2 bedroom house for rent by Broadacres for applicants with a local connection

Applicants must be in housing need and satisfy one of the following criteria:

1. Be an existing resident, for the last 3 years, of a relevant Parish establishing a separate household; OR
2. Be a head of household who is or whose partner is in or is taking up full time (minimum of 30 hours per week) permanent employment in an already established business within the relevant parish; OR
3. Be a householder currently living (for the last 3 years) permanently in a dwelling which is either shared but not self contained, overcrowded, or is otherwise unsatisfactory by environmental health standards and which is within the relevant parish; OR
4. Be an elderly or disabled person requiring sheltered or otherwise more suitable accommodation who already live permanently within the relevant parish (for the last 3 years); OR
5. Be a person having to leave tied accommodation within the relevant parish; OR
6. Be a former resident of the relevant parish with close relatives residing within the national park whose case is accepted in writing by the authority as having a need to return to the National Park.

If there are no suitable applicants from the parish of Bainbridge, then applicants from the remaining parishes of Upper Wensleydale will be considered and if there are still no suitable applicants, then applicants from the parishes of Upper Swaledale will be considered. If no such applicants satisfy the above criteria, then applicants living in the parish of Buckden will be considered. If no such applicants satisfy any of the above criteria then we would consider applicants within the national park would be considered.

The rented property will be advertised on North Yorkshire Home Choice www.northyorkshirehomechoice.org.uk from;

Thursday 28th June until Midnight on Tuesday 3rd July 2018.
In order for you to bid you will need to be registered with North Yorkshire Home Choice prior to the above dates. If you have any queries about the registration or bidding process please contact Broadacres Housing Association on 01609 767900 or Richmondshire District Council.