Minutes – Parish Council – 2nd November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 at Sycamore Hall
Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, Yvonne Peacock Derek Kettlewell, and Thomas Tennant.
Karen Prudden, Roger Duval,
Members of the public
1. Apologies
Darren Percival
2. Minutes of Parish Council meeting
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 7th September 2016 were approved as a true and correct record.
3. Declaration of Interest
None were made
4. Clerks Report For Period 8/9/16 – 27/10/16
Status of the village mower
I have received a reply from Angus Lindsay of The Landscape Group. He advised me that Nick Temple Heald is keen that TLG/idverde continue to sponsor the green at Bainbridge. He is currently looking to source a newer mower to replace the existing machine with a potential replacement in the winter when their season quietens down.
The mower is clarified as follows :-
Wholly owned by TLG/idverde
The insurance of the mower is covered by TLG/idverde with the exception of theft.
The road fund licence is Zero as technically it doesn’t need one as it is not travelling any distance on the highway.
Parish Insurance
The current insurance is taken out via Came and Company specialist brokers. I have requested a new set of policy documents as they send by email and I am not sure they have sent them to me as current clerk. The policies need checking as currently there is no cover for theft of the loaned mower and no cover for damage/theft of any of the playground equipment.
Asset Register update
Tim Prudden very kindly took the asset register and completed a full inventory of the assets in Bainbridge. There are many benches which need attention and some items not currently listed. The asset register is once again placed on the agenda to officially review with recommendations.
Village deposit boxes
The deposit boxes were emptied by Karen Prudden, Gill Harrison and Tim Prudden.
The total was £476.95. This has been deposited at HSBC account number 41393065
Village green and common land
Dear Mrs Harrison,
I can confirm that our records show no land registered as village green in or around the villages of Marsett, Stalling Busk and Countersett. However as Map 49A shows there are common land units registered around the villages of Marsett (CL 39) and Stalling Busk (CL 107) and nearby Countersett (CL 197, CL 160 and CL 144).
I trust this information is of assistance.
Kind Regards
Jayne Applegarth
Assistant – Commons Registration
01609 780780
Planning –Updates in the District
Barn off Blean Lane, Raydaleside
Full planning permission for change of use of barn and erection of extension to form one local occupancy dwelling
Gillian Harrison 27/10/16
5. Matters arising from the Clerks report
Grass cutting –
The matter of cutting the village greens in Bainbridge was discussed. Normally the greens require approx 10 cuts per year. It was suggested that The Lords of the Manor may like to consider a donation. Cllr Brian Brown is to look into this.
Karen Prudden put forward that Tim Prudden would be happy to volunteer to help with the grass cutting. Cllr Brown accepted Tim Prudden’s offer.
Parish Insurance :-
Cllrs discussed the current insurance levels and felt happy that the cover was adequate and should remain as it stands.
6. To consider any items relating to Highways
The clerk reiterated that where possible individuals that have located problem should report directly online. This method ensures the problem is sorted very quickly without the need to wait for a parish council meeting.
It was reported that the road between countersett and Marsett needs to be added to the highways flailing list as the road is now becoming dangerous.
It was also reported that there is a large pothole outside Cupplesfiled, Bainbridge on the LHS.

6. Financial Matters

6.1 Payments/Purchases/Income –
The following payments were authorised

To acknowledge the income of £100 for the photo shoots taken in Bainbridge
To acknowledge the donation from Bainbridge Motor Club of £25
Payments over £100 are for
1. External Audit £120 – PK Littlejohn
2. John Banks £200 – Grass cutting in the Cemetery
3. H Metcalfe and Son – £209 – Repairs to grass mower and fuel for the mower

Current Financial Balances
6 Monthly reconciliation was issued to Cllrs at the meeting along with the corresponding bank statements, which were signed in agreement. Copy held with the minutes.


Clerks terms and Conditions – no current contract
It was agreed that the Clerk should now have a contract and the NLCC one was adopted for this purpose. The clerks new hourly rate was agreed at SCP 18 which is £9.299 per hour and this is to be backdated. The sum of £81.28 was agreed.

