near Bainbridge Village Hall – The Clerk reported that contractors had
turned up unannounced on 3rd December to undertake this work. However, as no
notice had been given they were unable to do anything because of the number of cars
parked in the area. The Clerk subsequently complained to Ian Beighton at NYCC
Highways about this waste of resources and was told that he was unaware of the work
being undertaken on that day. However, he has confirmed that the work will be rescheduled and that notice will be given in order to allow the cars to be moved.
RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK will investigate this situation.
8.2 Incorrect Road Markings at Stalling Busk – The Clerk had contacted Cllr Kettlewell who
confirmed that these road markings have now been removed. There is no damage to the
road surface and therefore re-surfacing is not needed immediately. It appears, however,
that the markings have not been re-located to the correct location. Whilst speaking to
Cllr Kettlewell the Clerk was informed of a new resident in Stallling Busk who has asked
that a ‘No Through Road’ sign is placed prior to the village. There is already a sign
indicating ‘Stalling Busk Only’. This matter was discussed and Councillors agreed that
there were already sufficient road signs on our roads and this was not necessary.
RESOLVED: CLERK to monitor the situation with the road markings. CLLR
KETTLEWELL to respond to the resident with the Council’s decision on a new sign.
8.3 Stake Road – Cllr Kettlewell had reported to the Clerk that he attended a very useful
meeting on 26th November with Matt Neale (YDNPA) and Ben Jackson (NYCC Public
Rights of Way Officer) at the Stake Road. They had inspected and discussed the
condition of the Stake Road and have agreed that remedial work is required. Cllr
Kettlewell believes this will be scheduled into their forthcoming timetable.
8.4 Yorebridge – Cllrs Percival and Brown expressed concern at the level of silt and debris
which has built up across the road bridge at Yorebridge House Hotel during recent
flooding. This is now resulting in pedestrians walking out into the main highway and
with it being a regular walking route this could be hazardous. Cllr Percival mentioned
that this is also the case on bridges at Mill Gill and Bow Bridge. RESOLVED: CLERK to
contact NYCC Highways Area 1 to request that this silt/debris is removed. CLLR Y
PEACOCK will follow this up to ensure the work is undertaken.
8.5 Motorcycles – Having had a few days of reasonable weather recently, Cllr Brown reported
his concern over the noise emitting from motorcycles riding through Bainbridge and,
particularly leaving the village. This was acknowledged to be a regular issue but was
more noticeable with everywhere quieter than usual. RESOLVED: CLERK to write to
North Yorkshire Police to express concern.
9. Financial Matters
9.1 The following invoices were approved for payment:-
➢ C H Fawcett & Sons – £144.00 – Christmas Tree (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £195.86 – Clerk’s Salary for November (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £195.86 – Clerk’s Salary for December (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £195.86 – Clerk’s Salary for January (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £195.86 – Clerk’s Salary for February
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £44 – Work relating to the funeral for Ms J Paley
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £14.39 – ‘Zoom’ Licence for Meetings (monthly)
➢ M J Metcalfe Joinery – £616.00 – Posts for Village Green
9.2 The following income was acknowledged:-
➢ Mrs Gill – £55 – Permission to place a plaque on the Memorial Stone
➢ Sanderson & Co – £365.00 – Fees for Burial – Mr R Preston
9.3 Bank Balances
The bank balances as at 1st February were noted as follows:-

Community Account (c/a) £7,081.83
Business Money Manager Account £10,887.25 (ring fenced)
Business Money Manager Account £5,159.94
Bank statements for October 2020 to February 2021 will be passed to the Chairman for
checking and signature after the meeting. In addition, statements have recently been
received from the previous Clerk for June 2020 which will also require checking and
signature. RESOLVED: CLERK to pass statements to Chairman for signature.
9.4 Precept 2021-22
Due to the forced cancellation of the January meeting, it had been necessary to discuss
and confirm the Precept for the next financial year via email. The Clerk had prepared
and circulated a budget to assist with those discussions. All Councillors were in
agreement that the Precept should remain at the current figure of £6,510 and the Clerk
advised this decision to RDC by email, which was subsequently acknowledged.
9.5 Legacy
The Clerk informed Councillors that she had recently received written notification from
McGarry & Co Solicitors of a legacy which has been bequeathed to the Parish Council
by the late Miss Joan Paley of £5,000. This is to be used specifically for the upkeep of
Bainbridge Village Green. Councillors were extremely grateful for this legacy and
acknowledged the generous support of both Miss Paley and her late mother in ensuring
the village green looked well cared for. The Clerk has responded to McGarry & Co and
in due course will advise details of the bank account for payment. RESOLVED: CLERK
to write to the family c/o McGarry & Co to thank them for the legacy and in due course
advise details of the bank account for payment.
9.6 Laptop for the Clerk
The Clerk reported that she has yet to progress with the purchase of a laptop.
