Minutes of the Parish Council – 3rd May 2017

Draft Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 3rd May 2017, at 7.00pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, Yvonne Peacock Darren Percival, and Thomas Tennant.
Apologies: Derek Kettlewell
Karen Prudden, Roger Duval,
Members of the public
A. Election of Parish Council Chairman / Vice-Chairman
Nominations were received for Brian Brown to remain chairman and this was seconded unanimously. Brian Brown then signed a Declaration of Chairmanship Form. Thomas Tennant was nominated for vice chairman and Darren Percival seconded this. It was resolved therefore that
Chairman – 2017 Brian Brown
Vice Chairman – 2017 Thomas Tennant
1. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
Yvonne Peacock offered her apologies for being late and would arrive as soon as she could and this would most likely be after 7.30pm
Derek Kettlewell was unable to attend.
2. Minutes of Parish Council meeting
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 1st March 2017 were approved as a true and correct record.
3. Declaration of Interest
B. Finance
B.1 Internal Audit
Jo Reynolds was proposed and it was agreed to appoint her as internal auditor for tax year 16/17. The agreed sum of £25 was approved for her service.
B.2 Presentations of the accounts for the year 2016/17
These were approved and signed by Chairman Cllr Brian Brown.
B.3 Annual Governance Statement
The statements from Section 1 of the External Audit Form were considered and were confirmed by the council. The section 1 was signed by clerk Gillian Harrison and Chairman Brian Brown. It was resolved that the Annual Governance Statement was a true and correct record.
B.3.(i) The Annual Accounting statements were approved and signed by Chairman Brian Brown and Clerk Gillian Harrison.
C. Annual Reviews
C.1 Insurance
The Council approved the renewal of £327.32 including 6% insurance premium tax as per the long-term agreement as per the three year agreement to expire on 31st May 2018.
C.2 Procedural Documents
The Council reviewed the following documents:-
1. Standing Orders
2. Financial Regulations
3. Financial Risk Assessment
4. H&S Risk Assessments
5. Asset Register
It was resolved that the council were happy with all the current procedural documents listed above.

4. Clerk’s report on actions taken for the period 2nd March to 26th April and Ongoing /new Village issues
The Turner Seat – Raydale Project
The Turner Seat – letter to the
Thank you for raising our awareness of the Turner seat and the fact that is about to be “cut adrift” from the Raydale Project.
Unfortunately we are not in a position to make a decision about the seat outside a Parish Council meeting and the next meeting is due to take place in May.
Our First thoughts however is that the seat is not on Parish Lands and that it would be very expensive to insure.
An email was sent to Deborah Millward to enquire about costs to insure:-
As discussed, below is a response to the Parish Council.
The Raydale Project was set up some seven years ago to organise and facilitate projects within Raydale that helped the community look after the environment within the catchment area of the River Bain. Some of its achievements have been quite high profile, such as providing the forum for setting up River Bain Hydro as a standalone community owned green energy project through to less immediately obvious projects such as tree planting, protecting river banks to reduce erosion and reducing the run off of agricultural pollutants in to the water courses.
For some time now the project has been dormant, largely due to a shortage of local volunteers, but also many of its initiatives have been adopted on larger Wensleydale scales by professional organisations such as the National Park and Natural England.
The Project has three directors, namely Deborah Millward, Bill Truin and Matt Bell. Due to personal/family circumstances neither Deborah nor Bill Truin are able to continue as directors, therefore it was necessary to consider the future of the Project as a legal entity. As there were no obvious volunteers to take over the directorships of Bill & Deborah it was reluctantly decided to formally wind the project up, settling any liabilities/obligations and distributing assets to other appropriate organisations.
The Turner seat funded by the Project stands on a piece of land leased from The Semerwater Sports Association. The public access to the seat means that the Project needs to carry significant Public Liability insurance.
The lease allows either party to give notice to terminate the agreement, but does not allow the Project to transfer the lease to another party. Therefore as part of the winding up process the Project’s directors have given notice that they wish to terminate the lease.
If another party, such as the Parish Council wish to take over the Project’s obligations on the Turner seat then they would need to enter into a new agreement with Semerwater Sports Association, similar to that now being terminated.
The only alternative would be for two new directors to be appointed so that the Project continues as an independent community organisation. That would require active fund raising to fund the ongoing insurance premium for future years.
Lords of the manor – correspondence re hole in car parking area
Dear Roger
Authorisation for expenditure
A resident has reported to the Parish Council that a repair is required in the Car parking area near the Quaker cottages. A large hole has appeared in between the flags and is large enough to get a foot trapped into.
We are writing to seek authority to ask Colin Teasdale to repair the hole and sent the invoice to The Lords of the Manor for settlement.
The Parish Council feels that this work is necessary in the interests of Public Safety.
Letter to Mr and Mrs Lambert re the Cemetery
Dear Jonathan and Christine
Bainbridge Cemetery
The Parish Council would like to offer our sincere apology for any upset caused by the recent newspaper report with regards to the Cemetery extension. The matter of extending the cemetery was merely a general discussion point and at no time would the Parish Council consider progressing this matter without first seeking your thoughts on the matter and of course if you are willing your approval.
With the above in mind, should the time come whereby the need arises for an extension of the cemetery we would like to ask if you would consider selling a small parcel of land adjacent to the existing cemetery?
If you would be kind enough to give this matter your consideration we would be very grateful to hear of your decision and if you are willing your proposals.
We hope that you can accept our apology and we look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Highways correspondence
New entrance gateway in Marsett
New access from campsite onto the Highway between Marsett and Raydale House – advice please – Bainbridge Parish Council PC9_IB_200317
Thank you for your e-mail of 20 March 2017 which related to the above matter.
Just to confirm that the work which you describe is ‘not ringing any bells’ with respect to it being authorised. Notwithstanding this, arrangements will be made to review the new access and further investigation work will be undertaken as necessary.
Ian Beighton
Project Engineer, Highways North Yorkshire
Road Resurfacing
At Bainbridge Parish Council meeting last night when Highways matters were discussed I was asked to request information on the following:-
The road that leads from Bainbridge via High Blean and onto Stalling Busk.
This road has had several sections resurfaced in the last 12 months, however there are still further sections that are needing attention, the surface being extremely rough
With potholes etc. Are you able to advise if this road is on the list for resurfacing the missing sections and if so when is it likely to take place?
Our Ref: PC9_AE_030317_259818
Hi Gill,
Just to confirm an order is being placed for repairs. The section of road is awaiting funding allocation for resurfacing.
Amy Ellis
Highways Customer Communications Officer
Area 1 Richmond & Area 2 Thirsk
Marsett Street Light – phone box
The work to the lights will be completed on 12th April 2017
Gillian Harrison 26/4/17


