ON TUESDAY 18th MAY 2021
Cllr James Peacock (Chair) Cllr Thomas Tennant
Cllr Darren Peacock Cllr Brian Brown
Cllr Derek Kettlewell Karen Prudden (Clerk)
Mr D Ballinger (Resident) Mr J Parfitt (Resident)
Mrs S Parfit (Resident) Mrs R Cloughton (Resident)
1. Election of the Parish Council Chairman/Vice-Chairman
Cllr J Peacock indicated his willingness to continue in the role of Chair and Cllr D Percival
indicated his willingness to continue in the role of Vice-Chair. Their appointments were
proposed by Cllr Kettlewell and seconded by Cllr Tennant. Both were duly elected for another
1.1 The appropriate Acceptance of Office forms were completed.
1.2 The Clerk issued councillors with Declaration of Interest forms which were completed and
returned to her.
2. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
Cllr Yvonne Peacock offered her apologies for not attending due to a prior engagement.
3. Declarations of Interest
None were registered.
4. Minutes of the Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held via ‘Zoom’ on 2nd March 2021 had been prepared and
circulated. Cllr Percival proposed that the Minutes be adopted as an accurate record of the
meeting and this was seconded by Cllr Tennant.
5. Ongoing Matters
5.1 Appleby Horse Fair & Meeting with Rishi Sunak MP – It has now been confirmed that plans
are in place for the Appleby Horse Fair to take place from 12th August this year. It has
not been possible to hold this at the regular time in early June due to the Covid
situation. It was noted that there have been concerns expressed by residents about the
travellers stopping over in Bainbridge and councillors confirmed their wish to discuss
this visit with Rishi Sunak MP. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Mr Sunak’s office to
arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss this matter.
5.2 Improvement to the Stocks Area on Bainbridge Village Green – The Clerk reported that she
has been in liaison with Karen Griffiths at YDNPA with regard to the new board and
photographs have been supplied. There has been no date given yet as to when the new
board will be sited, but the project is now the responsibility of YDNPA as they are
funding, creating and placing the board. It was agreed that councillors will arrange to
remove the current board as soon as a date for the placement of the new one has been
advised. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact Karen Griffiths to check on a date for the
installation of the board and then arrange removal of the old one.
5.3 Creation of New Footpath Beside Riverdale, Bainbridge – The Chairman will speak to
Cllr Y Peacock to discuss a funding application to undertake this project in the near
future. RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK to speak to Cllr Y Peacock regarding funding.
5.4 Proposed Re-Surfacing of the Track to the Toilets – Following receipt of the quotation to
tarmac the track, councillors were in agreement that it was not possible to proceed
along these lines due to the high cost involved. Cllr Peacock confirmed that he had
spoken to Mr P Metcalfe to request that he place hardcore on the track to fill the holes
later in the year. RESOLVED: CLLR J PEACOCK to liaise with Mr P Metcalfe to arrange
for the work to be undertaken.
5.5 Dog Fouling – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had attempted to contact both the
YDNPA and the District Council Dog Warden on more than one occasion, without
success. A response has still not been forthcoming from the YDNPA with regard to
permission to site a dog waste bin in their car park. However, the Clerk has now heard
from Julie Toombes at RDC who has informed her that their programme currently only
allows for the replacement of damaged bins, not the siting of new ones. She has,
however, offered a visit from the Dog Warden to survey the area and place more signage
to deter people from leaving dog mess on the paths. Councillors were disappointed by
this news but did not see any value in a visit from the Dog Warden or additional signage.
6. Planning Applications
There were no new notifications of planning applications in the parish.