7. Parish Caretaker – Annual review
(confidential item, minutes are held separately)
8. Planning applications to consider

None to discuss
9. Cemetery
Karen Prudden was asked to purchase a memorial wreath for the cemetery and a
budget was agreed of £50.

10. Asset Register 2016
The Asset register was approved. The chairman gave thanks to Tim Prudden for his hard work and assistance with the register. The current value is £38,717.00.
The matter of new Christmas tree lights for the village was discussed. Cllr Darren Percival is to purchase some new lights for the council. The budget is down to Cllr Percival’s discretion and shall be no more than £100.
11. Children’s Play Area

The clerk read out the suggested repairs list reported by RDC inspector :-
1. Zip Line spring stopper is damaged, this is allowing over swing of the seat. –
2. Lifting up/tightening of the Chain Balance Bridge as the bottom chain is catching on the ground.
3. Cargo net is damaged and needs fixing as as soon as possible

cllrs requested that the clerk obtain a quote from Playdale to deliver all the parts
and fix the faults.

Cllr Peacock is to ask the Millennium committee if they wish to donate towards the repairs.
12. Local Health Issues
The Parish Council fully supports the fight to keep the A & E department and the
consultant led maternity unit at the Darlington Memorial Hospital.
The problem of dog fouling was discussed and Cllrs said that they were going to be extremely vigilant with regards to dog fouling and non clearance in and around Bainbridge. A particularly problematic are in Bainbridge is the Back Syke. The strong message is that all Dog foul should be cleared up immediately and placed in the dog foul waste bins that are provided.
Members of the public from Marsett village expressed their desire for a Defibrillator to be situated in Marsett and suggested the use of the BT phone box.
Cllrs expressed concern over the use of the phone box as there are issues to consider. The clerk is to bring further information to the next meeting in January with regards to phone boxes. Cllr Peacock suggested that there maybe funding from Richmondshire District Council available next year of up to £500.

13. Wensleydale Wheels presentation
Presentation by Wensleydale Wheels on what services they provide and what they are striving to achieve.
Trish West and Roger White told the council how their experience with the Little White Bus service had made them aware of a greater need within such a rural community.
It was resolved that the council would offer their support to the proposed Wensleydale Wheels service which could help so many residents who have difficulty attending appointments with doctors, dentists, opticians, vets, physiotherapists or even fitness sessions.
They explained that the service not only helped the elderly but also those who were usually fit and healthy but suddenly found that they had to rely on friends or family to be able to attend medical or physiotherapy appointments because the public transport system was barely adequate.
Roger White said the objective is to have volunteer drivers assisted by two part-time paid managers and two leased vehicles, one of which will be wheelchair accessible. To meet the various needs of the community the scheme will serve a variety of destinations from hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and clinics to leisure and recreational activities.
Mrs West said that Wensleydale Wheels will be governed by a group of trustees of the Upper Wensleydale Industrial and Provident Society but it will need a grant to enable it to run a four-year pilot scheme. To obtain grants the scheme needs the support of local groups and parish councils.
Chairman Brian Brown said it was a good cause and the Council said they were willing to offer support in the form of a letter to Wensleydale Wheels.
14. Policing in the Dales
PCSO Don Watson updated the meeting on the recent crime figures :-

Change Comments
Burglary Dwelling -71%
Burglary Other -20%
Theft Other -37%
Shoplifting +100% Low overall numbers so percentage jump is large (4 offences this year instead of 2 offences this time last year)
Autocrime (vehicle offences) -53%
Violence (Injury) +3%
Figures last updated : 300616 by 512

He also reported on various criminal activity in the area as follows :-
4/10/16 Suspicious activity
8/10 Walk in Burglary, Harmby Road Leyburn
8/10 Muker, attacked a pay and display machine in the car park but disturbed
10/10 Chance Burglary – Redmire
10/10 West Witton – theft of strimmer and chain saw
13/10 Suspicious activity – Bainbridge
13/10 Theft of Quad bike in Hawes
20/10 Door to Door sales – Not a probation services
21/10 Redshaw Farm – 2 vans disturbed a blue one and a white one. Found to be on false plates and one was abandoned in Burtersett
Warning North Yorkshire is considered to be a soft touch
15. Items for the next agenda
Precept budget
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th January 2017 at Sycamore Hall Bainbridge at 7.00pm