Clerks Report March/April 2018

Bainbridge Parish Council – Clerks Report
March/April 2018
Annual Accounts
The internal auditor has now evaluated the accounts and is happy for them to be signed off. This year there has been a change in procedure and providing the council are happy to sign the Exemption certificate, the full accounts do not have to be sent off to the external auditor, but they will appear in full on the website.
Consultation over the closure of Northallerton Magistrates Court
A letter of objection was submitted to the consultation
Local Housing need – Questionnaire
A questionnaire was approved and sent out to the residents of Bainbridge
Meeting Dates 2018
2nd May 2018 – Sycamore Lounge
4th July 2018 – Sycamore Dining room
5th Sept 2018 – Sycamore Lounge
7th November – Sycamore Dining room
Pathway to Bainbridge School
The council would like to consider stepping the pathway up the side of Riverdale to school. This land is of course owned by the Lords of the Manor and the matter has been placed on their agenda for the May 2018 meeting.
Bank account Balances at the 31st March 2018
Current account £6529.02
Deposit account £5139.86
Reserve account £1859.04
Total to be carried forward £13527.92 less £84 unpresented cheque = £13443.92
Some of the funds are ring fenced for the cemetery extension
Turner Seat
Cllr Kettlewell is obtaining a signed legal agreement from the Sports Association
Planning –Updates in the District
11/07/2017 R/52/194G
Yorebridge House Hotel, Breconbar Road, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for conversion of barn and erection of single storey side extension to form new holiday accommodation in association with existing hotel
Not yet decided
11/07/2017 R/52/94Z
Land to the rear of The Rose & Crown Hotel, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for erection of 2 No. two bedroom and 3 No. three bedroom affordable dwellings
Not yet decided
07/08/2017 R/52/139G
Wood End Lodge, Marsett Lane, Countersett
Full planning permission for erection of cart shed/store with ancillary residential development for family, friends and staff; erection of log store; erection of bins/oil tank enclosure; construction of natural stone boundary walls and re-surfacing of yard/car parking area
Not yet decided
27/03/2018 R/52/129A/LB
White House Farm, Countersett
Listed building consent for replacement of bottom sash section of dining room window on a like-for-like basis (timber, single glazed)
Not yet decided
13/04/2018 R/52/117B/GPDO
Field Gate Farm, Bainbridge
Notification under part 6 of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development Order) (England) 2015 for erection of agricultural building
Not yet decided
Gillian Harrison