7. Planning Decisions
7.1 R/52/238 – Land to the Rear of the Rose & Crown, Bainbridge – Following the last
meeting, the Clerk had issued a letter to David Butterworth, Chief Executive at the
YDNPA, requesting that he send a member of staff to this meeting to explain to the
Parish Council how the Planning Department had reached their decision to approve this
application. Mr Butterworth had replied in strong terms to say that he would not do
this for reasons of staff shortages and Covid, but that the application had been
misrepresented in the press and amongst local residents. In his opinion, there was a
demonstrated need for the properties and that they would be affordable under the
Government scheme. He also denied the Parish Council’s view that their comments
were ignored and that the flood risk had been taken seriously but had not been deemed
to be an issue according to NYCC. Mrs Cloughton addressed the meeting and said that
these properties would not be affordable to local people. Under a previous planning
application, it had been possible to buy 100% of the property at £196,000, but the
YDNPA had deemed this unaffordable. However, under this new application, the cost
has risen to between £210,000 and £280,000 on a shared ownership scheme. This
would mean obtaining a mortgage for approximately £70,000 and in addition paying
rent on the balance plus a maintenance charge, making them unaffordable to most
local residents. Under this new scheme, if the properties are not purchased, they will
be offered to people outside of the parish and then further afield and if that is
unsuccessful, they will be offered for affordable rent. Discussion followed during
which the Clerk suggested that there could be an issue with obtaining insurance for the
properties if they were deemed to lie in an area at high risk of flooding, as had been
demonstrated during a recent meeting between the Council and NYCC staff who are
currently preparing a report on flood risk in the village. If this was the case, then they
would in all likelihood remain vacant. Cllr Brown noted that previous applications had
been passed by the YDNPA but no notices had ever been displayed, presumably due to
their concern over a threatened judicial review. He believed the Planning Department
were not ‘fit for purpose’. Mrs Cloughton reminded the Council that there were still
vacant properties at the Scott Hill site which is also shared ownership and this would
suggest there is not a need. Mrs Parfitt explained that the Planning Department had
gone through the proper processes involved in this application and that the evidence in
respect of flood risk was available to be seen on the website. She recommended that
Councillors check the application and also watch the debate at the Planning Committee
Meeting in February before they consider taking the matter further. Cllr Peacock
suggested that Councillors look over the application and the evidence provided to the
Planning Committee, and also view the debate of the Planning Committee, prior to
deciding on the way forward. RESOLVED: CLERK to provide details of the application
and supporting documents to Councillors for them to review. COUNCILLORS to respond
to the Clerk with their decision on the way forward.
8. Highways Matters
8.1 Road Markings Near Bainbridge Village Hall – The Clerk reported that this work was
undertaken in April. However, it does not appear to be as outlined in the plan provided
by Highways and it is not addressing the issues of parking in the area. RESOLVED:
CLERK to contact NYCC Highways to check that the markings are complete, and according
to the original plan.
8.2 Incorrect Road Markings at Stalling Busk – Cllr Kettlewell reported that the incorrect road
markings at the entrance to the village had been removed and the road surface had not
been damaged in the process. However, the markings have yet to be re-located to the
correct position at the junction with Blean Lane. RESOLVED: CLERK to contact NYCC
Highways to follow-up the new road markings.
8.3 Motorcycles in Bainbridge – Following the last meeting, the Clerk had written to NYP
expressing the Council’s concern about the speed and noise of motorcycles passing
through Bainbridge. A reply was subsequently received and the Clerk has since been
corresponding with the Acting Traffic Bureau Manager, Richard Fletcher. He noted that
there are currently three speed camera sites – one in the village and one either side of
the village but apparently feedback from residents has suggested that these are not in
the correct locations. Consequently, NYP are happy to engage with the Parish Council to
consider the way forward, although they have advised that they are not in a position to
‘directly influence noise pollution’ but they are ‘sourcing decibel readers to provide data
evidence’ which could see prosecution of owners found to have noisy vehicles.
RESOLVED: MEETING with Richard Fletcher to take place at 2.30 pm on Thursday 27th
May. Councillors wishing to attend should meet outside the Cornmill Tea Room.
