MINUTES OF THE MEETING -4th September 2019







Cllr Brian Brown                                                                   Cllr Derek Kettlewell

Cllr James Peacock                                                               Cllr Darren Percival

Gill Harrison – Clerk                                                            Karen Prudden – Minute Taker

David Ballinger – Resident                                                 Roger Scarr – Lords Trustee

Mason Scarr – Lords Trustee                                            


1 Consideration of Apologies of AbsenceCllr Thomas Tennant & Cllr Yvonne Peacock
2 Minutes of the Last Parish Council MeetingMinutes of the meeting held on 3rd July 2019 had been circulated to all councillors.  Cllr Kettlewell proposed that they were a correct record and Cllr Peacock seconded this.  The Minutes were therefore signed by the Chair.  Thanks were expressed to Karen for taking and producing the Minutes.
3 Declarations of InterestCllr Percival informed the meeting that he had recently been appointed as a Lords Trustee of the Manor of Bainbridge.
4 Clerk’s Report of Actions Since Last Meeting & Ongoing IssuesThere was no Clerk’s Report presented as all relevant matters were included on the Agenda for this meeting.
5 To Consider Items Relating to HighwaysIt was reported that there had been a site meeting with Ian Beyton involving Cllr Yvonne Peacock, Cllr Brown and Cllr Kettlewell where numerous matters relating to Highways had been discussed and inspected.  The Clerk read from a subsequent email from Mr Beyton, reporting on progress since that meeting:-

§  Surface dressing around Stalling Busk is included in the forward programme but as yet there is no confirmed date for the works.  Due to the nature of the roads in the area, specialist equipment will be needed.  Cllr Kettlewell had asked if the Quaker bridge could be re-pointed.

§  Direction signs to Sycamore Hall – a draft had been prepared.  Karen will provide the Clerk with an email address for Sycamore Hall as payment will need to be made for the signs.

§  Methodist Chapel Conversion – It was noted that the traffic relating to the proposed conversion of the Chapel into residential flats is likely to be less than incurred for regular services at the Chapel.  Mr Beyton had confirmed that it is not possible to object to a planning application on the basis of having no parking spaces.

§  Post & Chains at the Rose & Crown – A request has been sent on.

§  Road Markings at the Rose & Crown – It was agreed that revised junction markings are required.  A plan had been submitted of the proposals but it was not available at the meeting and will be forwarded by the clerk.  The new markings will involve increasing the amount of white paint on the roads but this was a necessary effect of better signage.

§  Parking at Back Syke – Chevrons will be painted to define the area better.

Discussion took place about the ownership of the land to the front of the Methodist Chapel and school.  It appears that this is not registered at the Land Registry.  Roger Scarr believed that half of the area is owned by the Lords Trustees and the other half by the Metcalfe family, however it was noted that if the land had not changed hands it was unlikely that either party had registered their ownership.

One of the properties in Stalling Busk had recently been flooded in heavy rain due to a change in the level of the roadway. 

6 Financial Matters
6.1 Payments/Purchases/IncomeThe following payments were authorised:-

1.       John Banks – £200 for two cuts of the Cemetery in June and July (an additional invoice had just been received and an additional payment of £100 was therefore agreed)

2.       John Ogbourne – £195 – hosting of the website for 12 months

3.       Karen Prudden – £44 – Interment of Ashes for Mrs Waring

4.       Karen Prudden – £31.11 – Minute taking and production at July meeting

5.       Event Equipment Hire – £1,459.20 – Big Screen for village celebrations of World UCI Cycling event – 29th September

6.       Karen Prudden – £44 – Burial of Joyce Broom

7.       Hawes Silver Band – £100 – Performance on August Bank Holiday (£40 from Parish Council & £60 from Millennium Committee)

NB: The big screen is grant funded and the whole amount will be refunded in due course.

Everyone was in agreement to the above payments and cheques were signed at the meeting.

6.2 Current Financial Balances (as at 1st June 2019)Bainbridge Parish Council Account – £3,037.83

Bainbridge Parish Council No 2 Account – £5,149.39

Bainbridge Parish Council Current Account – £9,866.67  (ring-fenced for Cemetery extension work)

The Raydale Project had now closed and they had forwarded their closing balance of £232.36 to the Parish Council which has been paid into the current account.

A grant application has been submitted to replace the footpath near Riverdale.  The Lords Trustees have also agreed to contribute £252 towards the cost of this, which was acknowledged with thanks.


After all the above payments, the current account balance will be low but it was noted that the second payment of the Precept is due shortly.  The 2018 VAT claim is also due to be paid and is around £200.  It was agreed that should there be short-term cashflow issues, the clerk was authorised to transfer some money from the No 2 account, if required.

The bank statements were reviewed and signed by Cllr Brown.

7 CemeteryKaren reported that there were no significant issues with the Cemetery.  The grass was being well maintained by John Banks.  There had, however, been an issue with the burial for Joyce Broom where it came to light that Pickards had put a headstone for someone in the neighbouring grave onto the space reserved by Joyce.  They had very swiftly moved it when this came to light, but there was some apprehension by the funeral director that they may discover a body when digging!  However, as the grave space showed no signs of being disturbed this was believed to be unlikely.
8 Village Green & Appleby TravellersAt the last meeting, a lengthy discussion took place regarding the visit of the travellers on their way to Appleby Horse Fair.  Thanks were expressed to Roger and Mason Scarr who had come along to this meeting to represent the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge in subsequent discussions.

Cllr Brown reported that there appeared to be very little that the Police or Parish Council could do about the travellers with court orders taking too long to process to have any effect.  The Clerk reported that she had not yet written to David Collinson seeking his views and thoughts on closure of the pub during next year’s visit. 

