Draft Minutes of the Parish Council held on 4th July 2018

Draft Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 4th July, at 7.00pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge

Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, Yvonne Peacock, Darren Percival, Derek Kettlewell, and Thomas Tennant.
Karen Prudden, Roger Duval,
Members of the public

1 Consideration of Apologies for Absence

2 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 2nd May 2018 were approved as a true and correct record.

3 Declaration of interest.
None were made

Clerk’s report on actions and Ongoing /new Village issues
Cllr peacock advised that she has been dealing with the Rat issue in the Back Syke and will report back at the next meeting.
The result of the housing survey that was issued by RDC on behalf of the Methodist Church with regards to the vacated chapel in Bainbridge suggested that the properties most in need were three bedroomed accommodation.

5. To consider any items relating to Highways
1. As soon as is practical, flailing of the roadsides from Bainbridge to Marsett and out of Bainbridge heading towards Hawes especially near the layby are considered essential.
2. Consideration to be given to an extension of the 30mph speed limit and 100 yards on the road leaving Bainbridge heading towards Hawes.
The clerk is to contact Area 1.
The clerk is to contact Richard Marr with a view to a site meeting with councillors in the Bainbridge Area.

B. Financial Matters


Payments/Purchases/Income –
The following payments were authorised
Payments/Purchases/Income –
1. Roger Duval – £268.58 – invoices handed in on the night of the meeting for general work
2. John Banks – Two x cuts for the cemetery £200 less £100 in hand from last year = £100
3. Wensleydale Press – £6.45 signs for village green
4. Mrs Karen Prudden – £64 – Funeral and grave reservation
5. Gillian Harrison increase back dated to April 18 – £7.98 x 4 = £31.92
Sign a new monthly S/O letter to the bank for the Clerks Wages – NALC increase from April 18 – new s/o from August will be £179.19
The council resolved to approve and adopt the new official pay rates for Council employees

6.2 Current Financial Balances
Bainbridge Parish Council account – Balance as at 01/6/18 – £8720.27
Banbridge Parish Council No2 account – Balance as at 01/6/18 – £5140.77
Bainbridge Parish Council Current account – Balance as at 01/6/18 – £1859.68
To note the deposit box collection end of May £369.56

7. Planning
No new applications to consider

8. Cemetery
A complaint letter had been submitted to the Cemetery secretary Karen Prudden with regards to the incorrect placing of a grave. It was resolved that the clerk consult YLCA for guidance in this matter and authorised Karen Prudden to deal with the complaint on behalf of the council. As soon as the clerk has a response, the information is to be forward to Karen.


Parish Caretaker
The caretaker is due to have an operation, so no work has been allocated

10. Village Green and Appleby Travellers
To receive a report on the Appleby Travellers from the Chairman
An overview of the Appleby Travellers and their stay in Bainbridge was discussed. This year had been particularly bad for offensive and unacceptable behaviour which ultimately resulted in the police intervening and certain members/families of the travelling community being instructed to leave the village.
A resident described how damaging the event is for the village with holiday makers being intimated by travellers. Some of the Trip advisor comments had been to avoid Bainbridge when the Gypsies were there. She went on to explain how it had been half term and the children of the village couldn’t use the village amenities as it was unsafe for them to do so.
A letter was received from another resident who said that they had had items stolen, a set of metal electric fence posts and a sign. The resident had attempted to call the police on 101 and couldn’t get a response. They then attempted to email PCSO Don Watson and again have had no response.
Cllr Peacock advised that the Police Sgt from Leyburn police station had provided tremendous support with the eviction of the worst offenders and absolutely knew her stuff. None the less this group had been particularly bad, and it is hoped that with the police ultimately stepping in, that the message will get out that the residents of Bainbridge will not stand for lawless behaviour.
Meetings will take place with the police in advance of Appleby Fair next year. Residents of Kirkby Stephen have called for the cancellation of Appleby Fair in view of the horrific incident where a driver of a car was badly beaten by members of the travelling community.

11. Fallen Tree – Bainside
To discuss an email from a resident.
A resident has emailed and advised of a fallen tree in her garden. The branch of the tree narrowly missed the sewage pipe. She stated that she was concerned that the main trunk could fall and hit the pipe which would cause massive issues in the village. The tree is the responsibility of the Quakers and the pipe the responsibility of Yorkshire water.
Cllr Brown advised that the matter was in hand and that Willian Scarr and David Allen were sorting out the tree.

12. Children’s Play Area Standing item
Consider any necessary repairs – None advised

13. The Turner Seat – Adoption and insurance
The licence that the Sports association had drawn up carried many errors and was not suitable to be an official document. This means that the seat is now to be closed off as it is not insured. Until the Parish Council have an insurable interest in the seat, it cannot be covered on the Parish Council insurance.
It was resolved that David Ballinger would contact Shane Metcalfe to get the licence issue resolved.

14. Correspondence to consider
• Lighting Consultation – The council resolved to keep the street lighting as it is without reducing to part night lighting. Cllr Kettlewell stated that the upgrade/work on the light at Stalling Busk was still not complete.
• Invitation to celebrate success – This invitation was from RDC with regards to celebrating success in the housing sector. Cllr Peacock will be attending
• Email from Citizens Advice Bureau – An introductory letter from a new service of a mobile CAB service.
• Notification from the YDNPA re Trees in conservation area – Am email had been received asking the council to consider whether it supported the removal of a large Sycamore tree on the bottom green in Bainbridge. The council resolved to support the removal of the tree on the grounds of health and safety and supported the YDNPA in requiring a replacement tree sapling in a more appropriate location.

15. Date of next meeting.
Wednesday 5th September 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge –

Meeting closed 8.20pm