Minutes of the Parish Council 7th March 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council held on Thursday 7th March 2018, at 7.00pm in Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge
Present: Cllrs Brian Brown, Yvonne Peacock, Derek Kettlewell, and Thomas Tennant.
Apologies: Darren Percival
Karen Prudden, Roger Duval,
Members of the public

1 Consideration of Apologies for Absence
Cllr Percival is seriously ill in hospital.

2 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 12th January 2018 were approved as a true and correct record.

3 Declaration of interest.
None were made

Clerk’s report on actions and Ongoing /new Village issues
BAWB school consultation was raised. The Parish council had not been contacted in the latest consultation over the local Bainbridge/Askrigg/West Burton School arrangements. A long discussion took place and it was agreed that Karen Prudden would complete a response.
Cllr Peacock said that the council wished to strongly support Bainbridge School as it was a purpose built modern school, it has safe and secure grounds, and has always been very strong on early learning and reception.
Members of the public are getting increasingly concerned over amount of dog fouling in and around Bainbridge village green. The council are considering asking the dog warden to visit the area to inspect and should fouling be identified and the owner of the dog spotted, fines will be issued.
The clerk advised the meeting that the Quaker Bridge will undergo some repairs in the coming months

5. To consider any items relating to Highways
Request information from RDC as to when the stalling Busk light installation might be completed.
Cllr Tennant advised that the Worton village sign was in a bad state. The clerk is to ask highways if the sign is their responsibility.
A Street light is not working on the back syke. Cllr Peacock is to advise the clerk of the relevant number, so it can be reported.

6. Financial Matters

6.1 Current financial balances –
NB Funds are included in the totals that must be spent on items for the transparency code. I.e. website costs, and money to buy a lap top computer.
As at 7th March 2018
Community account £6118.77
Deposit account £5138.97
Deposit account £1859.04

The Clerk
The annual appraisal and the approval of a back dated pay rise to SCP19 of 0.35per hour.
The council approved the increment and back dated pay increase.

The matter of the Parish Council lap top was raised, and the council resolved that the clerk should go ahead and purchase the lap top that had been approved for the transparency grant.
It was also proposed and approved that Karen Prudden, the cemetery clerk be offered the same hourly rate as the clerk for the work carried out for the cemetery subcommittee.


Payments/Purchases/Income –
The following payments were authorised

07.03.18 RDC 1187 43.80
07.03.18 Gillian Harrison 1188 90.30
07.03.18 Karen Prudden 1189 44.00
07.03.18 PM Iveson Ltd 1190 300.00
07.03.18 R Duval 1191 134.29

7. Planning
No new applications to consider

8. Cemetery
The Cemetery subcommittee last met in January and there is nothing new to report. The cemetery extension is ongoing and currently prices are being sought.

8.1 Review and approve the asset register
The asset register was reviewed, and the figure approved as £38,658.00

9. Children’s Play Area
Nothing to report


Parish Caretaker
Jobs allocated by the council to the caretaker for March/April
Bainbridge Notice Board is leaking
Worton Notice Board is leaking
Tree – near phone box in Bainbridge
Lock for Sexton’s hut at the cemetery
Replace a rotten post on the village green

11. Correspondence Received
To receive the following correspondence:
1. Consultation over closing the magistrates court in Northallerton
It was resolved to back Cllr Walker of Aysgarth’ s letter to the Consultation which reverently opposes the closure of Northallerton Magistrates court.

Local Housing need – Amanda Madden RDC
Amanda is assisting the Methodist Circuit regarding options for facilities coming to the end of their life as a place of worship. She would like to look at options for the Bainbridge Methodist Chapel.
Amanda talked to the meeting about Bainbridge Chapel and the possible uses. It was resolved that the most appropriate way forward would be to send out a feasibility questionnaire to the villagers to ask their views on the best use for the chapel.
The council suggested that Cllr Peacock could agree the questionnaire outside a council meeting.

13. Items for next meeting agenda
Pathway – Lords of the Manor
Data Protection update
Turner Update

14. Date of next meeting.
Wednesday 2nd May 7.00 pm. Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge – This will be the AGM
Meeting closed at 8.55pm