Bainbridge District Council includes the communities of Cubeck, Worton, Stalling Busk, Countersett, Marsett and Bainbridge. situated in the Yorkshire Dales.

The new Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan 2019-24 has now been published – and can be viewed or downloaded from the Authority’s website:National Park Management Plan

The Plan has been prepared jointly by a partnership of 16 local organisations – the National Park Management Plan Steering Group – following extensive consultation and the direct input of many local bodies and individuals.  We are very grateful to all those who contributed through our expert panel groups or who responded to the consultation.

This is the fourth Management Plan we have published but, significantly, it is the first to embrace the new areas of the National Park in Cumbria and Lancashire.  The Plan continues the long-term vision for the National Park that we set back in 2013.  However, it is now backed up by a new set of 49 specific objectives, which will be delivered through the work and commitment of over 100 local organisations over the next 5 years.  These include ambitious objectives for woodland planting, raising the standard of public rights of way, providing high-quality broadband; halting the decline of in the number of younger, working age households living in the National Park, and delivering better support for our farmers and the environment.

Our attention has now turned to the implementation and monitoring of the Plan.  We’ll shortly be getting in touch with all the organisations who are leading the delivery of one or more of the Plan’s objectives – to make sure that we have all the information we need to monitor and report on progress. A new website with lots of details about the new plan will be available in the Spring, when we will contact you again about that.

In June, the Steering Group will publish its first annual report on progress and then in November, the next Management Plan Forum will be an opportunity to hear directly about progress, discuss new issues, and hold all the partner bodies to account. 

National Park Management Plan