Agenda – Meeting: 9th March 2016

Ordinary Meeting: Wednesday 9th March 2016 at 7pm at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
[The council reserve the right to hold over to the next meeting any item that appears on the Agenda if time is limiting and a response/decision is not required before the next meeting.]
1. Consideration of Apologies for Absence
To approve any apologies given.
2. Minutes of Parish Council Meeting
To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 6th January 2016
3. Declaration of Interest – (declarations need to be re-stated for the minutes even if an interest has been declared in register)
If any member of the Council is concerned that they may have a personal/prejudicial interest in any of the matters listed on this Agenda and requires advice they should contact the Clerk before the meeting.
4. Clerk’s report on actions taken for the period 7th January 2016 to 1st March 2016 and ongoing / new parish items (A written report is included with the Agenda)
4.1 Cemetery – standing item
i. To discuss the tender for the grass cutting.
ii. To discuss any further issues.
4.2 Highways Issues – standing item
i. To note that Lee Robinson (Street Light Engineer) is still investigating the possibility of a new street light as suggested in the previous meeting.
ii. To receive the email from Ian Elliott regarding the Worton village sign. Ian Elliott has confirmed that the sign is the responsibility of Bainbridge Parish Council and it is down to the Parish Council to arrange for the repair of it.
iii. To receive the email dated 23rd December 2015 and the letter dated 30th November 2015 regarding changes to the budget for the bus services within Wensleydale.
iv. To receive the email from Amy at the Highways Authority regarding the Parish Council Workshops.
v. To discuss any further Highways issues within the Parish.
4.3 – Parish Caretaker – standing item
i. To discuss current/future work requirements of Parish Caretaker (Copy of timesheets available at the Meeting).
4.4 RDC – Upper Dales Area Partnership – standing item
i. To note that the meeting scheduled for Wednesday 16th December was postponed and will be rearranged in the new year.
4.5 Local Health Issues – standing item
i. To discuss the meeting held on Monday 23rd November 201 at Hawes Surgery
ii. To receive the email from Jane Ritchie with attached poster regarding the Upper Dales Health Watch
iii. To discuss any further local health issues.
4.6 Village Green and Appleby Travellers
i. To receive the findings of the survey distributed to residents regarding the Appleby Travellers.
ii. To receive the publication from Ricmondshire District Council regarding the new Dog Fouling Campaign and decide whether the Parish Council would like to opt in or not.
iii. To discuss any further issues
4.7 Children’s Play Area
i. To discuss any issues.
4.8 Open Spaces and Maps of Parish Land
i. To note that we are now in a position to begin registering parcels of land as village green. As suggested in the previous meeting an additional parish council meeting is to be set to organise this.
5. Finance
5.1 Current cash balance as at 29.12.15 (taking into account payments for authorisation, income and transfer of funds to 01.01.16).
Current Account 7489 = £1,273.96
Deposit Account 9259 = £1,856.78
Special Deposit Account 3065 = £4,761.89 (includes £190.39 for Play Area and £4,216.24 for Green Fund) Remainder = £355.26
5.2 Payments / Transfer
To authorise the following payments:-
i. £300.00 to Metcalfe and Gibson for digging of grave (authorised in previous meeting however cheque accidentally destroyed)
ii. £14.40 to NYCC (Yorwaste) for waste contract (01/10/15 to 31/12/15) (authorised in previous meeting however cheque addressed to wrong recipient)
iii. £51.11 to Playdale Playgrounds for rope for castle slide (authorised in previous meeting however price decreased from quote)
iv. £84.00 to C H Fawcett & Sons for Christmas tree
v. £12.75 to Wensleydale Press for cemetery plan
vi. £47.20 to Roger Duval for extra work and refunds
vii. £117.82 to Katie Seal for refunds
To note the following standing orders:-
i. £240.00 to Roger Duval on 28/11/15
ii. £146.08 to Katie Seal on 28/11/15
iii. £240.00 to Roger Duval on 28/12/15
iv. £146.08 to Katie Seal on 28/12/15
5.3 Income
To note there was no income received.
5.4 Parish Precept
i. To decide on the amount for the Parish Precept payment for 2016/17.
6. Planning
6.1 New Applications
To note that there are no new planning applications
6.2 Ongoing Applications
14/03/08 – R/52/37C – Chapel Farmhouse, Countersett – Not Yet Decided
17/09/14 – R/52/185B – West Close Cottage, Stalling Busk – Not Yet Decided
R/52/218 – Field SD91468744, Marsett Lane, Countersett – Not Yet Decided
R/52/218A – Field at SD91874644, Marsett Lane, Countersett – Not Yet Decided
R/52.219 – Stable Cottage, Marsett – Not Yet Decided
6.3 Planning Appeals / Enforcements
R/52/139B – Wood End, Countersett – Outline planning permission for conversion of barn to form self-contained holiday accommodation.
7. Items from External Organisations
7.1 The BAWB Collaboration
To receive the letter dated 27th November 2015 from Bainbridge, Askrigg and West Burton Schools regarding the proposed move to a Federation.
7.2 Register of Electors
To note that the Register is available for inspection. Further details to be published on Parish Council website.
7.3 The Dales & Bowland
To receive the letter dated 15th December 2015 from the Dales and Bowland Community Interest Company.
8. Next Meeting
To note the meeting is to be held on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 7pm at Sycamore Hall.