Clerks Report – August/September 2018

Bainbridge Parish Council Clerks Report

August/September 2018

Village deposit boxes

The deposit boxes on the green were damaged by the travelers on the way to Appleby Fair.  Tim Prudden is liaising with Brian Clarkson to work out a way forward, either repair or replace.  In the meantime, Tim has been emptying the boxes regularly.  There is currently £80.16 held by the clerk waiting to be deposited at the HSBC.  Many thanks to Tim as this is a vital resource to the village and it is a time-consuming job.

Highways site meeting

The council requested Richard Marr of NYCC highways attend a site meeting in and around the Bainbridge area.  An invitation was sent, however Mr Marr advised that he is leaving post and he will pass on the invitation to the new position holder.

HSBC New Signatures Mandate

Add Darren Percival to the cheque signatories and remove Ian Canavan.  New forms have been obtained, the current signatories are Brian Brown, Yvonne Peacock, Thomas Tennant, Derek Kettlewell and Ian Canavan.

Pathway to Bainbridge School

The council would like to consider stepping the pathway up the side of Riverdale to school.  This land is of course owned by the Lords of the Manor – update from YP

Turner Seat

David Ballinger is liaising with Shane Metcalfe over an appropriate a signed legal agreement from the Sports Association.  Currently the Parish Council are unable to insure the Turner seat as they do not have an insurable interest.   

Sycamore Tree – Bottom green

The parish council have supported a resident who has asked permission from the YDNPA to fell the large sycamore tree on the bottom green on the grounds of health and safety.  The Lords of the Manor, The Parish Council along with the resident and the YDNPA are now looking to site 2 x new trees on the green to replace the one that is to be felled and will be meeting on the green to look and decide on suitable locations.


Roger the village caretaker is due to have surgery and is likely to be off work for some time.  In the meantime, the strimmer is to be held at Metcalfe’s Garage on the bridge.


Gillian Harrison