8.4 ‘No Through Road’ Sign at Stalling Busk – Following discussions at the last meeting, the
Clerk received notification from NYCC Highways that the resident who had raised this
matter with Cllr Kettlewell had subsequently gone directly to Highways to seek a
resolution. Highways had presented three options for the siting of the sign and these
were circulated to Councillors. The decision was reached to place the ‘No Through Road’
sign at the end of the Stake Road, just prior to entering the village, which would offer an
opportunity to turn around there. The sign has now been placed but concerns were
expressed by Mr Ballinger that this is the wrong sign because Marsett Lane is actually a
byway and therefore is open to vehicles (albeit a challenging drive). The Clerk reported
that she had therefore referred the matter back to Highways for Ian Beighton to
investigate and is awaiting his response. Cllr Kettlewell expressed dismay at the whole
matter and said that the sign was in the wrong place anyway. He often received calls
from people who had attempted to drive Marsett Lane and then got stuck. He asked that
he be kept informed of progress on this matter. RESOLVED: CLERK will await the
response from Highways and then circulate details to Councillors before the way forward is
9. Financial Matters
9.1 The following invoices were approved for payment:-
➢ Mrs R Cloughton – £500 – Transfer of Grant (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £195.86 – Clerk’s Salary for March (paid)
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £44.00 – Work relating to the funeral for A Chambers
➢ P Metcalfe & Sons – £280.00 – Grave Digging for funeral of A Chambers
➢ Yorkshire Dales Accountancy – £84.00 – Payroll Processing 1.10.20-31.3.21
➢ YLCA – £210 – Membership 1.4.21-31.3.22
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £221.86 – Clerk’s Salary for April (inc WFH Allowance) (paid)
➢ Came & Co – £218.00 – Renewal of Insurance Policy
➢ Mrs K Prudden – £14.39 – Zoom Licence for April (now cancelled)
➢ HMRC – £34.80 – Outstanding PAYE from 2020
➢ RDC – £158.64 – Play Park Inspection Costs April 2020-March 2021
9.2 The following income was acknowledged:-
➢ Sanderson & Co – £365.00 – Fees for Burial – Miss J Paley
9.3 Bank Balances
The bank balance as at 17th May was noted as follows:-
Unity Current Account £28,520.65
As the last meeting took place via ‘Zoom’, the bank statements for October 2020 to
February 2021 were passed to the Chairman for checking and signing at this meeting.
The final statement from HSBC as at 1st May was also presented and signed.
The Clerk explained that since the last meeting the process of moving the Parish
Council funds from HSBC to Unity Trust Bank had been completed. In order to do this,
all funds had to be transferred into the main current account at HSBC prior to transfer
to Unity Bank. The transfer of funds from HSBC was only completed on 14th May and
therefore there is not yet a bank statement from Unity Trust Bank, nor closing
statements from HSBC. However, the Clerk had provided a printout from Unity Trust
Bank of the balance they had received on 14th May, which is the figure indicated
above. The Chairman signed the printout and the HSBC statement to 1st May.
9.4 Certificate of Exemption
The Clerk talked councillors through the annual year-end process for the year ended
31st March 2021. The Certificate of Exemption for small authorities whose gross
income or expenditure does not exceed £25,000 in the year was presented to the
meeting and duly signed by the Clerk and the Chair. RESOLVED: CLERK to email
certificate to PFK Littlejohn by 30th June.
9.5 Annual Governance Statement
The Annual Governance Statement had been completed by the Clerk and the external
examiner as part of the year-end process. The Clerk read through the Internal Control
Objectives and the Annual Governance Statement, asking councillors to indicate their
agreement, where appropriate. The Council approved the statements and agreed that
all was in order. The Statement was duly signed by the Clerk and the Chair.
RESOLVED: CLERK to ensure the Statement is uploaded to the Parish Council website.
9.6 Presentation of the Accounts for the Year 2020/2021
The Clerk had prepared the Annual Accounts prior to the audit and had circulated
copies to Councillors in advance of this meeting. She confirmed that the external
auditor was happy with the Accounts and the accounting procedures of the Council.
The Accounting Statements for 2020/21 were reviewed and agreed. There were no
issues arising from the Accounts. Cllr Percival proposed that they be formally adopted
and this was seconded by Cllr Kettlewell.
9.7 Report from the Internal Audit Control Exercise
The Clerk read the report prepared by Jo Reynolds who undertook the Internal Audit
for the Parish Council. This highlighted the following points:-
1. The payroll is outsourced to a firm of Accountants.
2. There is an amount ring-fenced for the Cemetery which leads to the high amount
of short term investments.
3. There is no longer any Petty Cash.
4. The Minutes and Asset Register have not been signed off this year due to meetings
taking place over ‘Zoom’ because of Covid-19. The documents should be
reviewed and signed at the first available face-to-face meeting.
Councillors noted the comments. The Minutes of meetings held since the last Annual
Meeting have been signed. RESOLVED: To undertake a review of the Asset Register as
soon as practical.
