Minutes of Bainbridge Parish Council – 7th September 2016

Minutes of Bainbridge Parish Council
Wednesday 7th September 2016 at Sycamore Hall
Present: Cllrs Derek Kettlewell, Thomas Tennant, Brian Brown and Daren Percival
Karen Prudden, Roger Duval,
1. Apologies
Parish and District Cllr Yvonne Peacock
2. Minutes of Parish Council meeting
The Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 6th July 2016 were approved as a true and correct record.
3. Declaration of Interest
None were made
4. Clerks Report for the Period 7th July – 31/8/16
Annual accounts – Report from the External Auditor
Dear Bainbridge Parish Council
I am currently reviewing the Annual Return submitted to PKF Littlejohn for Bainbridge Parish Council. This was completed by Katie Seal Parish Clerk.
When reviewing the explanation of variances provided I noted that the explanations of the variances that have been given do not equal the full variance shown between the current year and the prior.
In Section 2, Box 2, the annual precept, does not agree to the figure notified to us by the precepting authority. The figures in Boxes 2 and 3 should read £6,037 and £12,682 respectively. All grants, including Council Tax Support Grant, should be shown in Box 3, as per the guidance notes on the Annual Return. In addition, the Council has not restated the prior year figures in Boxes 2 and 3, as reported in our prior year External Auditor Report, these figures should read £6,110 and £8,483 respectively. As a result of this we will be raising an ‘Except for Matter’ in our report.
Kind Regards,
Angus McVarish
Not For Profit
For and on behalf of PKF Littlejohn LLP
DD +44(0)20 7516 2200
Parish Bank accounts with HSBC
We have received notice from the Hawes branch that the HSBC branch is to close. The accounts have been transferred to Settle.
Status of the village mower
Looking back through the parish records it shows that the mower was insured by its owner along with the road tax. This was the case in 2014. This arrangement was set up with Ian Canavan and Nick Temple-Heald. An email has been sent to the Landscape group asking for clarification of the insurance and tax details.
The annual VAT claim has been submitted and approved. The sum of £1882.68 is due in the current account August 16
Planning –Updates in the District
There are no outstanding planning applications in the parish
There are no outstanding planning applications in the parish
Sexton –
A letter has been sent to Peter Iveson appointing him as sexton at an agreed rate of £250. per grave.
The new website is up and running, it looks fantastic and has now given the parish scope to consider business advertising. This future potential of the website is on the agenda. Many thanks to Angela Peacock who sent in lots of very useful photographs for the site.
Pension Provision update
Contact has been made with the pensions administrators and they have forwarded all the details for Bainbridge. The compulsory enrolment date for Bainbridge is Jan 17. This will now be met by a declaration of compliance in the coming weeks.
Gillian Harrison 3/8/16
5. To consider any items relating to Highways
The clerk reiterated that where possible individuals that have located problem should report directly online. This method ensures the problem is sorted very quickly without the need to wait for a parish council meeting.
It was noted that there were branches that need trimming on the roadside towards Marsett.

6. Financial Matters

6.1 Payments/Purchases/Income –
The following payments were authorised by the council
1. Roger Duval – £80 2 x months YDNPA work
2. John Banks – 2 x Grass cuts to the Cemetery – £300.00
3. Karen Prudden – £88 for 2 x funeral admin expenses
4. Oginet – £72.00 – Website upgrade and transfer of domain name
5. Gillian Harrison 1/3rd of the clerks course follow up training £38.33


The clerk reported the following financial balances
Bainbridge Parish Council account – Balance as at 1/6/16 – £1857.42
Banbridge Parish Council No2 account – Balance as at -£4658.55
Bainbridge Parish Council Current account – Balance as at 01/08/16– £1200.45
Note that the VAT refund has been notified and will show on the next statement £1882.68
Note that a receipt from YDNPA has been received for £160 which will show on the next statement.


Consider whether or not the Parish council needs three separate accounts or if they could be consolidated into a current account and one deposit account.
(Account ending 9259 has not been accessed for over a year and the only transactions are minimal amounts of interest)
The council considered whether or not there is a requirement for three separate accounts or if they could be consolidated into a current account and one deposit account. It was resolved to keep all the accounts as they all have protected funds. Cllrs would prefer to keep the bank accounts as they currently stand.

Consider if the council would like the administration branch for HSBC to be in Settle
It was resolved to ask HSBC to move the records for Bainbridge Parish Council to HSBC at Leyburn Branch.

7. Planning applications to consider
8. Cemetery
In view of the weather it was discussed whether or not any further grass cutting of the
cemetery was required.
It was resolved to approve two further grass cuts to the cemetery for September and
October @ £100 each.
The clerk requested permission for her and the cemetery secretary Karen Prudden to review the current procedures for the administration between the two roles.

It was resolved that the Clerk and the Cemetery clerk review the current procedures and report back the Parish Council with their proposals.
9. Parish Caretaker

The Clerk said that the asset register was under review and that it might be helpful if
the caretaker used the register for his work routine to inspect benches etc.

10. Children’s Play Area – Standing Item
There are few items needing attention as follows :-
The table is broken and needs fixing/removing
The cargo net is broken. It was resolved that the clerk should get a quote to get it
The rope is to be reviewed and fixed if necessary – Cllr Percival
The stone bench has been damaged and needs repairing – Roger Duval caretaker is to repair.

11. Local Health Issues

The matter of the review of services of the Darlington Memorial Hospital is on the
agenda at the next UDAP meeting.

12. Website

It was reported that the new website is up and running. It was agreed that it looked professional and that Angela Peacock should be thanked for providing the village photographs.
The Clerk suggested that there maybe further potential for the website, such as a small fee for advertising local businesses. It was resolved to put the item on the agenda for further discussion at the next meeting.

13. Asset Register
Annual review and update of the Bainbridge PC asset register. Councillors
considered the current list and suggested additions and removals. It was suggested
that someone should go round all the assets listed in Bainbridge and check the current
situation etc. Karen Prudden suggested that Tim Prudden be asked. It was resolved
that Tim Prudden be given a copy of the asset register and then liaise with the clerk and bring an updated register back to the meeting in November.
14. Correspondence to consider
Wensleydale Wheels – The letter was read out and the clerk explained that Aysgarth
and District have allowed Wensleydale Wheels to make a presentation.
It was resolved that the clerk invite Wensleydale Wheels to the next meeting and offer
a 10 minute slot for a presentation.
It was suggested that the deposit boxes be emptied before winter. In was resolved
that the clerk along with Karen and Tim Prudden arrange a mutually convenient time
to empty the boxes.

David Ballinger mentioned that there were two properties for sale in Raydaleside and that the land outside the properties should be looked into to see if they were registered village green and if so notify the selling agent.
The clerk is to obtain the maps from County to see who owns the land and if it is
registered village green.
The Village Lawn Mower
The Clerk reported that she had been in contact with Angus Lindsay of the Landscape Group. Mr Lindsay explained that Nick Temple – Heald and he is keen that that TLG/idverde continue the sponsorship of the green which he is planning to discuss with the Chairman Brian Brown and he is lookingto source a newer machine for the job. It is planned that the existing machine will be reviewed and a potential replacement during the winter months when the season quietens down.
On the Hoof – mobile caterers
An email had been received from On the Hoof catering van. Notifing the Parish
Council that they would be stationed in the layby between Worton and Bainbridge at certain times.
It was resolved that there were no objections.

Meeting closed 8.45pm