Mason Scarr pointed out that in Warcop there is a ‘bow top only’ policy which is controlled by the deployment of hundreds of Police Officers.  However, it was noted that North Yorkshire Police does not have the resources to manage a similar policy here and appear not to be particularly interested in the issues surrounding the travellers passing through the County. 

Roger Scarr mentioned that when the village green had been fenced off, he had found 15 horses in one of his fields, but thankfully this year, he had not had the same problem.

It was noted that there is really only one group of travellers who cause problems and this was affecting tourism and making some residents feel very intimidated.  The suggestion was made to place concrete blocks around the green which would allow horses on, but prevent access by motorised caravans, however, a great number would be required.  Mason suggested that if we planned a big village event, that may put the travellers off stopping as it had when we held a Royal Wedding event one year.  The closure of the pub would undoubtedly deter many travellers from stopping in the village but this was a decision for the landlord to make.

It was suggested that the Parish Council seek support from Rishi Sunak MP and the Police & Crime Commissioner.  The clerk and Karen will draft a letter inviting Rishi to a meeting with the Parish Council to discuss the date, noting how the behaviour of travellers is affecting the village, local businesses and residents.  The idea was made that Rishi could hold his local Surgery at the same venue, before or after the meeting.    If a meeting took place it should not involve the public, although a meeting with David Collinson, local business owners, the Lords Trustees and the Police would be useful.

9 PlanningSemerview Farm, Countersett – This relates to a barn on the land owned by David Lambert on the opposite side of the road to the land where he is planning to build a house.  It seems the YDNPA are insisting that planning permission is sought to repair the barn.  The Parish Council had no objections.


West Meadow Barn, Raydaleside – No objections.  It is believed that this relates to the re-location of a septic tank which has already been approved.

10 Children’s Play AreaThe spring on the zipwire has now been replaced and there will be an invoice coming for this work.  A grant of £400 had been received from John Blackie’s fund towards this work.  Cllr Brown reported that he had spoken to the RDC man working at the park and obtained a contact for the supplier which could help in the future.  Cllr Percival will check that the spring is working well.


Cllr Percival reported that he had found some rope brackets and fittings at his house but has no idea where they came from or why he has them.  It was suggested that he asked Samantha Parfitt who was involved with the original Playground Committee.

11 UDAP Grant Application for Pathway UpgradeCllr Yvonne Peacock was attending a meeting tonight where grant applications were being discussed.  She was hopeful that we might receive a grant of around £900 towards this project.  Grateful thanks were expressed again to the Lords Trustees for their donation of £252.
12 The Turner SeatAs mentioned earlier, the Raydale Project has now been wound up and their remaining bank balance of £232.36 has been given to the Parish Council.  Cllr Kettlewell asked where the information sign was that used to be on the gate to the Turner Seat.  It is believed that Geoff Keeble has this and the clerk will contact him to see if he can replace it.
13 Correspondence ReceivedLetters had been received from Tony Hutchinson and Suzanne Wright highlighting the fact that Yorebridge House Hotel has a leaking septic tank which is releasing effluent into the River Ure.  It was noted that this is not really an issue for the Parish Council.  It is believed that the hotel and the Environment Agency are aware of the issue and the hotel is due to build a new sewerage treatment plant to relieve the problem.  The clerk will reply to both letters, thanking residents for their concern and explaining that the matter was discussed by the Parish Council and is believed to be in hand.


Cllr Kettlewell reported that there had been a recent issue with school transport for children at Carpley Green.  One child has now turned 8 years old and apparently no longer qualifies for free school transport, whilst her younger brother still does.  Discussion took place and it is understood that free transport is provided for children under the age of 8 who live more than two miles from the school but for children over the age of 8 the qualification is living more than three miles from the school.  The cost per child is £300.   It was noted that there are significant ongoing issues with free school transport given the continually reducing Council budget.  However, the councillors agreed that should the situation not be appropriately resolved, the Parish Council will write in support of the family. 

14 Any Other BusinessStalling Busk Common Land – Cllr Kettlewell reported that he had spoken to Ken (husband of June, who had been dumping grass cuttings on the land).  However, recently, Maureen Orme had walked past and encountered June in the process of dumping grass and since then it has not happened!  Presumably, the situation is now resolved.

Benches – Discussion took place on the condition of benches around the Parish and particularly in Bainbridge.  Cllr Percival reported that a rail had fallen off the bench outside Manor House.  The Council had previously agreed that when benches reach the end of their life, any donor who gave them to the Council will be approached to ask if they wish to remove or replace the bench, and if not, the Parish Council will.  David Ballinger pointed out that when a bench was given to the village, the title would pass to the Parish Council and it would therefore be their responsibility to decide how to manage them.  Cllr Percival will look at the benches to assess the cost of repairs before a decision is made on the way forward.

Noticeboard at Countersett – Thanks were expressed to David Ballinger for erecting the new noticeboard in Countersett.  He passed a spare key to the clerk.  It was recommended that new boards also be purchased for Stalling Busk and Marsett.

Tree Trimming – Paul and Matthew Metcalfe had been undertaking trimming of overhanging trees recently, but it was noted that they had not submitted an invoice.  Thanks were expressed for the work they have undertaken.

Proposed Housing Development at the Rose & Crown – It was noted that this development is now ‘on hold’ due to ongoing issues for the developer at Richmond and their current cashflow situation.

15 Date of Next MeetingThe next meeting will take place at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 4th November 2019 at Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge.


The meeting closed at 9.00 pm.