9.8 Laptop for the Clerk
The Clerk had advised that she had still not had time to research this and for the time
being was happy with the current arrangement. RESOLVED: CLERK to look into the
purchase of a laptop when time allows.
9.9 Change of Bank
The Clerk reported that after a lot of work, the Parish Council bank accounts have
finally been transferred from HSBC to Unity Trust Bank. All necessary documents had
been provided to Unity Trust Bank and they have now opened one account for the
Parish Council, with the funds being received from HSBC on 14th May 2021. Online
banking has been set up with the Clerk able to view statements and manage the
account online, but only being able to initiate payments which would then need to be
authorised by two councillors. At the moment, for the purposes of the transfer, the only
Councillors registered on the account as signatories are Cllrs Brown and Tennant.
However, now the account is opened, it should be possible to add all other Councillors
and also to open deposit accounts in order to transfer the ring-fenced and deposit funds
out of the current account. The Clerk reported that so far, she had found Unity Bank to
be very helpful, and hoped that would continue. The Clerk explained that it would
now be possible to make payments via BACS through the online account but in order to
do this, Councillors authorised to sign would need to register for the online account.
Cllr Brown and Tennant have already received details of how to do this. Until such
time as that is effectively set up, payments will continue to be made by cheque.
Councillors were pleased to hear that the transfer had now been completed and
awaited the resolution of the remaining issues. RESOLVED: CLERK to set up all
Councillors as signatories and authorities on the account and to open deposit accounts to
transfer the ring-fenced monies into.
10. Correspondence
10.1 Richmondshire Environment & Climate Action Partnership Group – The Clerk had
received advice from the group which has recently been formed in response to the
Environment and Climate Emergency declared by RDC in 2019. The group aims to
achieve net-zero carbon across Richmondshire by 2030. The Council is asked to share
details with the community as they are seeking volunteers to develop their initiatives.
10.2 Proposal for the Removal of Payphone – Once again, BT are consulting on the proposal to
remove payphones from the area. Phones at risk in the Parish under this review are
those in Bainbridge, Countersett and Stalling Busk. RESOLVED: CLERK to submit
response to the consultation stating that the Council objects to the removal of these
payphones due to the lack of effective mobile phone coverage in the area and the high risk
of need for emergency services due to the nature of the area and activities taking place
there. Responses must be received by 1st June.
10.3 New Code of Conduct
YLCA had circulated the new Code of Conduct produced by the Local Government
Association and the Clerk had forwarded this to all Councillors. RESOLVED: The Code
of Conduct will be adopted by the Parish Council who will aim to work within it.
10.4 Insurance Policy
The Clerk had received information via the previous Clerk of the renewal of the Parish
Council insurance policy through Came & Company. This was followed by an invoice
for renewal in the sum of £1,227.95 – a significant increase from the premium of
£360.95 paid last year. The Clerk has now contacted Came & Co to query this and
discovered that there had been some confusion and the wrong invoice had been issued.
The renewal is now £218, which is a significant reduction on last year. The Clerk
pointed out that she had noted on the renewal documents the need to declare if the
Council was responsible for a zip wire. It was agreed this should be mentioned.
Councillors agreed to the renewal of the policy. RESOLVED: CLERK to forward
payment to Came & Co in order to process the renewal of the policy with effect from 1st
June. Also to advise of the zip wire.
10.5 Village Green in Stalling Busk – The Clerk had received an enquiry asking if she had
maps showing if there was any village green land in Stalling Busk. The Clerk had
responded that she was not aware of any maps. Cllr Kettlewell said that he had a map
and was aware of grazing rights in the village. Mr Ballinger pointed out that the issue
in question related to parking and ownership of land rather than grazing rights. He
offered to make enquiries on behalf of the Parish Council. RESOLVED: CLLR
KETTLEWELL to provide a copy of his map to the Clerk. Further investigations are to be
10.6 Road Markings in Bainbridge – The Clerk had received a letter from Ms Stokes
expressing concern at the parking outside her house and on the corner of the village
green which she believes has resulted from the white lines wearing away or being
covered by tarmac and is proving dangerous. The Clerk had referred the matter to Cllr
Y Peacock. RESOLVED: CLLR Y PEACOCK to take the matter up with NY Highways and
report back to the Parish Council.