Matters arising from the Clerks report
• Donation Boxes – Darren is to look at the padlocks
• Karen Prudden and Gill Harrison are to co-ordinate emptying the donation boxes
• The Playground repairs are scheduled to take place week commencing 8th May 2017
• Turner seat. Cllr Percival suggested that he would get in touch with the Sports association to find out exactly what it entails with regards to insuring and looking after the seat. Any decision is to be deferred to the next meeting.
• No response as yet from the Lords of the Manor with regards to the repairs required to a hole that has appeared on the parking area near the playground in Bainbridge. The clerk is to phone Roger Lambert 650220
• Bainbridge Cemetery extension – ongoing
• New access to the Highway – Marsett. Highways confirmed that they were looking into the new access as it had no previously been advised. A member of the public spoke out and said that not all members of Bardale common had been consulted either. It was suggested that the member of public consult with highways directly.

5. To consider any items relating to Highways
Karen Prudden suggested that the signage near the Rose and Crown was still confusing with motorists regularly going the wrong way and entering the wrong lanes.
Rita Cloughton said she was concerned over speeding drivers travelling past the crescent.

Payments/Purchases/Income –
Action: The Council authorised the following payments:

Payments over £100 are
Caretaker for March £262.05
YLCA – Annual Membership £196
O’Reillys annual Payroll fee £102
Came and Company – Annual Insurance – £327.32
Caretaker for April £170
RDC – Playpark inspections £175.97

7. Planning Course
The clerk advised that she had attended a planning course which she had found extremely helpful.
The main positive piece of information drawn from the course is how to support or object successfully with planning applications.
She stated that is is not a legal obligation for planning authorities to consult Parish Councils, however we are lucky in our area that the YDNPA do as a matter of course consult local councils on planning applications.
Central government are keen to give more weight to consultation with the local community.

New Planning applications to consider
New Planning applications to consider
Mill Garth, Back Syke, Bainbridge
Full planning permission for erection of replacement garage/workshop on footprint of existing garage/workshop
No objections
Not yet decided
Friends Meeting House, Bainbridge
Listed building consent for external works comprising: remove and re-bed chimney capping; re-bed water table; replace kneeler stones; re-bed ridge and re-point east and west gable walls using lime mortar in place of existing cement
No objections

8. Cemetery – standing item
• Accounts and Report for the year April 2016 to March 2017 were presented to the council by Mrs Karen Prudden. (copy of accounts attached to the minutes)
• To note that the waste contract with RDC has been signed at a cost of £35 per annum and that the orange bags will be delivered in due course.
• Cllr Peacock stated that there will be lots of forthcoming expenditure for the cemetery and proposed that the Parish Council start saving money for the future cemetery expenditure. It was resolved that the Parish Council should start saving with immediate effect.
The secretary of the Cemetery suggested that a leaflet be issued as a matter of protocol explaining the rules and fees for head stones when burial enquiries were made. This was approved. Karen Prudden is to create a draft leaflet for councillors to consider.
Current grass cutting arrangements are to continue. Mr J Banks is to cut the grass again in the cemetery for the 17/18 season. Cllr Percival is to liaise with Mr Banks and offer the same terms as 16/17.
Tim Prudden advised the Council that there is some rubble that needs to be removed. It was understood that Lamberts of Countersett were in need of rubble and so Cllr Percival is to arrange.
Cllr Brown thanked Tim Prudden for his good work at the cemetery.