RESOLVED: CLERK to purchase an appropriate laptop to a maximum cost of £400.
9.7 Change of Bank
The Clerk reported that it has proved extremely challenging and time-consuming to
organise the opening of a new account with Unity Trust Bank using an online form.
However, having now obtained information from Councillors she hopes that this will
soon be completed. In preparation, a letter has been sent to HSBC requesting they
transfer the balance of the two savings accounts into the current account as it is not
possible for savings accounts to be transferred directly. To date, no confirmation has
been received of this request, nor closing statements for the two accounts. The Clerk
confirmed that at this point, it is necessary to open the new account with the existing
signatories, but once the account is open, it will be possible to change signatories.
RESOLVED: CLERK to continue with the new account application and follow-up the
transfer of funds from HSBC once the new account is opened.
9.8 ‘Working from Home’ Allowance – The Clerk advised that she had received information
via the YLCA of a working from home payment to which the Clerk is entitled. Details
had been forwarded to Councillors for them to consider. RESOLVED: Councillors were
in agreement that the Clerk should receive the current rate of £6 per week. CLERK to
advise Yorkshire Dales Accountancy who process payroll.
9.9 Request for Assistance – Mrs R Cloughton had been in contact with the Chairman and
the Clerk asking for assistance in the banking of grant funding. This has been awarded
to assist with the fitting-out of the new Community Craft Shop in Askrigg. However,
the group running the shop have struggled to be able to set up an appropriate
community bank account with their appointment at Barclays Bank having been
cancelled and now re-arranged to 15th March. For the time being, they have opened a
Starling bank account in Mrs Cloughton’s name. However, it is not possible for the
grant funding to paid into a personal account and, having sought advice, Mrs
Cloughton had been directed to the Parish Council by NYCC. She asked Councillors to
consider whether they would be happy to have this funding paid directly into the Parish
Council account and then transfer it to the Community Shop account. Cllr Y Peacock
explained that this was a ‘not for profit’ group who are setting up a community craft
shop to benefit the local community and they will be holding craft workshops there as
well as selling their products. All Councillors were happy to proceed. RESOLVED:
CLERK to provide Mrs Cloughton with details of the Parish Council bank account in order
for the grant monies to be deposited. They will then subsequently be transferred.
10. Correspondence
10.1 Air Source Heat Pump Warm Homes Funding – The Clerk advised that she had received
notification of this new funding scheme in late November. The funding provides for
200 Air Source Heat Pumps with associated central heating/hot water systems to be
provided to homeowners and private landlord tenants who qualify, on a ‘first come,
first served’ basis. To qualify a resident must have a household income below £21,000
or receive certain state benefits and the property must have an EPC in band D, E, F or
10.2 Census 2021 – Notification has been received of the Census which takes place on Sunday
21st March 2021. All households will be required to complete a Census form, which
this year is online. It will be a ‘digital-first’ census with the hope that most people will
complete their form online after receiving a digital access code in the post. If people
are unable to complete the form online they can request a paper copy. There is a fine
of £1,000 for failing to complete the Census. Cllr Y Peacock explained that the Upper
Dales Community Office will be a hub to assist those who struggle with the completion
of this Census, particularly those who do not have online access. If Councillors are
approached by anyone unable to complete their Census they should point them in the
direction of the Community Office or the District Council. If Councillors are aware of
anyone in the community who may struggle they should make contact with them
before 21st March and point them in the direction of help.
10.3 Resident’s Letter re Motorhome Waste
A letter had been received from a resident of Bainbridge requesting the Parish Council
consider the creation of a facility allowing motorhome users to empty their toilet waste,
sited at the public toilets on the village green. Apparently, this resident has seen
motorhome users stop at the toilets in Bainbridge to empty their waste and
understands that they would be prepared to pay to use a facility enabling them to do
this properly. Councillors considered this request but believed that there were many
issues involved, not least the responsibility for this facility, its maintenance, the
blocking of access to the private properties at the end of the track leading to the toilets,
increased traffic over a track that is currently in need of repair, and the close proximity
to the children’s play area. In conclusion, whilst Councillors understood the issue, they
did not believe this was the right place for such a facility to be sited. RESOLVED:
CLERK to respond to the resident with the Council’s decision.
10.4 Dog Fouling
Whilst on the subject of waste, Cllr Percival expressed grave concern about the prolific
amount of dog waste seen around the village, and in particular on the fields/footpath
out the back of the YDNPA car park. This issue has been raised before but continues to
cause concern. Councillors discussed this matter and were in agreement that attempts
should be made to provide bins for dog waste. The placing of more signage on the
footpath was also considered but there are already numerous signs around the village
and they clearly aren’t working. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact RDC to enquire the
route for emptying of dog waste bins and seek their views on the siting of a new bin on the
YDNPA car park. If no issues are raised by RDC, and YDNPA have no objections, source
and purchase a new dog waste bin.
11. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes
11.1 Replacement of the Posts & Chains – Cllr Percival informed the meeting that the new
posts had been delivered to him at the end of last year and are now stored in his
garage. They have been primed, undercoated and glossed and are now ready to instal.
The posts were sourced from Gayle Mill Trust via William Lambert and are of excellent
quality. The Clerk advised that she had contacted Highways in respect of the posts that
are on the roadside, requesting that they be replaced to match the new posts. However,
she was told that they had recently been inspected and were deemed ‘not to be at
immediate risk of failure and therefore not a high priority for funding’. The cost of
replacement was estimated at £2,500. Cllr Y Peacock disagreed with this view and said
that some were in very poor condition. She will investigate further with NYCC.
RESOLVED: CLERK to complete funding application for the new posts and chains and
seek contributions from the Lords of the Manor, the Millennium Fund and the Bainbridge
Sports Association. CLLR Y PEACOCK: To follow-up roadside post replacement with
NYCC Highways.
11.2 Play Equipment – Recent Inspection Reports have appeared to be copies of earlier ones
and therefore the Clerk has requested a meeting with the Inspector to explain. A
meeting has now been set up between the Chairman and Mr David Lodge, or his
colleague who inspect the equipment, to take place on Thursday 18th March. It is
hoped that this will throw some light onto the issues that actually need attention. In
the meantime, Mrs Cloughton reported that the leather straps in the baby swings are in
need of replacement. The Chairman will mention this at the meeting. RESOLVED:
CHAIRMAN to meet with Mr D Lodge or a colleague at the play area on Thursday 18th
11.3 Mower – The Clerk reported that following her enquiries, the Council’s insurers were
unable to include the new mower on the existing policy. Instead, it will need a new
motor vehicle policy. Information has been obtained as to the replacement value of the
machine but the insurance company will need details of where it is stored. Discussion
took place on this matter as it is currently stored in a local resident’s shed off a road
which clearly has no address. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact the insurance company to
establish the information they need in order to set up the new policy. If necessary, the
mower will need to reside at the home of one of the Councillors for the purpose of the
insurance policy.
12. Cemetery
12.1 Maintenance Issues – Cllr Percival confirmed that he has made safe the dangerous part of
the front boundary wall which was collapsing. There are some additional repairs
required which he will attend to in due course. Cllr Brown has yet to fix a new lock to
the Sexton’s hut. A quote had been received from Mr D Alderson in the sum of £400 to
‘clean off and make good railings and three gates, priming where necessary and
undercoating and glossing’. All councillors were in agreement to proceed with this
work at the quoted price. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to continue with repairs to the
boundary wall. CLLR BROWN to fix a new lock to the Sexton’s shed. CLLR J PEACOCK
to confirm agreement to proceed with work to the railings with Mr D Alderson.
12.2 Terms of Use – Following a recent situation at the Cemetery, councillors reviewed the
Terms of Use to ensure they were clear, particularly in respect of the digging of graves.
The Clerk had amended the Terms accordingly and councillors were in agreement that
these should be adopted with immediate effect. RESOLVED: CLERK to provide copies of
the updated Terms of Use to local Funeral Directors. In due course, arrangements are to be
made to place a copy of these in the Cemetery.
12.2a Waste Contract – The Clerk advised that she had just received notification of the
renewal of the waste contract for the Cemetery. Whilst this was only £38.25 plus VAT
for the year, the Clerk confirmed that waste was probably only collected on about five
occasions during the year. For the remainder of the time, her husband had been
removing waste and was happy to continue to do so. However, the Clerk also suggested
that it would be beneficial to have compost heaps in the Cemetery to allow for the
environmentally-friendly disposal of ‘green waste’. Cllr Percival offered to provide two
composters which he has no need for. Councillors were grateful for this offer.
RESOLVED: CLERK will not renew the waste agreement and will liaise with Cllr Percival
in respect of the siting of the composters.
12.2bGarden of Remembrance – The Clerk advised that a member of the local community had
recently approached her with a request to be allowed to tidy the Garden of
Remembrance. Councillors were grateful for this offer and more than happy to accept
it. RESOLVED: CLERK to liaise with resident in respect of the extent of proposed work.
12.3 Resolve to Exclude Members of the Public – In order to undertake a confidential
discussion on the proposed purchase of a piece of land for an extension to the Cemetery,
Cllr J Peacock proposed that members of the public and press be excluded from the
remaining part of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr Percival and all Councillors
were in agreement. All members of the public then left the meeting.
12.4 Proposal to Purchase Land for an Extension to Bainbridge Cemetery – This is the subject of
a Confidential Minute.
13. Agenda Items
Annual Meeting
Annual Report on the Cemetery
14. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th May 2021. Venue/virtual meeting to be
agreed, depending upon Covid restrictions at the time.
Signed as a True Record: ……………………………….. Date: …………………………………
Name: ……………………………………………………………