10.7 ‘No Mow May’ – Information had been received from Ms Stokes regarding the wish to
participate in ‘No Mow May’ – an initiative to protect the environment and the
wildflowers. Ms Stokes had spoken with the Chairman who had agreed that a small
area of the village green could be roped off for this purpose but it would not be
possible to leave the entire village green uncut for the month of May. Whilst the
initiative was admirable, it was noted that it had led to an inordinate amount of
dandelions growing and seeding and was not practical in the long term.
10.8 Speeding at Scott Hill – The Clerk had received a copy email from a resident at Scott Hill
who has contacted the YDNPA regarding speeding vehicles on the access road to the
area. Councillors noted that there is a sign indicating 5mph at the entrance to the road
but that they had no jurisdiction over the area. It is believed that the YDNPA own the
land beyond the Scott Hill development, with the assumption being that Broadacres
Housing own the remainder, although there is some confusion over the ownership of
the piece of road beside the Village Hall. Without confirmation of ownership, there is
little that the Parish Council can do, but it was suggested that the resident notes down
number plates of people believed to be speeding in the area.
10.9 Press Representative – Following the departure of the local D&S Correspondent,
discussion took place on whether to ask Pip Pointon to prepare reports of Parish
Council meetings for submission to the newspaper. The Clerk had contacted Pip who
had said she would be happy to do this, not submitting reports until they had been
approved by the Chairman and the Clerk. She would charge for writing the reports at
an hourly rate in accordance with Scale CL1 SCP15. Councillors discussed this matter
and were unsure whether there was a responsibility on the Council to submit reports to
the press. Whilst it was acknowledged that a member of the press is free to attend
Council meetings and report on the proceedings, Councillors did not believe it was
their responsibility to engage someone to do this for them. RESOLVED: CLERK to seek
advice from YLCA and advise Councillors prior to contacting Pip Pointon with their
10.10Grant Funding for Street Lights & Play Equipment
The Clerk had received notification from RDC of the new Play Park Fund offering
grants towards the purchase play equipment with the aim of improving play facilities in
the district. The Fund has £250,000 available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis with
the maximum grant available being £10,000. Maintenance costs cannot be covered
and projects must be completed within six months. RESOLVED: CLLR PEACOCK AND
THE CLERK will meet to discuss a possible application based on need with the aim of
improving the play area in Bainbridge. CLERK will subsequently complete an application
as soon as possible. There were no expressions of interest for new street lights.
11. Children’s Play Area & Village Green Donation Boxes
11.1 Replacement of the Posts & Chains – Cllr Percival explained that the new posts were yet
to be sited but it was hoped this would be done shortly. There was no feedback from
Cllr Y Peacock regarding the roadside posts. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to arrange
for the replacement of the posts and chains. CLLR Y PEACOCK: To follow-up roadside
post replacement with NYCC Highways and feedback to the Parish Council.
11.2 Play Equipment – The Chairman had met with one of the inspectors on 18th March and
had been given an explanation of the inspection process and requirements. He had
found it a useful meeting. The Clerk had just received the latest inspection report
which had been shared with Cllrs Peacock and Percival. There were issues requiring
attention on all parts of the equipment. The report also noted that a bench on site was
not fixed to the ground. RESOLVED: CLLR PEACOCK to arrange for essential repairs to
be undertaken as soon as possible/necessary. The bench which is not fixed to the ground is
to be re-located elsewhere.
11.3 Benches – It was noted that several benches in Bainbridge had been repaired and
maintained over recent months. The Chairman expressed thanks to Roxy Cloughton,
Bob Hall and ‘Pud’ Iveson for their work which was very much appreciated. It was
noted how good the repaired benches are looking. RESOLVED: CLERK to issue a letter
of thanks to ‘Pud’ Iveson for his hard work on repairing several of the benches.
11.3 Mower – The Clerk now has the information required to insure the mower and
agreement has been reached with Mr S Alderson for its storage site to be his barn.
