Agenda – Meeting of Parish Council – 1st March 2017

Bainbridge Parish Council
To members of the Parish Council you are hereby summonsed to attend the Meeting of the Bainbridge Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 1st March 2017, at 7.00 pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge for the purposes of transacting the business on the following Agenda.
[The Council reserves the right to hold over to the next meeting any item that appears on the Agenda if time is limiting and a response/decision is not required before the next meeting]
1 Consideration of Apologies for Absence

2 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 4th January 2017. (Copy sent out via e-mail)

3 Declaration of interest. (declarations need to be re-stated for the minutes even if an interest has been declared in the register)

4 Clerk’s report on actions taken for the period 5th January 2017 to 22nd December 2017 and Ongoing /new Village issues

5. To consider any items relating to Highways

6. Financial Matters

6.1 Bank accounts –
Current account as at 01/02/17 – £2647.71
Deposit account 1 as at 01/12/16 – £5136.91
Deposit account 2 as at 01/12/16 – £1858.06

Payments/Purchases/Income –
Action: to authorize the following payments:
1. Roger Duval – £500 – YDNPA work and further invoiced work for the parish – Dec & Jan 17.
2. Shaw and Sons – Grant of Exclusive right of Burial – £117.88
3. Playdale – Approve the quotation of £692.60 for repairing the playground.
4. Pip Land – £17.00 – producing D & S reports for July and September meetings
5. P.M. Iveson ltd – Grave digging – 2 x Graves @ £250 each plus VAT = £600.00
6. Oginet – £26.40 – Renewal of domain name for 3 years

7. Planning

7.1 New Planning applications to consider
None Notified

8. Cemetery
Standing Item

8.1 Children’s Play Area – Standing Item
To receive information on required repairs and costs and consider the new quote from Playdale.

Consider offering advertisement space to local businesses

8.3 Parish Caretaker – Standing Item
Consider future work that needs undertaking

Bainbridge Test Pitting Project
To receive a presentation from Rebecca Cadbury-Simmons from the YDNPA on the Bainbridge Test pitting project

8.5 Marsett
To consider the placing of a defibrillator in Marsett village
• Discuss and secure a possible site (the phone box has been saved in the recent consultations between BT and RDC and is on the list for fixing)
• Financing for a defibrillator when a site has been secured.
Confirm the understanding of the Marsett Green area as registered common land and not village green. Common land is not under the jurisdiction of the Parish Council.
(The clerk will bring copies of the register to the meeting. Copies must remain with the Parish Council and are not permitted to be copied)

Correspondence Received
• Pensions regulator
• Bainbridge Chapel – correspondence from Pauline Beckett
• Invitation from the Yorkshire Dales Society
• Smaller Authorities Transparency Fund
• HSBC – closure in Leyburn
10 Items for next meeting agenda
Annual village meeting and AGM

11 Date of next meeting.
Wednesday May 3rd 2017, 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall , Bainbridge

Signed Parish Clerk:……Gillian Harrison …………………………………………..Date:………22nd February 2017……