Draft Minutes of the Bainbridge Parish Council AGM 7th May 2019

Draft Minutes of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th May 2019, at 7.00pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, James Peacock, Derek Kettlewell, Daren Percival and Thomas Tennant.
Karen Prudden, District Cllr Peacock
Members of the public
A. Election of Parish Council Chairman / Vice-Chairman
Nominations were received for Brian Brown to remain chairman and this was seconded unanimously. Brian Brown then signed a Declaration of Chairmanship Form. Darren Percival was nominated for vice chairman and Derek Kettlewell seconded this. It was resolved therefore that
Chairman – 2019 Brian Brown
Vice Chairman – 2019 Darren Percival
1. Declaration of acceptance of office – completed at meeting
2. Members Interest forms – completed within 28 days of election (30 May 19)
3. Elections Expenses forms – Must be submitted to RDC by 30 May 19

1 Consideration of Apologies for Absence

2 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 6th March 2019 were approved as a true and correct record.

3 Declaration of interest.
None were made

Clerk’s report on actions and Ongoing /new Village issues
Village deposit boxes
Pathway to Bainbridge School
The council would like to consider stepping the pathway up the side of Riverdale to school. This land is of course owned by the Lords of the Manor – YP advised that the Lords of the Manor were happy for the Parish council to proceed with these improvement works.
It was resolved that the following should take place:
3 quotes to be obtained by Cllr Percival from:
Colin Teasdale
Paul Metcalfe
Peter Iveson
Once the quotes have been obtained the clerk will apply to RDC for a grant towards the costs of the works. The clerk will also contact the Lords of the Manor to ask them to consider contributing.
Just to remind everyone of the arrangements in place
1. Managed site arrives Friday 31st May pm and leave Monday 4th June AM
2. There will be large notices on the village green displaying the dates
3. Leaflets with important information will be distributed to residents
4. Leaflets will be distributed to the travellers by the Police with the details of the managed site.
The village green honesty boxes are to be emptied and removed before the travellers arrive.
PC Julian Sutcliffe attended the meeting and advised that Operation Gamekeeper would be in place two weeks before the arrival of the travellers to step up the police presence.
Parking in the village – Cllrs requested the clerk contact YDNPA to seek approval for the use of the car park at weekends.

To consider any items relating to Highways
The clerk contacted Ian Beighton with a view to asking him to come to the village for a meeting to discuss the following
2. Problems with cars parking at junctions
3. Problems with the one-way system near the Rose and Crown
4. Problems with speeding motorbikes leaving the village past the Rose and Crown and up towards Hawes.
So far, the dates provided by Ian Beighton have not suited Cllrs. The Clerk is to contact Ian Beighton again to get a new date and the Cllrs to attend will be James Peacock, Yvonne peacock and Brian Brown.
Cllr Kettlewell stated that the drain under Busk Lane, located at High Blean had collapsed.

B. Financial Matters

C.2 Internal Audit
Action to appoint Jo Reynolds as internal auditor
The council agreed to appoint and accept the work of Joanna Reynolds. A fee of £50 was agreed

Agree and sign the certificate of Exemption where gross income or expenditure did not exceed £25,000 in the year of account ended 31 March 2019
The certificate was signed, and the clerk is to submit the certificate to the External auditor PKF Littlejohn.

Annual Governance Statement
Action To consider the statements from section 1 of the Annual Governance Statement and confirm where appropriate.
The council approved the statements and agreed all was in order. The form was signed by the chairman and the clerk.

Presentation of the accounts for the year 2018/2019
Action to consider /approve the accounts presented for 2018/2019 and agree and sign Accounting statements 2018/19
The council all received a copy of the annual accounts and it was agreed to approve the accounts for the year ended 18/19.

Annual Reviews
Action to confirm the insurance renewal
The Turner seat is to be added once the legal agreements and the official transfer of asset has taken place.

Procedural Documents
Action: To review the following documents and approve any changes needed: –
• Standing Orders
• Financial Regulations
• Financial Risk Assessment
• H&S Risk Assessments
Cllr Peacock proposed to accept all the documents and the remaining Cllrs seconded the proposal.

6.0 Financial Matters

6.1 Current Financial Balances
Bainbridge Parish Council account 9259– Balance as at 01/05/19 – £9861.87
Banbridge Parish Council No2 account – Balance as at 01/05/19 – £5146.80
Bainbridge Parish Council Current account – Balance as at 01/05/19 – £4516.60
NB Funds are included in the totals that must be spent on items for the transparency code. I.e. website costs, and money to buy a lap top computer plus the ring-fenced money for the cemetery.


Payments/Purchases/Income –
The following payments were authorised
1. Yorkshire Local Councils Associations annual membership fee – £203
2. Gillian Harrison – Ink – £35.38
4. O’Reilly £108.00 – Annual Payroll work
5. Approval of Annual Insurance payment to Came and Company – £360.95
Note the receipt of the 1st instalment of the precept – £3255
Complete the new SO for the change of amounts payable monthly to the clerk as per the approval last month to the statutory pay award.

6.3 Approval to sign O’Reilly Accountants engagement letter for Payroll
The Council resolved to sign the agreement

6.4 Acceptance of the NYCC offer letter of £400 towards the repairs to the playground
The Council resolved to sign the agreement and were delighted with the grant funding

7. Planning
New Planning applications to consider
R/52/84B Former Pumping Station, Countersett
Full planning permission for conversion of old pumping station to accommodate camping pod and creation of associated parking
Cllrs commented that it would be an eye sore and have issues with parking.

7.2 Update on outstanding planning applications
R/52/94Z Land to the rear of The Rose & Crown Hotel, Bainbridge
Richard Graham of the YDNPA advised the PC that the applicant is re-considering the terms of the agreement and whether he wishes to make changes to his application. A decision cannot be issued until the applicant and the authority sign the agreement.
The council resolved to contact Graeme Newton of Randall Orchard to find out this position.
8. Cemetery
To receive accounts/Report for the year April 2018 to March 2019
(copy with minutes)
The Cemetery grass cutting was discussed, and it was resolved to ask John Banks to continue cutting the grass at £100 per cut.

8.1 Children’s Play Area Standing item
Consider any necessary repairs –
It was agreed by the council to proceed with repairs on the Zip wire. Cllr Percival is to contact the relevant company and discuss obtaining the relevant replacement part.

8.2 Village Green
The council resolved to approve the purchase of a new tyre for the lawn mower.

Turner Seat
David Ballinger is liaising with Shane Metcalfe over an appropriate a signed legal agreement from the Sports Association.

Notice board for Countersett
The council approved expenditure of £250 on a replacement notice board for Countersett. David Ballinger offered to fit the sign.

9 Correspondence received
YDNPA Forum meetings

10. Items for the next agenda
Feedback from the Travellers visit en route to Appleby

11. Date of next meeting.
Wednesday 3rd July 2019 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge –

Meeting closed 9.05pm