Minutes of the Parish Council 7th November 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th November 2017, at 7.00pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, Yvonne Peacock, Darren Percival, Derek Kettlewell, and Thomas Tennant.
Apologies: None
Karen Prudden, Roger Duval,
Members of the public

1 Consideration of Apologies for Absence

2 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 6th September 2017 were approved as a true and correct record.

3 Declaration of interest.
None were made

4 Clerk’s report and matters arising
Bainbridge Parish Council – Clerks Report Sept/October 2017
Parish Insurance and the Turner Seat
The Parish insurance is taken out via Came and Company specialist brokers. I have written to the insurance brokers with details of the turner seat including photos provided by Geoffrey KEEBLE. The insurers have come back as follows: –
Dear Gill,
Thank you for your email.
If the Parish Council agrees to be responsible for either owning or maintaining The Turner Seat the policy we arrange with Aviva will provide Public Liability Insurance automatically for no additional premium.
Loss and damage cover can also be provided if the Parish Council have agreed to be responsible for this. In order to be able to provide a quotation I will need to know the replacement value of the seat. Please note a £250 excess will apply to any one claim.
I can also confirm the Parish Council’s Public Liability Insurance covers the Parish Council’s play area. Cover is subject to all equipment being routinely checked at least weekly by someone appointed by the Council.
I trust this advice is of assistance but please contact me again if any further questions arise.
Kind Regards
Andrew Bedding
Asset Register update
Tim Prudden is very kindly looking at the asset register and is reviewing the full inventory of the assets in Bainbridge. There are many benches which need attention and some that will be recommended for removal. The asset register is once again placed on the agenda to officially review with recommendations.
Highways updates
The local highways inspector has been instructed to go to Car End and look in to the matter of the placed stones and will deal with accordingly.
Apologies were provided over the Marsett funeral and the road arrangements. The reason for this was a confusion over the dates.
Our Highway Officer has checked the gullies leading from Edge Hill down towards Countersett and has placed an order to have them cleaned. He dug out an area around the headwall near the drain on Stalling busk to Countersett. Once all the gullies are cleaned they should be ready for winter.
Final accounts 2016/17
The final summaries and external audit sign off have been posted to the website
Bainbridge Public Toilets
Dear Stuart Barron
Thank you for your email.
The decision to make a charge for public conveniences in this area was implemented by Richmondshire District Council who are the owners of the toilets.
I will advise Cllrs at the next meeting of your concerns.
Kind regards
Gill Harrison
Bainbridge Parish Council
From: STUART BARRON [mailto:do_not_reply@www.bainbridgeparishcouncil.co.uk]
Sent: 16 October 2017 15:48
To: gillian.harris@btconnect.com
Subject: toilets at Bainbridge
toilets at Bainbridge

Sender Email: stuart-barron@hotmail.co.uk

On Saturday the 14th of September I needed to us the public toilets in Bainbridge only to find that there was a charge to us them, I wouldn’t have minded this if the lights worked and the floor wasn’t swimming in water but this was the case and it wasn’t what I expected. I do hope that this isn’t the case in all the converted toilets. I just hope that the cost of converting these toilets will be have a short payback time, because tourists will find other places to go to so will not be paying
Village deposit boxes
The deposit boxes were emptied by Gill Harrison and Tim Prudden.
The total was £549.46. This has been deposited at HSBC
HSBC New Signatures Mandate
To attempt to add Darren Percival to the cheque signatories. New forms have been obtained.
Planning –Updates in the District
26/10/2017 R/52/145B
Marsett Barn, Busk Lane, Stalling Busk
Section 73 application to vary Condition 2 and remove Condition 3 of planning permission R/52/145
Not yet decided
18/10/2017 R/52/41H
Brough Hill Farm, Bainbridge
Full planning permission to re-roof existing stock building with a profile sheet to replace the existing stone slates
Not yet decided
14/08/2017 R/52/219A
Stable Cottage, Marsett
Full planning permission for redirection and widening of existing track through coppice, and creation of new access onto unclassified road (retrospective)
Not yet decided
07/08/2017 R/52/139G
Wood End Lodge, Marsett Lane, Countersett
Full planning permission for erection of cart shed/store with ancillary residential development for family, friends and staff; erection of log store; erection of bins/oil tank enclosure; construction of natural stone boundary walls and re-surfacing of yard/car parking area
Not yet decided
11/07/2017 R/52/194G
Yorebridge House Hotel, Breconbar Road, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for conversion of barn and erection of single storey side extension to form new holiday accommodation in association with existing hotel
Not yet decided
11/07/2017 R/52/94Z
Land to the rear of The Rose & Crown Hotel, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for erection of 2 No. two bedroom and 3 No. three bedroom affordable dwellings
Not yet decided
Gillian Harrison – Clerk
Turner Seat –
It was resolved that Cllr Kettlewell would obtain a suitable lease document to use to create a contract between the parish council and the Semmerdale Sports association. The lease will cost the council £1 per annum. Bill Truin will be winding up the existing company and it is expected that there will be a remaining balance of £150.00.