However, no progress has yet been made because of concerns over the insurance and
use of the mower. The Clerk had contacted Came & Company for clarification on
insuring the mower and had been advised that if it was not to be driven on the highway,
it could simply be added to the existing insurance policy. However, if it does need to be
driven on the highway, then it will need to be insured on a separate motor vehicle
policy. It would not be possible to provide a cost for this until details were submitted
for the policy. If the mower were to be used by volunteers, then it could be insured
under an ‘Any Driver’ policy but this would not cover any drivers under the age of 25
(unless separately specified). In this situation, the onus would be on the Parish Council
to maintain a register of drivers, together with a rigorous process of checking their
driving and insurance details in order to be confident that they would be responsible
users. This could put the Parish Council in a difficult position if there were to be any
claim made as they would be liable for the decision on users. This is also only an
option if the mower does not go on the public highway – if it does, then drivers will
need to be named and their details provided to the insurers. Cllr Peacock expressed his
concern about the ongoing issues relating to the mower which were now the
responsibility of the Parish Council (ie, the insurance, maintenance and use). He
suggested that in the long term it may be more appropriate and cost-effective to engage
a contractor to undertake the cutting. Whilst we have been fortunate to have
volunteers to use the mower in recent years, this may not continue long term with
volunteers ageing and having busy lives. Concern was expressed at the responsibility
placed on the Parish Council to check volunteer drivers for the village mower and the
liability risks associated with this should there ever be an accident. The Clerk suggested
that maybe grazing sheep on the green would be a better solution and it was noted that
this would have the added benefit of potentially slowing drivers as they passed through
the village. It was also noted that as the village green was the responsibility of the Lords
Trustees of the Manor, it should perhaps be them who consider the maintenance of it,
rather than the Parish Council. RESOLVED: CLERK seek quotes for the cutting of the
village green. Further consideration to be given to the insurance of the village mower in
the interim.
12. Cemetery
12.1 Annual Report – The Clerk had prepared the annual report for the Cemetery which had
been circulated to councillors in advance of the meeting. It showed that for the year
ended 31st March, there had been a surplus of income over expenditure of £1,304.
There had been five burials, three graves reserved, one headstone placed and one
plaque placed on the Memorial Stone. The grass continues to be cut during the
growing season by John Banks who does an excellent job and Tim Prudden continues to
check health and safety issues and tidy the Cemetery. During the year, the Terms of Use
had been reviewed following a situation with a funeral director and it was noted that
there are still several graves collapsing quite dramatically. The new Terms of Use have
been clearly displayed in the Cemetery. The waste contract has now been cancelled and
compost bins placed in the Cemetery with any non-compostable waste being removed
by Tim Prudden. Taking into account reservations and potentially impractical plots, it is
estimated that there are around sixty vacant, unreserved plots available. A local
contractor has just been appointed to re-paint the railings and a further pile of spoil
from a recent burial has kindly been removed by Mr Metcalfe. A local resident has
kindly offered to tidy the Garden of Remembrance.
12.2 Maintenance – Cllr Brown has yet to fit a padlock to the Sexton’s Hut. Cllr Percival is
aware that there are further areas of the boundary wall in need of repair and will
attend to these as soon as possible. Cllr Peacock advised that he had confirmed
agreement to the quote provided by Mr D Alderson for the re-painting of the railings
and this work will be undertaken as soon as weather conditions allow. Mr Parfitt
confirmed that he had just repaired the leaking tap, although had been unable to find
the source of the water. RESOLVED: CLLR PERCIVAL to continue with repairs to the
boundary wall. CLLR BROWN to fix a new lock to the Sexton’s shed.
12.3 Cemetery Extension – Councillors noted that discussions had halted on the proposed
extension to the Cemetery and the Chairman pointed out that it would be appropriate
to hold a Public Meeting prior to taking any decisions on the way forward. With public
funds ring-fenced for this project, it is right that the local community have a say on the
way forward, although it was noted that this is not practical at the current time with
Covid restrictions still in place. RESOLVED: CLERK to arrange a public meeting when
restrictions allow.
13. Agenda Items
No items were expressed at this stage, other than following-up on ongoing matters.
Cllr Tennant requested that the issue of being unable to obtain an appointment with a GP
be discussed. Other Councillors also expressed concern and cited instances of problems
experienced by residents. It was agreed that this should be discussed at the meeting with
Rishi Sunak MP.
14. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 6th July 2021, hopefully at Sycamore Hall.
RESOLVED: CLERK to check with Sycamore Hall if the meeting can be held there.
Signed as a True Record: ……………………………….. Date: …………………………………
Name: ……………………………………………………………