Minutes of the extraordinary Meeting of Bainbridge Parish Council, Bainbridge, on 25th June 2019

Draft Minutes of the extraordinary Meeting of Bainbridge Parish Council held at Sycamore Close, Bainbridge, on Tuesday 25th June 2019 at 7.00 pm
Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, James Peacock, Derek Kettlewell and Thomas Tennant.
Karen Prudden
Geoff Phillips – Methodist Circuit
Members of the public
1. To receive apologies for absence
Cllr Percival
2. To receive declarations of interest
3. R/52/231 Methodist Chapel, Back Syke, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for conversion of former Methodist Chapel to form 2 no. two-bedroom flats
A Full discussion took place in the room making the following points: –
Parking problems
No parking belonging to the Chapel
Suggestion of the railings being removed to create an area to park
Suggestion of plans being altered to create parking spaces
Geoff Phillips addressed the meeting and advised that this application for changing the Methodist
church into two local occupancy flats to rent in perpetuity is a pilot and Aysgarth and Middleham are
waiting to see if this application is successful. He went on to say that the application was in danger of
not progressing as it was due to them discovering asbestos in the roof and the likely hood of it costing
£40k to remove it.
Having listened to what everyone had to say the council resolved to send the following comments to
the YDNPA by the following day: –
Dear Michelle Clowes
At the extraordinary meeting of Bainbridge Parish Council held on the 25th June at 7pm, the planning application R/52/231 Methodist chapel, Back Syke, Bainbridge was discussed. The council resolved to submit the following findings to the YDNPA in respect of this application:
Bainbridge Parish Council very much support the Local Occupancy, and property to rent in principal for this application, however the council are concerned over the proposed parking allocations shown on the plans submitted as the allotted spaces are not owned by the applicant.
The council would fully support an application with an appropriate number of allocated owned car parking spaces. Suggestions at the meeting were made that a few changes to the current design could achieve owned allocated parking.
Kind regards
Gill Harrison
Bainbridge Parish Council

4. Other planning applications newly received: –
R/52/232 3 Holmbrae, Bainbridge
Householder planning permission for erection of two-storey rear extension
No objections
Meeting closed 8.15pm