Minutes Of The Parish Council Meeting 12th November 2019



TUESDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2019 – 7.00 PM




Cllr Brian Brown                                                                   Cllr Derek Kettlewell

Cllr James Peacock                                                               Cllr Darren Percival

Cllr Thomas Tennant                                                           Gill Harrison – Clerk

Karen Prudden – Minute Taker


1 Consideration of Apologies of Absence

There were none.

2 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 4th September 2019 had been circulated to all councillors.  It was noted that Cllr J Peacock was at the meeting with Highways and that Roger Lambert (not Scarr) had been at the last meeting.  Noting these corrections, the Minutes were signed by the Chair. 

3 Declarations of Interest


4 Clerk’s Report of Actions Since Last Meeting & Ongoing Issues

Most matters were already included on the Agenda. 

Meeting re TravellersKaren updated councillors on the invitation to Rishi Sunak to attend a meeting with them to discuss the traveller situation.  A letter had been issued, following which Rishi’s assistant had telephoned Karen and informed her that he would be delighted to attend a meeting, and probably to hold his surgery after it.  He was currently very busy with matters in parliament but she would return to us with dates early in the New Year.  She promised that the meeting would be held in good time before the planned traveller visit next year.  Councillors were pleased to hear this.

Remembrance – The Clerk informed councillors that Karen had obtained an official poppy wreath via the Royal British Legion, rather than purchasing one from Lamberts which had been the case previously and had cost £40.  The RBL seek to cover the cost of the wreath together with a donation and councillors had agreed to send £25 in that respect.  Thanks were expressed to Karen for making these arrangements.  On Armistice Day, Cllrs Kettlewell and Tennant had laid the wreath at the war memorial, read the names of the fallen and observed the silence.  James Parrington was also present.  Cllr Percival thanked his fellow councillors for stepping in for him at the last minute.

Road Layout Proposals Outside the Village Hall – The Clerk had circulated plans and these would be discussed later in the meeting.

5 To Consider Items Relating to Highways

None, other than the issues outside the Village Hall.


6 Financial Matters
6.1 Payments/Purchases/Income

The following payments were authorised:-

1.       H Metcalfe & Son – £188.46 – Fuel and repairs for the lawnmower and strimming around the village

2.       Royal British Legion – £25.00 – Wreath for Remembrance

3.       Coatie Barn Admin (Karen Prudden) – £31.11 – Attending meeting and taking minutes for September meeting

4.       Carperby Parish Council – £539.25 – Refund of clerk’s payment made in error

5.       GB Sport & Leisure – £300.00 – Replacement of spring on zip wire

6.       John Banks – £100.00 – Last grass cut in the Cemetery


Everyone was in agreement to the above payments and cheques were signed at the meeting.

6.2 Current Financial Balances (as at 30th September 2019)


The Clerk presented the six month reconciliation which is part of the audit process. 


Bainbridge Parish Council Account – £4,613.13

Bainbridge Parish Council No 2 Account – £5,151.99

Bainbridge Parish Council Current Account – £9,871.78  (ring-fenced for Cemetery extension work)

Petty Cash – £21.37


The net balance as at 30th September was £18,903.27.


The Clerk advised that the petty cash was money collected from the village green donation boxes which councillors had agreed to retain as petty cash to purchase stamps etc. 


The grant funding for the big screen for the UCI cycle race had been received.  It was noted that, despite the race route being re-located away from the area due to heavy rain, there had been no financial loss to the Parish Council. 


The bank statements were reviewed and signed by Cllr Brown.

7 Planning Applications

There were none requiring consideration. 


It was noted that the application to undertake sympathetic repairs to a collapsed barn at Semerview had been refused by the YDNPA.  No further details were known.

8 Cemetery

Karen reported that there were currently no issues relating to the Cemetery.  Cllr Percival agreed that it was looking good and was well maintained, although acknowledged there were still repairs required to the wall.

9 BT Telephone Box Consultation – Worton

The Clerk reported that she had received notification of the above consultation but the only telephone box in the Parish under threat was that at Worton.  This is the second consultation, one having taken place two years ago.  The information provided showed that only one call had been made from the Worton box in the last twelve months.  Discussion took place and it was agreed that the Parish Council would respond to say that the box was needed for 999 emergencies until such time as there was a more reliable mobile telephone signal in the area.  In addition, it was noted that in a power cut, most people would be without telephones as the majority are now operated via electricity.  It was agreed the Clerk would respond to object strongly to the removal of the box.

10 Update on the Parish Forum

Cllr Brown had attended the Forum and reported that colleagues were present from Parish Councils at West Burton, Carperby, Aysgarth and Low Abbotside.  At the Forum discussion took place around the proposed new YDNPA Local Plan and everyone had agreed that it was important to continue to meet to discuss this and offer up suggestions, giving local communities a voice.  It was noted that currently approval has been passed to build 500 new homes, but these have not yet appeared.  Everyone was in agreement that it was important to have input to this Plan which would affect the future viability of our local communities.  It was agreed it is essential to provide affordable housing for local people.

11 Asset Register 2019

The Asset Register value was last approved in March this year.  It needs regular review and agreement to its value.  In March 2019, the value was placed at £38,659 which includes the Cemetery, the Memorial Garden, benches, the Marsett telephone box, grit spreader, strimmer, bus shelter and play equipment.  Discussion took place and councillors were in agreement that all the equipment made available to the previous Parish Caretaker should be returned to the Parish.  The location of much of this was currently unknown.  Councillors agreed to the current valuation of £38,659.

