Minutes – Annual Residents Meeting 7th May 2019

Annual Residents Meeting of the Parish of Bainbridge
Wednesday 7th May 2019 at 6.30pm at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
1. Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 were approved.
2. Chairman’s Review of the Year 2018/2019
Travellers – 2018
A few of the travellers in 2018 had proved extremely problematic and so a review alongside the police was taking place in order to set up some new arrangements.
The Chairman wished to express this thanks to Karen Prudden for her excellent work looking after the cemetery. He also Thanked Tim Prudden for his work at the cemetery.
The project to extend the cemetery is underway and the money has now been set aside.
Village work
A thank you to Paul and Matthew and Christopher Metcalfe for the work they do for the village.
A thank you to Gill for keeping us on the correct path.
3. Arrangements for Travellers – 2019
Yvonne Peacock and Karen Prudden had a meeting with the police. The following actions decided: –
The site on Bainbridge Village Green is to be a managed site.
Leaflets will be distributed to the travellers by Police stating the terms of the site.
Leaflets will be distributed to the residents outlining contact points and the terms of the site
The Appleby website will be updated with the details of the managed site
There will be signs posted up on the village with the terms of the site
4. Matters arising from the minutes of the 2018 meeting and other issue of concern to the Residents
Residents have expressed concern over the amount of dog faeces left on the village green by dog walkers. The council are considering requesting a visit from the Richmondshire Dog warden.
It was agreed that there should be no dogs allowed on the play area and a resident has offered to improve the signs to make this clear.
Lords of the Manor – Thomas Tennant will report that some of the white posts need attention on the greens.
Bus Shelter – The roof needs some attention.
Cllr James Peacock will speak with Teasdale builders to see what needs to be done.
Cllr James Peacock will clean the millennium sign in the village.
5. Date of the next meeting
It was confirmed that the next Residents meeting would take place on Wednesday 6th May 2020
Meeting closed 7pm