5. NY Police Inspector Gee
Inspector Gee thanked the council for the invitation.
Appleby Fair Travellers
The annual visit of the Travellers en route to Appleby Fair was discussed.
Inspector Gee informed the meeting that there is an official Appleby Fair website and all information running up to the event can be shared on the site.
Appleby Fair is to be held June 7th – 10th 2018
The Travellers will be expected in Bainbridge somewhere between 1st and the 6th June.
The Appleby Fair website is a multi-agent site and is used by
Cumbria Police
Cumbria Council
North Yorkshire Police
The 2017 figures of attendance were lower than usual and were at a 7-year low. There were 991 caravans.
Running up to the event in 2018, the NY police will look to
• Bid for extra funds for increased policing
• Hold a meeting with Bainbridge Parish Council beforehand (Sgt Grainger)
• Set parameters – signs with dates and times etc.
Speed Cameras/vans
Cllr Peacock asked the Inspector why we had been overburdened with excessive speed traps in the area.
The Inspector explained that the vans were not simply used to trap those vehicles who were speeding but they also were able to track: –
• Excess speed
• No seatbelt use
• Using a phone whilst driving
• Number plate recognition
• Trace a pattern of criminality
The Inspector went on to state that the first thing that is confiscated following a road traffic accident is the drivers phone to see if a call was made or received at the time of the accident. Phones risk lives and using a phone whilst driving is an offence.
Wildlife Crime
North Yorkshire is one of the countries hot spots for crimes against wildlife, particularly high in numbers in the area against Raptors.
Extra resources have been allocated in the area to look into and investigate wildlife crime Sgt Grainger has been placed on secondment to the scheme.
Many of the birds are now satellite tracked. Estate Managers and Game Keepers are aware of the problem and have been asked to be extra vigilant.
The crimes against wildlife are placing the area Game sporting pursuits in jeopardy. Cllr Peacock went on to state that Game Sports are vital for the areas economy, its community, jobs and schools and it is of upmost importance that the police are assisted in bringing down the wildlife crime in the area.

6. To consider any items relating to Highways
Street light in Worton is not working opposite the Cuebeck turnoff.
Quaker Bridge – Semmerwater – The clerk is to write to highways as follows: –
– The Quaker bridge that is part of the road that runs at the head of Semmerwater, joining Countersett to High Blean. This bridge has lost a significant amount of mortar and some of the stones have become loose. The council suggests that if some repointing work took place now, it could save significant cost and disruption in the future.

7. Financial Matters

7.1 Payments/Purchases/Income –
The following payments were authorised

07.11.17 John Banks 1178 400.00
07.11.17 Roger Duval 1179 154.95
07.11.17 PKF Littlejohn LLP 1180 120.00
07.11.17 Gillian Harrison 1181 23.12
07.11.17 H Metcalfe and Sons 1182 278.50
07.11.17 R Duval 1183 161.45

Payments authorised over £100
John Banks – Grass cutting at the cemetery
Roger Duval – caretaking
PKF Littlejohn – External auditors
H Metcalfe and sons – Fuel and repairs to mower
To note the receipt of £560.00 from the YDNPA reclaimed for the work of the caretaker.
To note the receipt of £549.46 from the deposit boxes on the village greens

7.2 Current financial balances –
NB Funds are included in the totals that must be spent on items for the transparency code. I.e. website costs, and money to buy a lap top computer.
As at 30th September 2017
Community account £6919.69
Deposit account £5138.46
Deposit account £1858.85
Total £13917.00
6 Monthly reconciliation was issued to Cllrs at the meeting along with the corresponding bank statements which were agreed and to be signed as true and correct.

7.3 Bainbridge Parish Council Clerk
To discuss the replacement of the current clerk who has resigned with her last official contracted working day being 31st December 2017.
The council discussed the situation and Cllr Peacock asked the clerk if she would consider staying on in the role if assistance was provided. The clerk said she was struggling for time with the amount of work that was generated. Cllr Peacock acknowledged that it had been a busy year.
It was resolved that the current clerk would stay in situe with Cllrs taking on work where necessary and Karen Prudden Cemetery Secretary and Gillian Harrison the Clerk getting together to discuss a way forward to allow the present clerk to continue.

8. Planning
26/10/2017 R/52/145B Marsett Barn, Busk Lane, Stalling Busk
Section 73 application to vary Condition 2 and remove Condition 3 of planning permission R/52/145
18/10/2017 R/52/41H Brough Hill Farm, Bainbridge
Full planning permission to re-roof existing stock building with a profile sheet to replace the existing stone slates
Cllrs had no comments to make on these applications

9. Cemetery
The council discussed the need to ring fence funds for the future cemetery extension. It was resolved that £6,000 from the current asset should be ring fenced for this project. This amount will be reviewed as an ongoing project and a Cemetery sub committee is to be set up to specifically to ensure adequate time is allotted for consideration. The Cemetery sub committee will comprise of
Cllr Brown
Cllr Peacock
Cllr Tennant
Cllr Kettlewell
Cllr Percival
Secretary – Karen Prudden
All financial commitments will be recommended back to the full Parish Council meetings for approval.
It was agreed that the first Cemetery sub committee meeting would take place at 7pm on the 28th December 2017 at the home of Cllr Brown.
The matter of loose or unstable head stones was brought up by Karen Prudden secretary. She said that the council had a legal obligation to make the cemetery safe and, so it was resolved that she should report back which stones were unstable and where possible contact the relatives.

Asset Register 2017
This is to be reviewed at the cemetery meeting to be held on the 28th December 2017
Jobs allocated by the council to the caretaker for Nov/Dec are as follows: –
Bainbridge Notice Board is leaking
Worton Notice Board is leaking
Tree – near phone box in Bainbridge
Lock for Sexton’s hut at the cemetery
Seat in the play area needs to be made safe
It was resolved that a further set of lights and a Christmas tree should be purchased for Bainbridge.

11. Children’s Play Area
Nothing to report

12. Local Health Issues
Nothing new to report

13. Items for next meeting agenda
Asset register
Precept Budget

14. Date of next meeting.
Wednesday 10th January 2018, 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
Meeting closed at 9.35pm