12 Village Parking Issues

The proposed alterations to the road layout were discussed by councillors.  There is some query as to the ownership of the land to the front of the Village Hall.  Cllr Kettlewell reported that Ian Beyton did not believe the land belonged to Highways, although Cllr Brown believed that the Village Hall ownership only extended to one yard from the building.  This will need to be investigated.


Karen reported that Margaret Preston, on behalf of the Village Hall Committee, had made numerous telephone calls recently in an attempt to get the unroadworthy car moved from the parking space directly outside the Village Hall door.  This car belongs to the tenants of the neighbouring house but has not moved for a year and is apparently not taxed and has no valid MOT.  Unfortunately, neither the Police, the Council nor DVLA were prepared to instigate the removal of the vehicle. 


The Clerk suggested that Margaret contact RDC Street Scene department who apparently are responsible for removing such vehicles.  She should point out that this car has not been moved for a year, has no tax or MOT and is blocking disabled access to the Village Hall.    It is therefore an eyesore and a hazard.


Councillors discussed the proposals made by Highways to alter the junction, placing chevrons outside the home of Les Alderson and widening the actual roadway.  This could possibly result in the loss of one parking space outside the Village Hall.  Karen reported that the Village Hall Committee would like to create a disabled parking space there and would need clarification on the impact of the proposed alteration to the road layout. 


All councillors were in agreement that changes were necessary to improve the visibility and safety of the area, particularly given that it was a main access to and from the village school.  They made some slight alterations to the proposed new plan and the Clerk will return this to Highways.

13 Children’s Play Area & Donation Boxes

Noting that the zip wire had now been repaired, there were currently no issues with the play equipment.


The Clerk suggested that the donation boxes should be emptied and she will liaise with Tim Prudden to undertake this task.  Previously, given the difficulty in reaching a bank, the Council had given the Clerk approval to pay the monies collected into her personal bank account and make an immediate transfer of the same amount to the Parish Council.  They once again agreed to this process, acknowledging the inadequacies of the banks to provide the services needed locally.   The Clerk expressed her thanks and agreed to email councillors with the amount to be banked, seeking their approval for that amount to go through her bank account and be transferred to the Parish Council.


Cllr Percival said he believed it was important that the Parish Council had effective banking arrangements in place.  To date, he has still not been placed on the Parish Council bank mandate, despite completing numerous forms.  The Clerk reported that there are specialist bank accounts available to Parish Councils, usually operated on-line with cash facilities available via the Post Office.  All councillors agreed that these should be investigated as a matter of some urgency due to the problems being faced with the current banking arrangements.  The Clerk agreed to speak to the YLCA for their advice and recommendations. 

14 Local Health Issues

Friarage Hospital Consultation – A consultation is currently being undertaken on the downgrading of the Friarage Hospital A&E/Urgent Care facilities.  Paper copies of the consultation are available and it can also be completed on-line.  So far, there are not a huge number of responses and it was noted that in the main these are likely to come from the older generation who have the time to consider this.  Meetings are being held around the area but again, it was noted that these are generally during the day time when only the retired community are able to attend.  There is a meeting planned for Monday 25th November at the DCM between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.  Everyone should be encouraged to attend or to complete the consultation.    Karen suggested that as an absolute minimum there should be 24 hour Urgent Care facilities at The Friarage, even if this is only to reassure the community that help is available relatively close to hand.  It is a big worry for many that they may have to travel to Middlesbrough in the middle of the night or in bad weather just to access emergency facilities.  Councillors agreed this was important, and acknowledged that very few of those making these decisions had any idea where we lived or just how challenging the journey could be.

15 Any Other Matters

The BAWB Federation – It was noted that the BAWB Federation were holding a meeting at Carperby Village Hall on Tuesday 19th November at 7.00 pm and they had invited members of the Parish Council to attend.  The purpose of the meeting was not to announce significant changes but to keep the local community updated on the Federation and the challenges it faces moving forward.  Cllr J Peacock and Cllr Y Peacock will be attending.  


Cllr Kettlewell asked whether it would be possible to enquire at the meeting what would happen in the case of bad weather closure of the schools now that the transport comes from Northallerton.  Would parents have to collect their own children?   He was very concerned at the new arrangement and it was noted that there was an occasion recently when the transport failed to turn up in the morning, leaving the children standing out in the cold for a very long period of time.


Street Lights – It was noted that the faulty street light in Stalling Busk had been repaired.  Another faulty light along Holmbrae had been reported along with one in Worton. 


Posts & Rails on Village Green – Cllr Peacock reported that there had been numerous complaints regarding the condition of the posts and rails around Bainbridge Village Green.  A quote has therefore been obtained from Matty Metcalfe to replace 24 posts and fit new chain.  This totals £1,370.  It is believed the wood will come from Gayle Mill and will be larch.  Cllr Peacock intends seeking a grant from the Sustainability Fund towards the cost of this work, although they will only provide half of the total cost.  It was suggested that the Lords of the Manor should contribute and maybe the Millennium Fund could help if required. 


YDNPA Dairy Days Project – A letter had been received from Karen Griffiths, from the Archaeology Department at YNDPA, informing the Council that they could have an information panel provided free of charge showing any local involvement with the Dairy Days Project.  It had been noted that cheese had previously been made in Bainbridge and information on this would be on the panel.  Councillors agreed this would be an asset and are therefore happy to agree.  It was suggested that Mason Scarr would be a good point of contact to assist in providing information for the board.    The Clerk will reply to the YDNPA suggesting this and advising that Cllr Brown will be the village contact in case of query.  The Clerk also suggested that if we could find out where the YDNPA were sourcing their boards we could investigate replacing one at the stocks with a similar version.

16 Items for Next Agenda

Precept Budget

17 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 7th January 2020 at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge.


The meeting closed at 8.35 pm.