8.1 Children’s Play Area – Standing Item
• The Playground repairs are scheduled to take place week commencing 8th May 2017
• Cllr Percival advised that Paul Metcalfe had kindly put down some sharp sand. Cllr Percival is to liaise with Paul with regards to payment.
Member of the public Gwen Scarr spoke to the meeting about her concerns over loose dogs on the village green and play park. In one instance she said that she had witnessed someone putting her pet dog down the children’s slide.
She suggested that it would help if some new signs were erected.
It was resolved that the clerk look to source 3 x signs saying “Dogs should be on leads at all times”
Gwen Scarr went on to suggest that it would be a lovely idea to obtain some small goal posts to put on the green for children to use.
Cllr Peacock said it was a good idea and anything to get young children outside playing on the green could only be a good thing.
It was resolved that Mrs Scarr approach the Millennium fund with a view to purchase two new portable goal posts and nets.

Village Green and Appleby Travellers
The village is now in receipt of a new mower kindly donated from Nick Temple-Heald. The mower is on loan and is insured by id Verde, it was supplied with safety gear. Cllr Brown said “ it is a good machine”. He proposed that Nick Temple-Heald be sent a letter of thanks.
A meeting was held with the police on the 12th April 2017with the following actions decided:-
· Sgt. Grainger will ensure the Appleby.org website is up to date with regards the arrangements for the opening/closing of the green.
· Sgt. Grainger will ensure that the usual ‘bowtop parking only’ signs are delivered to the Tea Shop.
· Sgt. Grainger will drop off business cards which give the telephone numbers to be called to ask for rubbish removal.
· Sgt. Grainger will ensure that Travellers gathering in location such as Masham, Middleham, and Leyburn are aware of the Bainbridge green arrangements.
· Sgt. Grainger will provide police patrols (generally between 9am-10pm (later on peak Friday/Saturday night) – although on occasion they made need to be deployed elsewhere if an incident arises).
· The parish council will visit the Rose and Crown to discuss with David Collinson what his plans are.
· Yvonne will liaise with RDC (Amanda Dyson) to ensure that Street Scene will commit to twice daily rubbish collections if required – rather than leave bagged up rubbish overnight which gets broken into by birds and animals causing a mess of airborne rubbish blowing all over the place.
· Parish council will begin erecting the fence for the green on Thursday 25th May and will be completed by Tuesday 30th May at the latest.

8.3 Parish Caretaker – Standing Item
Roger to updated the meeting on his work list set for April
Worton – The Bus Shelter Window requires fixing – Began work
Bainbridge – Litter picking in Bainbridge in preparation for Easter. – completed
Bainbridge – Strimming around the posts in the village in preparation for the first grass cut. – completed
Bainbridge – Strimming along the Back Syke – completed
New work allocation for Roger – May/June 2017
Marsett village sign – needs cementing back into place
Strimming around village signs
Littering picking
Continue the repair the window in Worton bus shelter
The caretaker asked if the council would be prepared to pay his annual liability insurance, this insurance decreased from last year but had gone up from what it was initially when he began as caretaker. The clerk advised that this was not something that the Parish Council could do as he is self employed.
Councils discussed the matter and it was resolved that in view of the fact that the hourly rate had not increased since the job was initiated, they would increase the hourly rate to £10.33 per hour for the caretaker role.

8.5 Marsett
To consider the placing of a defibrillator in Marsett village
Guy Walker said that there were no objections from the chapel having spoken to Mr Sowerby. Councillors decided that a letter would be required from the Methodists.
The clerk is to contact Pauline Beckett
If the Methodists are happy to allow the defibrillator to be attached to the chapel then the council will need to wait until September time to apply for a grant from RDC through the Upper Dales Partnership grant scheme.

Correspondence Received
1. Smaller Authorities Transparency Fund – The grant application has been approved for
£1708.12 to assist with the website and the purchase of a new laptop computer.
2. Till hill Forestry – They advised that they are to start harvesting the trees in Raydaleside.

10 Items for next meeting agenda
Defibrillator – Marsett
Update on Travellers
Update on the Play area
The Turner Seat
Cemetery extension
Leaflet for Cemetery

11. Date of next meeting.
Wednesday 5th July 2017, 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall , Bainbridge

The meeting closed at 8.45pm